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Sweet Seeds

Sweet Marijuana Seeds

Sweet Seeds is a breeder of cannabis seeds based in Spain. The company selects marijuana seeds manually and one by one. They make sure that only the best weed seeds are packed and shipped to customers. They also employ modern techniques in the feminization of weed seeds and boasts of 99.7% femininity. As for germination, they claim to have around 95% germination rate for their marijuana seeds. They offer cannabis seeds in packs of 3, 5 and 10 seeds. The company sells only their own marijuana breeds and they have among others Sweet Skunk Auto, Sweet Cheese Auto, The company also sells other tools and novelty items for the marijuana enthusiasts like T-shirts and other memorabilias. They did not have promotions and discounts as of this writing and the same goes with the coverage of their delivery. They seem to have only deliveries within Spain. As for the payment, they accept credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, Visa electron and Maestro.

Sweet Seeds
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10 Reviews to Sweet Seeds

  1. Kawika says:
  2. I ordered the auto bloody skunk, and wow. What more can I say. Great product. Definitely recommend.

  3. John says:
  4. what was really sad its when they suck on sensiseeds black domina acn called it SAD, lol, and the whole seed market started to be fucked up, followed the vulgar blimburn seeds who fucked millions of strains with “original strains”.
    then sweet seeds satrt with his ranges of fast, super fast version one two three fast this etc…so that you understand the trauma of the bank , not that they used to breed well but they dont even breed anymore. spanish ass sucking on spanish asses…

    • BentWan says:
    • WTF ???? Some of the best genetics in the world, with easy to grow and very productive plants. Could not want for anything more. They do not hide the fact that S.A.D. is a variation on Black Domina ’98 and give credit where credit is due. Did you get out of the wrong side of the bed? Sensi bought most of their strains from Neville Schoenmakers, also his shop – The Seedbank – which was the first of its’ type in Holland. So, did Sensi suck on Neville?!? BTW, Sweet have released 6 new strains for 2019- four Autos and 2 photo/fems. Not breeding anymore ???????

  5. richard paskins says:
  6. how do i get a catalog for ordering seeds 

  7. Timmer says:
  8. Ordered 5 Black Cream seeds, only 2 germinated. 60% no germination rate. Piss poor!!! The 2 that did grow out were excellent. Averaged 2.91oz per plant cured. Didn’t get much purple until very end of life cycle. Didn’t want trichomes to go to amber. If grown longer I’m sure it would of got more purple. 

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