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Rare Dankness Seeds

Rare Dankness Marijuana Seeds

Established in 2010, this company that breeds fine marijuana seeds aims to provide the best varieties of cannabis to the medical community. They have been around only for two years but the collective expertise of their breeders total many years and this is why they can immediately come up with new and exciting hybrids. Rare Dankness Seeds has categorized their weed strains into four and customers can choose between sativa, indica, kush, and best seller categories.
Some of the popular weed varieties under the name of Rare Dankness Seeds are PMP Haze, Ghost Train Haze #1 and 2, Somali Taxi Ride, and Moonshine Haze. Though the company has their own website where they have a gallery full of list f their stocks, they don’t sell directly to customers. Instead, the prospective buyers are referred to the seedbanks that are affiliated to them like Attitude, Manchester seedbank, The Seed Depot, and High Life Seedbank among others.

5 Reviews to Rare Dankness Seeds

  1. Joshua says:
  2. RAREDANKNESS seeds are great! I’ve grown Ghost Train Haze #1, Leeroy TK, Longs Peak Blue, Rugburn OG, and 501st OG so far. They were all vigorous with potent tasty buds that performed as advertised. Do not hesitate to aquire any one of their many varieties.

  3. ArrogantBastard says:
  4. Currently growing Ghost Train Haze #1 and other than the seeds being so fresh the shells not wanting to come off (I should have roughed them up in a match box with sand paper I guess but haven’t had to in a while) as far as feminized seeds I try not to mess with them too much. Not good for breeding IMO because of Hermies. I Only have had low end seeds hermie on me so far 8 years of growing and nirvana’s papaya all 5 did and 1 of their AK-48′s as well. KC Brains Mango same thing on a 10 pack plus a 2 fems I either had hermies or no germination. Maybe something in the Mango/papaya lines idk tbh. Oh and BC bud depot 12 Animal cookies , 4 fem Girl Scout cookies , fire OG and purple something I forget it’s been a while but all their seeds tend to not germ or hermie so I stay away from that rip off company and feminized seeds now with a few exceptions like Big Buddha and DNA genetics since some strains only come feminized. 

  5. nick anderson says:
  6. I’ve never tried raredankness seeds and was wondering has anyone tried to clone there feminized seeds and if so did they hermie?

  7. Albert says:
  8. I wonder why I can’t buy directly from them.  I visited their website and I was directed to the seedbanks.  Does this mean if my delivery did not arrive, I cannot complain to them?  I had this experience where my beans shipment did not arrive and the seedbank where I always buy marijuana seeds said they already forwarded the order and payment to the breeder and it is no longer their fault.

    • Tohtori says:
    • Its not like that in good seed banks

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