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MJ Seeds Canada

MJ Seeds Canada Marijuana Seeds

MJ Seeds Canada or Marijuana Seeds Canada is a seed bank that sells to the entire world and not only Canadian residents. They have a very large selection of their own strains of very popular varieties. They have guaranteed fast shipping because they are located in Canada and are the fastest delivery to the USA and within Canada. You can also be guaranteed of delivery as unlike UK and European seedbanks where the orders sometimes do not arrive Canadian mail is more efficient when it comes to delivery of marijuana seeds.

They also offer free marijuana seeds with each order and you can buy in large quantities. The order process is straight forward and their customer service is very good as they will email you an answer within a few hours. Although they do not carry breeders they allow you to buy in large quantities of up to 40 at a time.

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia which is home to world famous BC Bud and the best growers in North America. Some of their popular strains are White Widow, Headband, Kali Mist, Jack Herer, Blueberry and Purple Haze. They also have cheap discounts for medical marijuana patients across Canada. They ship world wide express in very stealthy packaging.

MJ Seeds Canada
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70 Reviews to MJ Seeds Canada

  1. B says:
  2. Select scammers, ripped me off for $160 approx never acknowledged the order, never specified it had shipped, never responded to my inquiries. Watch out for these guys 50-50 you get your order.

  3. Roberta M. says:
  4. First order I placed had a10/10 success rate…beautiful plants…second order was for same strain, so far I’ve had 1 out of 7 germ. Sent email…of course, zero response. Gee thanks. Next time I’ll save the hassle of ordering and just chuck $100 in the trash can.

  5. Terry O says:
  6. I made a $184.80 purchase from this company. As part of the purchase, a pack of 3 Auto Northern Lights were also included as a free gift for my purchase. I decided to use the free seeds first, all 3 flopped and I explained in detail what I found with the seeds and the results.
    The company’s reply was and I quote “Hi there, as they were the free seed we cant reship out the gift pack , if it was due to the regular order part I could help with that , thanks B” unquote.

    What? I’m sorry but part of the purchase agreement was “Buy our seeds and get some free seeds”. I cant continue to buy from a company that does not stand behind what they provide to the public. I don’t trust and will not buy from this company again when there are so many company’s out there who stand behind the seeds they provide.

    Although the seeds were given away as a free gift from MJ Seeds Canada, the seeds were provided by another company “SunWest Genetics” and as of today SunWest Genetics have not replied to my email.

    Thanks and good luck.. Be careful who you by from.

    British Columbia

    • admin says:
    • what was your order number ?

  7. bill says:
  8. we bought norther lights fems m&j seeds we don’t know what they our they grew 10ft tall and finished up way to early with a pill size bud.what did they sell us is a good guess.we chatted and told them the problem and lisa told us we can get a 20% on our next order.what they sold us i wouldn’t even call it hemp is what they sold somewhere else

  9. Disgruntled says:
  10. This company has been harassing me ever since I’ve bought seeds from them. This was two years ago and they email me EVERYDAY!!! I bought a 10 pack of white widow. That’s not even what I got the 12 plants came out all different. It was a complete scam. DO NOT BUY!!

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