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Expert Seeds

Expert Marijuana Seeds

Expert Seed Bank is an online marijuana seedbank which is based in Europe. It bridges the gap between the customers and the best marijuana strains from around the world. They source their seeds from the high quality breeders and they offer it for affordable prices in their website.

They offer worldwide shipping but they also advice their customers to check local laws before ordering from them. Aside from that, the company offers secure shopping experience to their customers.
More marijuana seed products are added to their website every now and then. They offer a wide array of selections of marijuana seeds from regular, autoflower, highbred, feminized and a lot more. They also have some retail partners located in Ireland and the United Kingdom. Wholesalers are also welcome to order from this seedbank.

They claim that they did extensive research to find the best marijuana strains and reputable breeders from around the world so that they can provide their customers with the best quality marijuana seeds. This marijuana seedbank is just new but made some sales of their marijuana seeds online during their first months on the internet.
Their website has an integrated tracking system which you can use to track your orders of marijuana seeds from the company. They accept major credit cards and other payment methods. Don’t worry because they offer discrete and secure payment wherein nothing related to marijuana will be indicated in your bank statements.

Expert Seeds
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  • Website:
  • Type: Breeder
  • Location:
  • Phone #: ?????
  • Email:
  • Address:
  • Payment Accepted: above €500 accept bank transfer, postal order or western union,
    Other than Visa, Mastercard, Laser, Debit Cards
  • Shipping: worldwide
  • Notes: For all wholesaler enquiries please email
  • Expert Strains:
    Afghan Skunk
    Amnesia Haze
    Amnesia Haze Auto
    Auto Kush
    Blue Cheese
    Blue Cheese Auto
    Caramella Auto
    Critical AK Auto
    Expert 47
    Expert Haze
    Hawaiian Afghan
    Jack Herer Auto
    LSD Poison
    Maple Leaf x Black Domina
    Mazar Auto
    Northern Light Auto
    Northern Light x Big Bud Auto
    Northern Lights
    OG Kush
    White Widow
    White Widow x Critica
  • Expert Seeds Retailers:
    Mish Mash
    4A Upr. Clanbrassil Street,
    Dublin 8, Rep. of Ireland
    Tel: 01-4163800 or +353-1-4163800

    Keen For Green
    40 Upper Gladstone St.
    Co. Tipperary

    United Kingdom
    Drift Headshop
    116 West Bow,
    Edinburgh EH1 2HH

    Mish Mash
    1 Georges Street (Just off Eyre Street) Newbridge,
    Co.Kildare 045 436926
    Tel: 045-437639 or +353-45-437639

    Inside Out Grow Supplies
    Unit 21 Tycor Business Park,
    Tycor, Co. Waterford

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16 Reviews to Expert Seeds

  1. mike says:
  2. Hello,

    I recently purchased seeds from Herbie’s and it included Amnesia Haze feminized auto flower. I germinated a seed and at the same time as I did a Girl Scout Cookie feminized auto flower. They both produced a tap root almost identical in size and timing and grew very close to the same size in a solo starter cup. I transferred both at the same time into separate 5 gallon pots using Ocean forest planting soil. It will be 3 weeks this Friday since I started the germination and the Girl Scout Cookie has out performed the Haze seed in height and girth at about 3 to 1. Is this normal for the haze to lag in early weeks compared to the GSC seed?? The Haze is about 5 inches tall and 6 inches in girth. The two plants are the only plants in the grow tent and are lighted by 2 – 315w HPS light fixtures and are 28 inches above the top of the plants. I meter soil moisture, use 6-4-4 liquid fertilizer with Big Bloom plant food and also add Cal/Mag supplement to water that is 6.8 Ph. Soil was tested before planting and is right where it needs to be. There is air circulation on the plants and they gently sway in the breeze to enhance stalk strength. Humidity is around 40% and temp ranges 77 to 80 degrees F. I can send pics for a comparison if needed…

    Curious not nervous,


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