About Us    Landscapes for a New Era" Quick Event - deprecated. These selected projects redefine the scope of a practice where society, politics, ecology and economy meet. Enhanced cultural landscape preservation globally is our goal through the vehicle of increased expertise within the global landscape architecture community that IFLA brings together. This page was last edited on 24 January 2020, at 20:26. In 2015 the first European Urban Green Infrastructure Conference took place in Vienna with great success, followed by Budapest in 2017 and London in 2019. It can also be a valuable marketing tool in promoting courses. The European Foundation for Landscape Architecture has since then grown up … IFLA Europe - European Region of International Federation of Landscape Architects is a not‐for‐profit organisation that represents, supports and promotes the unique and stand‐alone profession of landscape architecture across Europe recognising excellence in educational courses and promoting best practice operations in all member countries. He is involved in working on standards and set up a research group focusing on green roofs. Phone: 202-898-2444 1-888-999-2752 (Toll Free) Fax: 202-898-1185. In 2018 the European Parliament and the Council amended the Directive 2010/31/EU on the energy performance of buildings and the Directive 2012/27/EU on energy efficiency. About Landscape Architecture. Membership of IFLA Europe is open to national associations for landscape architecture in countries which are members of the Council of Europe. 3.9K likes. EFLA - European Federation of Landscape Architects. European Federation of Green Roof Associations. IFLA Europe is participating NGO with the Council of Europe and contributes to the CoE European Landscape Convention. In Touch: Landscape Architecture Europe is the third book in a series by the European Federation for Landscape Architecture celebrating the state of landscape architecture in Europe. It acts as champion in the promotion of EU and Council of Europe landscape policies, directives and agreements. He has a great knowledge of how to support cities to set up strategy plans, policy work and subsidies. Such technologies are known to provide better quality of life for towns and cities by returning sealed surfaces back to nature and help with Climate Change Adaptation. Craig Verzone is a registered landscape architect in the state Massachusetts (USA) and is a member of the Swiss Federation of Landscape Architects as well as the American Society of Landsape Architects. Researcher and Lector with the focus on market research and socioeconomic affairs, governance of local policies, publishing papers and books. Our approach to accreditation. She worked as strategic planner and is currently working with the city of Novi Sad to set up a strategy plan for the city. It is about everything outside the front door, both urban and rural, at the interface between people and natural systems. TRANSDISCIPLINARY. Such technologies are known to provide better quality of life for towns and cities by returning sealed surfaces back to nature. Members — International Federation of Landscape Architects IFLA is the body representing Landscape Architects worldwide, with 77 Member Associations in the following geographic areas of the world: Africa, Americas, Middle East, Asia-Pacific and Europe. Geologist and green roof contractor. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. They design parks, campuses, streetscapes, trails, plazas, and other projects that help define a community.” The LI: "Landscape architects have an understanding of how the environment works and what makes each site and location unique. With her eye for the colour and sensitivity to form, she created some of the most beautiful gardens in the UK, Europe and the US. Horticulturist and expert in urban green infrastructure. Le:Notre thematic network for landscape architecture education: This page was last edited on 18 May 2020, at 10:33. Working as a green roof expert, landscape designer and research on green roofs and green walls issues he just published a world wide map of all the existing green roof policies. Landscape architecture combines environment and design, art and science. Topics: Sustainability transitions. MBLandArch pursues a transdisciplinary and multiscale research within landscape architecture in order to respond to the contemporary environmental complexity throughout design strategies. The Federation and its national members actively promote the use of green roofs and green facades throughout Europe. The two year Post-Graduate programme in Landscape Architecture (MLA), is the first of its kind to be offered in Greece. Courses accredited by the LI are also recognised by the International Federation of Landscape Architects. She organizies events, like the World Congress of Greening Buildings and brings stakeholders together. The International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) is an organisation which represents the landscape architectural profession globally. He is a specialist in green roofs and green walls and has realize many projects. This page was archived on … The publication of Fieldwork has been made possible with the financial support from the European Federation for Landscape Architecture (EFLA) within the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) and from the Netherlands Architecture Fund and the HGIS Culture Fund of the Ministeries of Foreign Affairs, and of Education, Culture and Science.  Contact. Europe As a multidisciplinary practice, landscape architecture incorporates aspects of botany, horticulture, fine art, ecology, landscape design, site planning and related sciences.   office@efb-greenroof.eu    IFLA Europe – the European region of IFLA - seeks to raise awareness of the importance of all matters relating to landscape and landscape architecture for society. He co-founded the office Verzone Woods Architectes - paysage, urbanism, architecture in 1995 with architect Cristina Woods. Landscape architecture is the design of outdoor areas, landmarks, and structures to achieve environmental, social-behavioural, or aesthetic outcomes. Within the last years working groups supported by the European Commission intensified and Green Roof and wall Technologies became part of Horizon 2020 projects across Europe. The Federation and its national members actively promote the use of green roofs and green facades throughout Europe. It aims to provide leadership and networks to support the development of the profession and its effective participation in the realization of attractive, equitable and sustainable environments.

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