I came up with something like this, and it worked really well. `Hi, Kim – have you read my transition stories? Watch our interview below to learn about the technique in Diana’s own words: Due to the nature of the dye-strip technique, it works best with medium-to-long straight or wavy hair. Some are free, and some are expensive. You’ll re-dye the roots of only that strip of hair as needed. I love how you said coloring your hair for a change is fun but the having to touch up roots so often is not! A lot of us experience hair regrowth when we stop the dye. I finally felt more like “me” as a silver-haired person! Just going cold turkey. How to transition colored hair from dyed to grey, including with highlights, lowlights, salon, and at-home options for beautiful results before, during, and after going gray. I only cut about 10 cm because the difference between the old colour and my natural tone was too much. Most women feel more confident knowing that in three weeks they won’t see that “skunk stripe”, as my mother calls it, around the crown of your head. I have not dyed my hair since March the top of my head is a lovely white the Back has colour still also some dark grey it’s a bob length needs a trim ,I’m 73 any advise please I have my hair done regularly also blow dryer every week on lucky my friends a hair dresser but I haven’t seen her for a few months due to I’ll health .. Hi I am a young 69 year old fair skinned green eyes with dyed copper medium length hair – of course with this pandemic situation I am now seeing an inch of my grayish white hair – I have been reading lots of stuff about transitioning – I do have a chronic auto -immune illness so it would probably behoove me to stop with the chemicals – as you know with red hair it is daunting to think about this whole thing but I am retired and it really doesn’t matter that much – I spend most of my time at the pool doing water aerobics – any thoughts about at home stuff I could do to help my blend ay gray with my copper for social commitments? Could you point me in the right direction? After constantly dyeing her hair for over 25 years, in 2018 Katie decided to stop the madness and embrace the gray. My new growth is dark and white, so I will see how this turns out. If you go for a hair salon, make sure that they don’t add any form of bleach on your tresses. Any thoughts on this as it was not mentioned in any of the going gray methods. It really depends on your temperament. I have long dyed dark brown hair. "The best way to mimic gray hair is to strip the hair first and find a silver/slate toner." I had semi permanent color today on roots. I don’t plan to color again and will not cut my long hair. Gray hair is blue-based & suits cool skin tones. I have found some great grey wigs at cysterwigs.com and wigsbypattispearls.com. I wore mine in a messy bun until it lightened some. Hair dye used to be the go-to for covering grey hair, but now it can also be used to embrace it. When i decided to transition to grey, I first began dying my roots a lighter shade of brown. I knew the other side had a big streak at the temple and thought I’d like to end up with that showing. I’m so glad you want to use this technique to transition to gray. You might want to be gray one weekend (to test it out) and go back to dark for a while – it’s totally up to you and what you feel comfortable with. If you do not like yourself in short hair, or if you would freak out going gray too quickly (that’s me! My only problem wa One of my favorites is Theonita’s. Please advise. The Dye Strip Technique involves only coloring a small strip of hair at the crown of your head. Thank you for your help! So you have to decide: are you willing to wait that long, or do you want to have a quicker transition? I could not IMAGINE myself with light hair. I want to just go all grey at once. And please make sure to follow Diana on Instagram @silver.is.the.new.black. My plan is to counteract that with saturated colors in my clothes. I like it and it looks very natural as people tell me. 2. 2 months of natural …… I don’t even know I’ve been told by a hairdresser I don’t really have “the pretty grey” I’m outside playing sports & at the lake all the time! I just came across this article Katie. In addition, use a toning shampoo to help define the grey color. My only problem is that my greys also frame my face so should I do a kind of T-section of dyeing? You have to do what works best for you: for your pocketbook, for your emotional well-being, and for your health. I know that, for many of you, this technique is going to be a godsend! Hi, Theresa – you can use your regular shampoos and conditioner unless you start seeing a problem (like yellowing) in your gray hair. you can color your gray hair without bleaching How to dye hair dark grey without bleach. Diana’s transition photos will give you a great idea of the dye-strip technique in action! Good luck! It is really only hard in the beginning (in my opinion). ), you can totally keep your hair long! I’m also afraid I’ll have “mousy” grey hair like my mom did. Once I got to 3-4 months I could see how my uncolored hair was going to look, and that was encouraging. Even though you are continuing to dye that 1 strip at the top of your head, you may see hair regrowth in other areas. If you decide to use it, just know that you may still have to flip the part and wait for it to grow out. The worst part of growing out your dyed hair is the first few months when you have that stripe. I was worried about looking nutty with multi-colored hair, but I got over that quickly. All the models who have let their gray hair grow out have cool skintones & gray hair look fabulous on them. Suggestions? Für mich wird es ein langer Weg werden, da ich sehr lange Haare habe. Whether you're naturally grey and ready to rock it, or you're looking to go temporarily silver, we've found the right coloring products that'll give you the icy hue you crave. Hi, I’m starting the process. Gray dye on top of light blonde hair results in the gray hair color that's popular right now. She buzzed all her hair off to go gray… and after a while, she grew it long again. It is also the method that freaks a lot of women out because we’ve been conditioned our whole lives to cover gray hair (thanks, ad agencies!). . Katie Goes Platinum is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. I love that you figured out this technique on your own. Just like gray blonde is a popular hair color trend, beachy waves are a popular hairstyle trend—and not just in the summer. If that’s too drastic for you, a pixie cut is the preferred route for many women. I’ll be even happier when the brassy bleach of the damaged hair is gone for good. The whole point of the dye-strip technique is to grow out your gray roots underneath your dyed part. I’m surprised by how many people tell me I am brave for no longer dyeing … it is strange the things that we think are “brave.”. Also, check out Mireya’s transition. If you dye it there is no easy way to hide the grow it out. How would you describe “very curly” hair? I’m at month 17 now. Eventually, it will be completely grown out and cut off. At that point, you can let the dyed strip grow out underneath your fabulous, sparkly gray hair and no one will be the wiser. I have dyed my hair a dark brown/black for the past forty years, as I started turning gray very early. Thank you! I have just bought my fave semi permanent dye to do the whole head but just found your secret section tip, amazing! Inside: All about the dye strip technique for growing out your gray hair secretly, with no demarcation line. The bottom was just a weird golden color until it got long enough to cut off. It turned out a gunmetal gray at first but after a few washes, it looks the way the box says it should. Hi Terry! I have long dark curly hair that is course so product advice would be greatly appreciated. Hi.I have just started to grow out my dark brown dyed hair only about 6wks.should i go cold turkey or use semi permanent hair dye for a while …Janet x. It’s totally up to you, Janet. This method works best for women who want to eventually give up hair dye altogether but are not in a huge rush to complete their transition. I’m almost 3 months since my last dye and the white (and other colors) area coming in. During this pandemic, my roots are about two inches and are gray, thinking about letting it go gray, but I have noticed that I have thinning hair on the crown of my head. My friend Diana introduced me to this method, and it’s ingenious. After about a year I let my roots grow out but I hid the color difference by using vegetable henna coloring for almost a year now. Dark hair might do well with semi-permanent color in a shade lighter than the natural hair color, then going lighter as more gray grows in, using frosting and color glosses for high- and lowlights. Check out my shop on Amazon for all your gray hair needs:  Katie Goes Platinum Storefront, Related Posts:3 Reasons Why Going Gray is a Big DealHow to Deal with Yellowing Gray HairHow to Embrace Your Gray Hair When You Have No ChoiceHow to go Gray at the SalonGray Hair: Before and After. Good luck! It washes out in one wash, meaning you can go grey for just one day to see how it suits you before taking the plunge into permanent colour. Thank you. As you might imagine, stripping hair dye can be very hard on your hair, so it should be avoided, if possible, and you may want to consider goin… Help Is on the Way! So, before you strip your hair down of its natural color and dye it grey, consult a hairstylist to consider your options. And remember to subscribe to my YouTube Channel and Pinterest Feed for more gray hair tips and product recommendations. Katie is the founder of Katie Goes Platinum. Alexandra – my hair like yours. How did your hairdresser respond to the request for the dye strip technique? It’s called the Dye Strip Technique and it’s a fantastic solution for women who don’t want to go gray cold turkey, don’t want to cut their hair short, and don’t want to potentially damage their hair through gray blending at the salon. Of course, just as in hair dyeing, chemicals are involved. Hi Lucy, Love all the bright colours, so if I ever decide to go grey I won’t have any trouble adjusting. Since then, she’s been sharing her favorite gray hair tips, resources, and stories to empower women to feel beautiful during and after their transition to gray hair. It’s not like I’m a fireman! Inside: Tips on how to go gray from colored hair. This can become very damaging, costly, and time consuming. I’m not trying to convince others to follow this road. Not so much. There are many other ways to go gray. I also considered bleaching the dyed strip and going blue, just for fun, but I didn’t end up doing that because about the time I hit a year we had a stay-at-home order and I missed two hair appointments. I bet they’d help! I’ve been considering letting my hair grow out for a couple of years now. My best advice? I was thinking a gray color ‍♀️, I have white gray roots with natural grassy brown but have auburn red fir years do it can fade easily within months time if I go cold turkey with my long red hair im scared it will turn orange as it faded any ideas, Hi, Kerri – this post about blue shampoo for brassy dyed hair should help you out! Do I use a temporary hair colour to dye the strip? Props to all the brunettes out there going cold turkey. By the time I got in for a cut (I was there the week they opened) I’d already flipped to part and decided just to keep with what I had. Please share it with your friends! Also, join Silver Revolution on Facebook for extra support. So, I chose to go gray cold turkey with longish hair. Can I use Colorfix to remove the color from my hair so I will be grey? I am doing it! Ich fühle mich sehr wohl mit meinem Pfeffer-und-Salz-Ansatz. Do you have any questions about the dye-strip technique? It’s confusing! When you are coloring your hair every two weeks to cover your gray roots? Hi Sheila! I only heard about the dye strip technique recently, and it’s a great solution for women who want to go gray without a demarcation line, do not want to cut their hair short, and do not want to risk potential damage to their hair from salon transition treatments (such as bleaching). Choose the method that best suits your temperament. Recently she posted a color fix on her own mother, who no longer wanted to color hair hair (it can be exhausting, you know) and asked her daughter to strip the color. I found that out in the 1980s when i tried to bleach a section of it and it turned bright orange! 2020 Reply Of course, that raises the question of how you can strip hair color to reclaim your starting shade. It all depends on your temperament. You'll need to do many, many washes to fade it out, but it is definitely a step in the right direction if you really want to remove a color. I have dyed my hair black for many years and fed up with having to colour it every 4 weeks. If this method isn’t for you, don’t worry! ** Please Note:  This post contains affiliate links. You’ll see a variety of different skin tones there. I have platinum hair I tired of bleaching it every 4 to 5 weeks I have a lot of gray on my sides and in front I want to put a darker color in it foil or comb thru my natural color is medium brown but when ever I color it or highlights it pulls a lot of red . It’s also free! I also went gray with long hair and it’s perfect for getting used to the idea of being all-gray. Blondes and redheads can also use this technique, but for dark brunettes, the dye-strip technique is the best method I’ve found for going gray in secret with dark hair. Hair dye stripping is a process which is used to remove unwanted hair color. And it must be said – when you’re coloring your hair to express your personality, it is fun. "There's actually no such thing as gray hair dye, as gray hair is hair with no melanin pigment," says Rick Wellman, a master colorist at The Salon Project By Joel Warren at Saks Fifth Avenue. After constantly dyeing her hair for over 25 years, in 2018 Katie decided to stop the madness and embrace the gray. Hair strippers are chemical treatments which are intended to strip out artificial color pigment with less risk or damage to the hair. Required fields are marked *. You may not want to wear everyday, but if you have a special occasion when you don’t want striped hair, it’s a great option. I only link to products that I personally like or that have been recommended to me by my silver sisters. Please do me a favor and share this post to social media, as it helps me grow my audience and spread the word about our Silver Revolution! Can my dyed color be stripped off, or do I have to do it the hard way and let it grow out (which I do not want to do as the dyed color is much lighter). Hi Katie, I’m 71 and have dyed my for yrs, my hair is just below my shoulders and dark brown, I have decided to go cold turkey! COPYRIGHT © 2020 KATIE EMERY | KATIE GOES PLATINUM | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, GO GRAY IN SECRET WITH THE DYE STRIP TECHNIQUE, growing out your gray hair due to a sensitivity to hair dye, 50+ Gorgeous Long Gray Hair Photos to Inspire You. This temporary hair colour spray gives an instant grey colour to any hair colour without the need for bleach. Hi Diana, You can do this at home or at the salon – it’s up to you!Supplies Needed:Home Hair Dye KitVaselineStep 1: Section off about a 1.5” x 5″ strip of hair along your part line.Step 2: Put Vaseline on all sides of the strip to protect your natural hair color from accidentally being dyedStep 3: ONLY dye the roots of the strip of hair.Step 4: When you wash out the dye, focus on rinsing out the dyed strip well before you add shampoo to wash out the Vaseline.Step 5: When styling your hair, part your hair down the middle of the dyed strip laying the dyed hair over your gray hair and style as usual. I decided on the cold turkey method … my hair is naturally VERY dark so the stripping and toning etc. You’ll love it. I see what you’re saying and I have lots of gray at my temples as well. Inside: All about the dye strip technique for growing out your gray hair secretly, with no demarcation line. If you do like the look I would suggest using a root spray around your face. Does anyone have experience with this? I’ve heard that women with dark hair who dye it are at a higher risk for bladder cancer. I wear my hair in a bob but not been to get it cut since pandemic started. Helping women confidently ditch the dye and rock their natural gray hair at every stage and any age! Many women in these fields feel uncomfortable coming to work with two-toned hair (or are told outright by their bosses that it is inappropriate). GET THE COLOR: NATURAL WHITE-GRAY It's not secret that we're tremendously impressed with Sema Conde. That’s what’s so fun about this method – you get to decide when you are ready to show off your grays! Should you use a Demi permanent so,it will wash out when you are done with the transition ? Whenever I’m asked why I’m letting my hair go gray, and people do ask, I say I realized I don’t care what color my hair is—or what anyone else thinks about it. If you choose one of these routes, try to get recommendations so you can make sure to find a salon that has experience with these methods. Oh, decisions, decisions. Once silver hair started popping up here and there on Instagram (often hashtagged granny hair) and on the most fashionable streets of your city, a few years back, it just wouldn’t go away.There is something ethereal and unique about a young face topped with a mane of silver or grey hair – not to mention how beautiful it is when a woman owns her age and allows her hair to go gray naturally. Since then, she’s been sharing her favorite gray hair tips, resources, and stories to empower women to feel beautiful during and after their transition to gray hair. I’ve been thinking for quite awhile about letting my dark brown hair with lots of auburn highlights go naturally grey. Thank you! What does it mean to go gray cold turkey?

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