Mungo died on January 13, 614. St Kentigern was the first bishop within the ancient British kingdom of Strathclyde, and the present cathedral was built during the 13th - 15th centuries. He is considered the first bishop of Scotland. Particularly in Scotland, he is known by the pet name Mungo, possibly derived from the Cumbric equivalent of the Welsh: fy nghu 'my dear (one)'. Mungo’s Early Days Later, allegedly, after Penarwen died, Tenue/Thaney returned to King Owain and the pair were able to marry before King Owain met his death battling Bernicia in 597 AD. At Townhead and Dennistoun in Glasgow there is a modern Roman Catholic church and a traditional Scottish Episcopal Church[15] respectively dedicated to the saint. He was raised by St. Serf and be. For some thirteen years, he laboured in the district, living a most austere life in a small cell and making many converts by his holy example and his preaching.[7]. The present Church of Scotland St. Mungo's Parish Church in Alloa was built in 1817. A very fine piece of wall art in the high street in Glasgow. When her father, King Lleudden, learned of her pregnancy, he was so enraged that he threw her from the heights of the summit of a local hill, Traprain Law. Postcode: G4 0PX. A spring called "St. Mungo's Well" He built his church across the water from an extinct volcano, next to the Molendinar Burn, where the present medieval cathedral now stands. Details of Mungo's infirmity have a ring of authenticity about them. In Cumbernauld, there is St. Mungo’s Parish Church in the centre of the New Town. St Mungo's offers a range of ensuite and studio accommodation. Glasgow Museums are becoming more autism aware. The Life of Saint Mungo was written by the monastic hagiographer Jocelyn of Furness in about 1185. Like his mentor, Mungo following a simple and austere life, dwelling in a small cell and winning many converts by his holy example and the power of his persuasive preaching. fell eastwards from the apse. But it was not always so. In Alloa, a chapel dedicated to St. Mungo is thought to have been erected during the fourteenth or fifteenth-century. No other copying or use is permitted without written agreement from the author. St Mungo’s Mirrorball OPEN MIC 26th March 6-7pm. *Offer valid for 21/22 bookings only. St Mungo's provides a range of attractive and convenient en-suite and studio accommodation for students, all available with a flexible tenancy length.. Each student room will have a comfortable bed, peaceful study space, ample storage space for all your belongings and a personal bathroom. refers to a bird that Mungo restored to life after it had been killed by some of his classmates. Head Teacher: Michelle Smith. St Mungo's offers city centre living at its best, literally a three-minute walk away from University of Strathclyde. S. Mundahl-Harris has shown that Mungo's associations with St Asaph were a Norman invention. Fittingly, the nearby Glasgow Cathedral is the final resting place of Glasgow's patron saint. [8] He decided to go and appointed Saint Asaph/Asaff as Bishop of Llanelwy in his place. Saint Mungo is the Patron Saint of Glasgow and also known as Kentigern who is believed to have been born and brought up in Culross in Fife. (In reality the King had thrown it into the River Clyde.) St Mungo Golf Club was established in 1891 by members of Glasgow Licensed Trade. However, the new King of Strathclyde, Riderch Hael, invited Mungo to return to his kingdom. Miraculously, she survived and managed to cross the River Forth in a small boat to Culross in Fife. Rowling.[9]. Situated beside the Cathedral, close to the Necropolis and across the road from the Provand's Lordship, this is a celebration of the religious diversity of the city, once famous for its bigotry. came a hermit near Glasgow, Scotland. Lailoken's appearance at the Battle of Arfderydd in 573 has led to a connection being made between this battle, the rise of Riderch Hael and the return of Mungo to Strathclyde. There are certainly two other medieval lives: the earlier partial life in the Cottonian manuscript now in the British Library, and the later Life, based on Jocelyn, by John of Tynemouth.

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