Rise in journalist deaths due to Coronavirus pandemic, Defence Sector Reforms & Corporatisation of Ordnance Factory Board, Corporatisation is a strategic necessity for Ordnance Factory Board. [94], On 3 June 2019, Indian defense minister Rajnath Singh visited the Indian army's forward posts and base camp in Siachen. Similarly, the Western Command will be remanded from Indira Col on Saltoro Ridge in the Siachen Glacier area with its headquarters prospecting at Gujarat's trip to Jaipur. [37] Having detected Pakistani movements ahead of Operation Qaidat, the Indian Army initiated Op Vajrashakti to secure the now renamed Bana Post from Pakistani attack. They are claimed as part of Ladakh union territory by India and as part of Gilgit-Baltistan by Pakistan. He claimed that more than 1,100 Indian soldiers have died defending the Siachen glacier. General Ved Prakash Malik, in his book Kargil from Surprise to Victory, wrote: Siachen is considered a military setback by the Pakistan Army. hit Pakistan's Gayari military base, killing 129 soldiers and 11 civilians, avalanche hit a Pakistani military headquarters, "Defence Minister Rajnath Singh Bonds With Soldiers At Siachen Over Jalebi", "Rajnath Singh visits Siachen to review security situation, pays tribute to martyrs - PICS", 846 Indian soldiers have died in Siachen since 1984 – Rediff.com News, "Six dead after avalanche hits Army positions in Northern Siachen", "In Siachen 869 army men died battling the elements", "India and Pakistan Agree to Cease-Fire in Kashmir", "The Himalayas War at the Top Of the World", "UN Map showing CFL – UN document number S/1430/Add.2", "CFL marked on U.N. Map superimposed on satellite image", Facts vs bluff on Siachen, Kayani's suggestion worth pursuing, "Outside magazine article about Siachen battleground", "Siachen Glacier: Battling on the roof of the world", "Securing the heights; The vertical dimension of the Siachen conflict between India and Pakistan in the Eastern Karakoram", "846 Indian soldiers have died in Siachen since 1984", "For the first time, the leaders of India and Pakistan seem close to finding a solution to the Kashmir problem", "THE COLDEST WAR; Frozen in Fury on the Roof of the World", "Demilitarization of the Siachen Conflict Zone", Confirm ground position line on Siachen: BJP, "In Siachen, Dhruv proves a world-beater", "India Installs World's Highest Phone Booth Soldiers Fighting Along Kashmir Glacier Can Now Call Families, Army Says", "Pakistan declares Siachen avalanche buried dead", "Siachen: Pakistan declares buried troops dead after 52 days – Hindustan Times", "PM Modi visits Siachen, meets soldiers on Diwali", "US army chief's visit adds milestone to Indo-US ties", "Tribute to Siachen heroes Reviewd by Geetu Vaid", "Siachen war comes alive in a comic book", "Valour of Siachen jawans now in a comic strip", "An illustrated, literary salute to our warriors at Siachen glacier", "Siachen avalanche kills 3 Indian, 8 Pak soldiers", "50 Indian soldiers die in Siachen in 3 yrs", "Indian army officers killed in Siachen fire – BBC News", "Pakistan resumes search for 135 buried by avalanche", "Huge search for trapped Pakistani soldiers", "Pakistan army chief urges India on glacier withdrawal – BBC News", "Two soldiers killed in Siachen landsliding", "Six Army soldiers killed in Siachen avalanche, one missing", "Army Captain dies in avalanche in Siachen glacier, 15 soldiers rescued", "Siachen avalanche kills four Indian Army soldiers – Firstpost", "Siachen avalanche: Army declares all trapped soldiers dead; PM Modi pays condolences", "Indian Army thanks Pakistan for offering help in Siachen rescue", "Siachen avalanche survivor Lance Naik Hanamanthappa passes away", "Another tragedy at Siachen as army porter falls to death | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis", "TN Army Village Loses Another Jawan in Siachen", "Siachen avalanche: Lance Havildar Bhawan Tamang killed, another soldier missing", "Army Chief Visits Siachen Glacier After 17 Casualties in 3 Months Due to Avalanches", "Siachen avalanche tragedy: Names of deceased soldiers released", "2 More Bodies Found At Ladakh Avalanche Site, Number Of Dead Rise To 7", "Two soldiers killed as avalanche hits Army patrol in Siachen", "2 Army soldiers killed in avalanche in Siachen", Siachen Glacier – Highest Battlefield Of The World, "The vertical dimension of the Siachen conflict", 2001 Jammu and Kashmir legislative assembly car bombing, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant – Khorasan Province, Department of Defence Research and Development, Indian intervention in the Sri Lankan Civil War, Evacuation of Indian civilians from Kuwait, Defence Research and Development Organisation, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, Jordan-Palestine Liberation Organization conflict, Foreign deployments of the Pakistan Armed Forces, Defense Science and Technology Organization. Because of the steep gradient of the Saltoro Range, the area is also prone to avalanches. The Saltoro ridge originates from the Sia Kangri in the Karakoram Range and the altitudes range from 18,000 to 24,000 ft. The conflict began in 1984 with India’s successful Operation Meghdoot during which it wrested control of the Siachen Glacier from Pakistan and forced the Pakistanis to retreat west of the Saltoro Ridge. Re: Celebrating 20 years of victory on the Saltoro Ridge. This stalemate has continued to now. [63][64], One of the factors behind the Kargil War in 1999 when Pakistan sent infiltrators to occupy vacated Indian posts across the Line of Control was their belief that India would be forced to withdraw from Siachen in exchange of a Pakistani withdrawal from Kargil. Thirty years later, the two sides remain locked in a stand-off… “I am proud of all Army personnel serving in Siachen who are leaving no stone unturned to defend our motherland. Saltoro Ridge: The Saltoro Mountains mountain range is a subrange of the Karakoram Heights or of Saltoro Ridge. In 1977, an Indian colonel named Narendra Kumar, offended by international expeditions venturing onto the glacier from the Pakistani side, persuaded his superiors to allow him to lead a 70-man team of climbers and porters to the glacier. INDRA COL, the northern most part of Siachen, directly overlooks Chinese occupation that was illegally ceded by Pakistan to China. Control over the area would constitute a major strategic achievement for Pakistan as it would breathe down the Indian Army’s positions in Ladakh while denying India the capability to monitor the sensitive Pakistan-China axis. Unusually for the normally secretive Indian Army, the news and photographs of this expedition were published in The Illustrated Weekly of India, a widely circulated popular magazine. Saltoro Ridge: The Saltoro Mountains is a subrange of the Karakoram Heights or of Saltoro Ridge. The Indian Army dominates the glaciers, occupying the high ground on the Saltoro ridge on the western edge of the glacier, restricting Pakistani forces to lower positions. The problems of reinforcing or evacuating the high-altitude ridgeline have led to India's development of the Dhruv Mk III helicopter, powered by the Shakti engine, which was flight-tested to lift and land personnel and stores from the Sonam post, the highest permanently manned post in the world. While stakes are high for India, Pakistan cannot be threatened with Indian control of Siachen as the terrain does not allow India to launch an offensive on Pakistan but is a big question on Pakistan's ability to defend its territory claims. Indian Army launched an operation to preempt the seizure of the passes by the Pakistan Army. [15][16] According to TIME magazine, India gained control of more than 2500 km2 of territory because of its military operations in Siachen. Saltoro Salad. All rights reserved. mixed greens | Point-Reyes blue cheese | almonds honey shallot vinaigrette $9 GFI Caesar Salad. [90], On 25 March, two Indian jawans died after they were buried in an avalanche in the Turtuk sector while on patrol. It began with the occupation of the two northern passes on the Saltoro Ridge by India. Both armies set up stations at altitudes of 9,000 to 22,000 ft and have suffered 3,500-5,000 casualties since, … [77], In the early morning of 7 April 2012, an avalanche hit a Pakistani military headquarters in the Gayari Sector, burying 129 soldiers of the 6th Northern Light Infantry battalion and 11 civilian contractors. [78][79] In the aftermath of the disaster, Pakistan's army chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani suggested India and Pakistan should withdraw all troops from the contested glacier. They are located in the heart of the Karakoram, on the southwest side of the Siachen Glacier. This operation was called Operation Ababeel. 1999 Kargil war was also an attempt to restrict supply route to ladakh and siachen. He reiterated the commitment of his government to uphold the position that the Indian Army has maintained with so much sacrifice. Now advanced technology is being used to make the life of soldiers posted over there a little easier. The Saltoro Mountains are Lesser Karakorams on the southwestern side of the large Karakoram-glaciers (Siachen, Baltoro, Biafo and Hispar Glacier from east to west) while the main ridge of the Karakorams lies northeast of these glaciers. The documentary "Expedition to the longest glacier" was shown on the 3rd channel of WDR (German TV) in 1979. They are located in the heart of the Karakoram, on the southwest side of the Siachen Glacier. India took control of the 70-kilometre-long (43 mi) Siachen Glacier and its tributary glaciers, as well as all the main passes and heights of the Saltoro Ridge immediately west of the glacier, including Sia La, Bilafond La, and Gyong La. This matter has taken an even more critical turn for India now that Pakistan has been practically ceding to China the whole of Gilgit-Baltistan and especially the Shaksgam Valley. [88], On 27 February, a civilian porter working with the Indian army in the Northern Glacier, fell to his death in a 130-foot crevasse. [3], April 1984 Operation Meghdoot: Indian Army under the leadership of Lt. Gen. Manohar Lal Chibber, Maj. Gen. Shiv Sharma, and Lt. Gen. P. N. Hoon learned of the plan by Pakistan Army to seize Sia La, and Bilafond La, on the glacier. At present, Indian Army controls the entire Saltoro ridge. [68][69], Since September 2007, India has welcomed mountaineering and trekking expeditions to the forbidding glacial heights. They both are claimed as part of Ladakh union territory by India and as part of Gilgit-Baltistan by Pakistan. The dispute over the glacier stems from an … Pervez Musharraf had himself once commanded the Special Services Group (SSG) troops in this area and made several futile attempts to capture Indian posts.[53]. I am also proud of their parents who have sent their children to serve the nation by joining the Armed forces. The Writer is an Army veteran and a social worker. Saltoro Ridge: The Saltoro Mountains is a subrange of the Karakoram Heights or of Saltoro Ridge. Adverse climatic conditions or any other form of hardship will not deter Pakistan from covetously eyeing Siachen. Saltoro Ridge: The Saltoro Mountains is a subrange of the Karakoram Heights or of Saltoro Ridge. After this, a Jihadi intrusion to fructify expansionist designs will then be resorted, regardless of the assurances given. Masood Navid Anwari (PA 10117) then Force Commander Northern Areas and other accompanying troops were killed. They are located in the heart of the Karakoram, on the southwest side of the Siachen Glacier. [96][97], 1984-2003 Indo-Pakistani territorial clashes, List of post-ceasefire avalanches and landslides. More dangerous is the fact that this may well trigger a scary sub-continental conflict. Cover; India; World; … In particular, New Delhi has demanded that Pakistan authenticate currently held positions on the Saltoro Ridge as a guarantee against any future invasion, while Pakistan has refused to do so. The expeditions have been meant to show the international audience that Indian troops hold "almost all dominating heights" on the important Saltoro Ridge west of Siachen Glacier, and to show that Pakistani troops are nowhere near the 43.5-mile (70 km) Siachen Glacier and from 2019 the Indian Army And The Indian Government has allowed the tourists to visit the Siachen Glacier's Indian Army Post. He was taken to Army Research and Referral Hospital in Delhi. Title of U.N. document number S/1430/Add.2 which illustrates the CFL as per the Karachi Agreement reads: Map of the State of Jammu and Kashmir showing the Cease Fire Line as Agreed Upon in the Karachi Agreement, Ratified by the Governments of India and Pakistan on 29 and 30 July Respectively. Saltoro Ridge: The Saltoro Mountains is a subrange of the Karakoram Heights or of Saltoro Ridge. Peering Over the Edge: The Philosophy of Mountaineering, p. 194. [53][54] Pakistani generals view the Siachen glacier as their land, which has been stolen by India. The destruction of Kauser Base induced Pakistani troops to vacate Chumik posts concluding Operation Ibex. In the haste to pull together operational resources, Pakistan planners made a tactical error, according to a now-retired Pakistani army colonel. In 1974, India could resolve its maritime boundary dispute with Sri Lanka by … Teram Kangri I (7,465 m or 24,491 ft) and Teram Kangri II (7,406 m or 24,298 ft) were climbed in 1975 by a Japanese expedition led by H. Katayama, which approached through Pakistan via the Bilafond La.[29]. The two armies have established forward bases at heights ranging from 9,000 to 22,000 ft. On April 13, 1984, India launched Operation Meghdoot to capture the 76.4 km-long glacier on the Saltoro ridge, narrowly thwarting Pakistan’s own attempts in the process. A2A: India currently is involved in major disputes with Pakistan, China and a minor one with Nepal. A U.N. map showing CFL alignment superimposed on a satellite image depicts the CFL terminating at NJ9842. •Sir Creek: It is a strip of water disputed between India and Pakistan in the Rann of Kutch marshlands. [70], The Siachen glacier and its conflict was depicted in a 48-page comic book, Siachen: The Cold War, released in August 2012. There has been considerable talk in Pakistan about the recent avalanche in Gyari west of the Saltoro Ridge and it is shown as having occurred in the Siachen area. India cannot allow such a strategic misadventure to take place. Pakistan also succeeded in establishing one of the highest post Conway Saddle (6032 meter) at the junction of the Karakoram and Saltoro Range. The Defence Minister echoed sentiments of the entire India that remains in awe of the gallant Siachen Warriors ever since the launch of Operation Meghdoot on April 13, 1984 when, in an unimaginable feat of grit and bravery, the Indian Army gained control over the dominating heights of the Saltoro Ridge, Sia La and Bilafond La, in a short period of time. Saltoro Ridge: The Saltoro Mountains is a subrange of the Karakoram Heights or of Saltoro Ridge. [14] The conflict was started in 1984 by India's successful capture of the Siachen Glacier as part of Operation Meghdoot, and subsequently countinued with Operation Rajiv. The un-demarcated boundaries with Myanmar, Bhutan and lately with China, Pakistan and Nepal have often flared up into tensions. Suspicion of Pakistan committing such travesty following a proposed demilitarisation in 2005 had deterred the Indian Army from quitting Saltoro Ridge on Siachen. [citation needed], The conflict in Siachen stems from the incompletely demarcated territory on the map beyond the map coordinate known as NJ9842 (35°00′30″N 77°00′32″E / 35.008371°N 77.008805°E / 35.008371; 77.008805). Pakistan granted a number of permits. I will personally send a thank you note to them,” said Defence Minister Rajnath Singh in June 2019 during his maiden visit Siachen, the highest militarised zone in the world. Indian soldiers on guard at the Siachen Glacier. “India forcibly occupied Siachen Glacier and it is a disputed area. They are located in the heart of the Karakoram, on the southwest side of the Siachen Glacier. • Saltoro Ridge: The Saltoro Mountains is a subrange of the Karakoram Heights or of Saltoro Ridge. A cease-fire went into effect in 2003. [76], On 14 November 2015, an Indian captain from the Third Ladakh scouts died in an avalanche in the Southern Glacier while 15 others were rescued. [76] On 22 July, two Indian officers burned to death when a fire caught on their shelter. Most of India's many outposts are west of the Siachen Glacier along the Saltoro Range. The increasing Chinese presence in Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan is a fact of life,he added. Having become aware of US military maps and the permit incidents, Colonel Narendra Kumar, then commanding officer of the Indian Army's High Altitude Warfare School, mounted an Army expedition to the Siachen area as a counter-exercise. [67], The Chief of Staff of US Army, General George Casey on 17 October 2008 visited the Siachen Glacier along with Indian Army Chief, General Deepak Kapoor. Such inimical designs make it imperative for India to steadfastly man the heights notwithstanding the cost and the difficulty. In 1984, India launched Operation Meghdoot to capture the 76.4 km-long glacier on the Saltoro ridge. [26] United States Defense Mapping Agency (now National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency) began in about 1967 to show a boundary on their Tactical Pilotage Charts as proceeding from NJ9842 east-northeast to the Karakoram Pass at 5,534 m (18,136 ft) on the China border. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Siachen on 23 October 2014 to celebrate Diwali with the troops and boost their morale. The largely inaccessible terrain beyond this point was not demarcated,[20] but delimited as thence north to the glaciers in paragraph B 2 (d) of the Karachi Agreement. More than 2000 people have died in this inhospitable terrain, mostly due to weather extremes and the natural hazards of mountain warfare. India built the world's highest helipad on the glacier at Point Sonam, 21,000 feet (6,400 m) above the sea level, to supply its troops. [27] Five years later a Japanese-Pakistani expedition put two Japanese and a Pakistani Army climber on top of Saltoro Kangri. Even before then, more soldiers were killed every year due to severe weather coditions than enemy fire. Can the Pakistan Army rely on Chinese artillery? View Our Menu . [75], In 2011, 24 Indian soldiers died on the Siachen glacier from the climate and accidents. It would be a test of endurance, the source said while adding that India has the advantage as it has been sitting on the glaciated heights of the Saltoro ridge since 1984. Mixed Emotions: Mountaineering Writings, p. 147. P. C. Katoch, Col. Konsam Himalaya Singh seized control of pt 5770 (Naveed Top/Cheema Top/Bilal Top) in the southern edge of the Saltoro defense line from Pakistan troops. Three years later, Pakistan tried to gain a dominant position by forcibly occupying a height which it called the Quaid Post. [82][83] In 2012, a total of 12 Indian soldiers died of hostile weather conditions. Copyright © Paavni Productions LLP. The third theatre command will be the Peninsular Command; Fourth, a full air defence command; And fifth, a marine command. Deeply divergent positions held by New Delhi and Islamabad on the dispute is one of the primary reasons why the negotiations on demilitarising the … [76], In 2013, 10 Indian soldiers died due to weather conditions. R. K. Nanavatty launched an artillery attack on Kauser Base, the Pakistani logistical node in Chumik and successfully destroyed it. Indian Military Withdrawal from the Saltoro Ridge. Thus, holding of the Siachen Glacier is crucial for India. The Siachen conflict, sometimes referred to as the Siachen War, was a military conflict between Indiaand Pakistanover the disputed Siachen Glacierregion in Kashmir. The attack was repulsed by Indian troops. "They ordered Arctic-weather gear from a London outfitter who also supplied the Indians," says the colonel. After Pakistan ceded the 5,180 km2 (2,000 sq mi) Shaksgam Valley to China in a boundary agreement in 1963, Pakistan started giving approval to western expeditions to the east of mountain K2. [41], May 1995: Battle of Tyakshi Post: Pakistan Army NLI units attacked Tyakshi post at the very southern edge of the Saltoro defense line. Saltoro Ridge: The Saltoro Mountains is a subrange of the Karakoram Heights or of Saltoro Ridge. They are claimed as part of Ladakh union territory by India and as part of Gilgit-Baltistan by Pakistan. His condition became critical later on due to multiple organ failure and lack of oxygen to brain and he died 11 February 2016. Indian Army recruits only on merit, its above caste and religion. grilled prawns(5) - add $9. A much larger number of soldiers will be called upon to sacrifice their lives than the few who are becoming unfortunate victims of the weather at present. In 1978 a German Siachen-Kondus Expedition under the leadership of Jaroslav Poncar (further members Volker Stallbohm and Wolfgang Kohl, liaison officer major Asad Raza) entered Siachen via Bilafond La and established the base camp on the confluence of Siachen and Teram Shehr. Check out the weekly specials too! But there has been no shooting following the 2003 ceasefire along the Line of Control (LoC) and the Actual Ground Position Line (AGPL) across the Siachen. The subranges of the main ridges are generally called Muztagh whereas the mountain groups of the Lesser Karakorams are denominated as mountains, ranges or groups. They are claimed as part of Ladakh union territory by India and as part of Gilgit-Baltistan by Pakistan. [citation needed], The Indian army controls all of the 76 kilometres (47 mi) and 2553sq km area long Siachen Glacier and all of its tributary glaciers, as well as all the main passes and heights of the Saltoro Ridge[45] immediately west of the glacier, including Sia La, Bilafond La, and Gyong La—thus holding onto the tactical advantage of high ground. In fact, cost escalation for India would begin the moment any unfortunate decision to demilitarise from Siachen is taken. They are located in the heart of the Karakoram, on the southwest side of the Siachen Glacier. [22] is the second addendum to the 1949 Karachi Agreement, and shows the CFL marked on the Map of the State of Jammu and Kashmir as per the explanation of CFL in paragraph 'B' 2 (d) of the Karachi Agreement. He interacted with the Indian soldiers deployed in Siachen and commended their courage. New Delhi: Factfile on the India-Pakistan dispute over the Siachen Glacier, the world's highest battlefield. Saltoro Ridge: The Saltoro Mountains is a subrange of the Karakoram Heights or of Saltoro Ridge. By then they had already got control of the glacier and the adjacent Saltoro ridge, using Col Kumar's maps. [42], June 1999: Indian Army under Brig. The steady Chinese advancement in Himalayas is also a concern since 2020 Galwan Incident as the border understanding was violated and a similar incident, though unlikely is possible inflicting heavy cost on India. Saltoro Ridge Blogs, Comments and Archive News on Economictimes.com. If India was not holding the heights on the Saltoro Ridge, the highest watershed in the area, Pakistani and Chinese armies could link up to bring the Karakoram Pass under their control and threaten the Ladakh region. Pakistan resorts to consistent lobbying to bring down international pressure in this regard on the Indian leadership. The two countries have discussed the Siachen dispute many times but India has been reluctant to vacate the peaks fearing that Pakistani troops at lower ground would move up and occupy the glacier. A cease-fire went into effect in 2003. The major strategic point here is the Saltoro ridge. The most prominent among these is authentication on a map of the Actual Ground Position Line (AGPL) along which troops are presently deployed. UPSC DAILY ANSWER WRITING PRACTICE QUESTIONS : 19th NOVEMBER . In 2007, the President of India, Abdul Kalam became the first head of state to visit the area. Despite the high cost India maintains presence as a Pakistani control of Siachen would allow them to put radar and monitor all Indian airforce activity in ladakh. [30], The first public acknowledgment of the maneuvers and the developing conflict situation in the Siachen was an abbreviated article titled "High Politics in the Karakoram" by Joydeep Sircar in The Telegraph newspaper of Calcutta in 1982. The Indian Army managed to occupy the commanding heights on Saltoro Ridge while Pakistani forces were stationed at lower positions. Siachen Conflict The Siachen conflict was a military conflict between India and Pakistan over the disputed Siachen Glacier region in Kashmir. It is located in the eastern Karakoram Range in the Himalaya Mountains. [61], According to some estimates, 97% of the casualties in Siachen have been due to weather and altitude, rather than actual fighting. Siachen Day: India’s domination of Saltoro Ridge is a strategic imperative, Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Complacency in Terrorism-infested environment means Death, Yes, we are still talking to Pakistan but in different languages, India needs to contain Pakistan Deep State to win this proxy war, ISRO successfully launches military satellite EMISAT, Army Commanders’ Conference on April 8, 2019, INS Shikra hosts Naval Investiture Ceremony, Boeing handovers first Apache Helicopter to Indian Air Force, Media must learn how not to report during terror attacks, Indian Army to get its new Headquarter ‘Thal Sena Bhawan’ at Delhi Cantonment. To the northwest, the Kondus Glacier separates the range from the neighboring Masherbrum Mountains, while on the southeast, the Gyong River, Glacier, and Pass separate the northern Saltoro Mountains from the southern Saltoro Mountains or "Kailas Mountains" (not to … A cease-fire went into effect in 2003. The event underscored the dilution of the Simla Agreement and became a domestic issue as political parties, led by Benazir Bhutto's Peoples Party, blamed an incompetent military government under Zia ul-Haq for failing to defend Pakistani-held territory — while Zia downplayed the significance of the loss.[59]. In 1984, through ‘Operation Meghdoot’, India landed its troops on three passes of the Saltoro ridge west of Siachen glacier in a large airborne operation. [66], On 12 June 2005, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh became the first Indian Prime Minister to visit the area, calling for a peaceful resolution of the problem. Several skirmishes were fought by both the sides before finally arriving on the 2003 ceasefire … On April 13, 1984, India committed aggression and sent forces to capture this unoccupied area. Pakistan Army, in turn, learned of the presence of Ladakh Scouts on the passes during a helicopter recon mission. Myth number one is that the conflict is about the ‘Siachen’ glacier. They are claimed as part of Ladakh union territory by India and as part of Gilgit-Baltistan by Pakistan. [87] During the rescue operations, the Indian army found Lance Naik Hanumanthappa alive, though in a critical condition, after being buried under 25 feet snow for 6 days. Have you read these stories? This attempt has to start with demolishing some myths. Post by Jagan » 14 Sep 2004 00:59 . The acquisition of key supplies needed for operations in glaciated zones marked the start of major combat operations on the glacier. Since then, Siachen has witnessed a saga of unparalleled valour in the face of a belligerent enemy, arduous terrain and challenging climatic conditions. Beyond NJ 9842, the agreement stated that the border will run ‘thence north to the glaciers’. Siachen is seen as a major military setback by the Pakistani Army. As nothing was demarcated on the map beyond point NJ9842, Shaksgam Valley was a no-man’s land. [17], The Siachen Glacier is the highest battleground on earth,[18][19] where India and Pakistan have fought intermittently since 13 April 1984. Together, the nations have about 150 manned outposts along the glacier, with some 3,000 troops each. Il Florentine – Mind, Something & Nothing, and the Natural & Mathematical. In 1984, India assumed military control of the main peaks and passes of the range, with Pakistani forces into the … Since then, numerous of talks were conducted between two sides starting in 1989. Saltoro Ridge: The Saltoro Mountains is a subrange of the Karakoram Heights or of Saltoro Ridge. The entire Siachen Glacier, with all major passes, is currently under the administration of India since 1984.Pakistan controls the region west of Saltoro Ridge with Pakistani posts located 3,000 ft below 100 Indian posts on Saltoro Ridge. For this purpose units from Pakistan Army SSG (1st and 3rd battalions) assembled a major task force at the newly constructed Khaplu garrison. It is largest single source of fresh water in the Indian subcontinent. The operation was unsuccessful at dislodging Pakistani troops from their positions. They are located in the heart of the Karakoram, on the southwest side of the Siachen Glacier. On April 13, 1984, India launched Operation Meghdoot to capture the 76.4 km-long glacier on the Saltoro ridge, narrowly thwarting Pakistan’s own attempts in the process. [56][57][58], American observers say that the military conflict between India and Pakistan over the Siachen Glacier "made no military or political sense". Period. Saltoro Ridge: The Saltoro Mountains is a subrange of the Karakoram Heights or of Saltoro Ridge. Celebrating 20 years of victory on the Saltoro Ridge.

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