The P-13 is my EDC and I trust it 110% after removing the MIM parts (barrel bushing, slide release, thumbsafety, and grip safety) with high quality man Hines billet parts. It is way past time for Para to swirl down the drain. The ones I have have never given me any trouble. Right out Feature Articles, It scaled down the significant profile of the Military to a more pocket friendly size while maintaining the strength and integrity of the original design. The most accurate handgun I own. No issues with jhp ammo. The Para slide turned out to have relatively more slop than the remy slide that it rattles when you shake the pistol. Will that part sheer off again? Spyderco’s best-selling Para 3 folding knife distilled all the key qualities of their time-tested Para Military™ 2 model into an ultra-compact, carry-friendly format. Pick one up at that Amazon link below. I had Jim Clark dehorn it and install adjustable sights… It will way out shoot me. One annoying problem that remained was the breaking of barrel links every three thousand rounds or so. Hopefully time will tell if I bought a decent .45 or as one person called it, “a nice paperweight”. Their customer service was horrible, and on the 2 occasions I have had to deal with them on behalf of a client (with 2 different representatives), they were rude, arrogant, uncompromising and disrespectful. I acquired Wilson Combat recoil springs in 10lb, 12lb, 14lb and 18lb and installed a full length guide rod. I have a few Para’s – love ’em all. Quite frankly, if I would send a gun to a writer for review, I would make sure it functions as advertised. I for one will not miss this company. Lived my Spanish Star PD’s, but for a crappy surface finish which caused the feed ramps to develop grooves in them, so after shooting out a couple of Star PD’s, I switched to Colts years ago. Try their 700 model trigger that was know for firing when taken off SAFE, for years. Then probably ignore it cause that’s our culture. Great weapon. The gun shoots incredibly well. The book I read to research this post was 3 Para by Patrick Bishop which is a very good book which I bought from a car boot sale. Para could never make it work and I tried every brand of factory ammo I could lay my hands on. Took it to the range to run some rounds through it and began having issues. Having every confidence in them despite the fact that they completely ignored my request that their night sight option be installed, I went to range and here is where I drew the line, after inserting fully loaded mag hit slide release pistol jammed mag fell out. I guess they assume that its cheaper to honor a lifetime warranty than make making them right the first time. Or ambitious entrepreneurs bring them back from the grave. I purchased it because I wanted high capacity in a 1911 platform and IMO makes the 7 shot ones obsolete. Para logo is on the floor plate bottoms, but no other markings of any kind on the magsothet than “.45 Auto” stamped near the bottom of the mag body. Not kidding, nightmares about the gun jamming. Parents need to know that John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum is the third film in the action/fighting-heavy John Wick movie series starring Keanu Reeves.Violence is constant and extremely intense. I had no idea there was so much bad feelings towards Para. A 300.00 1911 with a couple of hundred will make an excellent shooter. See what happens. One has to question why they are not, and I can sum it all up. A stainless .38 Super, with more than 4K rounds through it, exactly zero malfunctions of any kind, and it’ll shoot 1.5 inches at 25 yards. You sound kind of hysterical and a troll to say the least. I carry it everyday using an in-waist holster made by Parker. All I chanegd on it was the magazine release – the plastic part failed early so I replaced it with a steel one – and put on a rubber grip. The main and significant beef with Para is their customer service and poor attitude. I have a 2004 Canadian-made Hi-cap Warthog that I love. The gun integrates a lot of features I consider mandatory for a defensive carry gun. They all are extremely accurate. It was a piece of pretty junk as far as a competition (“Expert” get it?) Sloped sights? THE NEW EDC - The Para 3 distills all the features of that best-in-class folding knife into a more compact, carry-friendly package. I’ll be passing this gem down when I go. The gun also has a full-length steel guide rod. I tried to troubleshoot it, tried several different types of ammo, even passed it to a buddy then eventually my department range master. The electrical problem could of caused fire. I don’t need company’s like this . There is even a video I watched with one of the original engineers reported the problem to Remington with a fix for it that cost $5 and this was in the 700’s second or third year in production. and a DAO 15 shot fill size 1911… with target sights. I sent it back to Para and the fixed the problem plus did a bit of custom work for free. I know I will get the Para and Kimber apologists ranting and raving but these are overpriced and unreliable 1911s. And the guns are not going away. The front strap isn’t checkered, but the mainspring housing is. ), and the ambi safety seems to be connected to the primary with a plastic shaft that torques before moving it. Thanks to all of the previous posts for the heads up on potential problems, I appreciate your thoughts. Pray for new owners to start them up again right in the future. How many are MIM (metal injection molded—not made in Mexico). Rich people are still the same they are starting to realize some of the public is waking up so they to use the government and its officials as shields. The problem, though, is that pockets of air can make it into the metal. He stripped it down and found a burr on the trigger that had wedged it in place. There are better options out there for far less money. On a simple level. When I went looking for a Para to review, I wanted something that would be ideal for everyday carry. I absolutely love this handgun and I will NEVER give it up for another 1911. Fixing quality problems is not their forte, neither is owning up to mistakes and design flaws. Spyderco Para3 custom G10 scales (v.12) July 26, 2018. I will NEVER get rid of My Para !! I have bought a 38 super ssp stainless with pearl grips this was limited, and was made in Canada near Toronto Ont. I came to buy my SS Expert after looking for a reasonably priced 1911 that wouldn’t bother me too much if I holstered it so that I could shoot steel matches at the range, up till this point the only 1911 I had shot was a mint condition series 70 Colt Gold Cup Trophy, which is 40 years old this year…….I got a great deal on my Brand New Para, cost $449.00 [no tax, gun broker purchase], $25.00 shipping, $15 FFL fee….total $489.00. The frame is solid, and the fit is perfect. According to him the Company changed the manual and added a line that said, to point the firearm in a safe direction when taking it off SAFE. The result is the Para 3. Purchased a new Black Ops 14.45 in June, 2016. I did here soon as Para moved to Canada to USA the para has not been the same and having problems! When the boys-in-blue finally show up, put the pistol in a drawer and keep your big mouth shut. Oh, so that’s why I got such a great deal on the Para USA Elite I bought in December. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Spyderco C223GPDBL Para 3 Signature Folding Knife - Midnight Blue at the best online prices at eBay! While still made from hardy CPM S30V steel, it's now a much more compact at 2.95”. Kind of how I respond to every thing these days, give it some doubtful digestion, don’t jump in ,don’t jump the shark. I am getting on the bandwagon a little late I guess. And there’s more than a century of documentation on how to fix these beasts. The company built its reputation on rock solid, no-frills 1911s. I replaced the mags with McCormick and Wilson 8 rounders and have had zero issues with the gun in over 2000 rounds so far. I started leaving my thumb on the safety long ago because it seemed I had a more solid grip on the gun.. for me it is now a habit (There are some schools of thought that encourage this I am not sure either way it is just the way I started doing it long ago.) These black G10 grips are superb. Looks like Remington will need some more pages in their catalog. Not too surprised here. Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight   I was forthright with the purchaser as to my issue with the piece and don’t know if he sent it into Para to correct the gripe. I have an old MegaStar that has everything you need on a firearm and is reliable. What they did to a fine company like Bushmaster of Maine was pathetic . When I was in the process of converting this pistol to a 6 in slide and barrel I had a conversation with Irv Stone of Barsto while ordering the new barrel and mentioned the link problem, hoping for a solution. Thankfully still lots of 1911 choices. Now your supporting this by causally saying “you defend ” this. Before the first 100 rounds when through, it went full auto on me at the range! Ounce for once one of the most capable folding knives ever made, the Para 3 is destined to be a classic. And sizzle makes a pretty poor meal. Guns are nothing more than the sum of their parts. It is rare. I wanted to have a 1911 with adjustable sight . The other textures on the Black Ops are sufficient. Being bought by Remington who’s 1911’s are known for being among the cheaper line guns is no plus. I’d also switch out the rear sight. This is a review, after all, so let’s review a gun already. The Black Ops ships with two 8 round mags—something that should be standard on any 1911 meant for carry. Upon further inspection none of the mags I owned including the Wilson mags would lock in. A mother personally challenges the local authorities to solve her daughter's murder when they fail to catch the culprit. revolted against their tyranny. It's a balancing act of respecting the original design while giving it fresh legs for the next generation of owners. The wide grooves between the lands allow for a lot of your finger to seat in those grooves, and the sharp milled edges bite like they’re supposed to. I remember the gun being very accurate when it would cycle but alas, a jam packed embarrassment at the range. Maybe Remington can turn them around but they should concentrate on producing a good rifle first. You may shoot yourself or someone else. Your message has been sent privately to our editorial staff for review. Initially had feed issues with fmj ammo in a full mag at first range trip. Quality wise, they are no more special than Taurus and Remington, and personally aside from the double stack, I prefer Remington. (Then he got promoted to another department and his replacement was a total jerk). I purchased the iconic para 3 after the sweet reviews on this knife. The only way to see if this is the handgun for you is to try one for yourself. And, like it or not, it is a series 80 style gun, which means it has a firing pin block to prevent accidental discharge. Last(?) But those didn’t help. So long Para, been nice while you were here. You coulda been a contender. It shoots very, very well for me so I overlook the occasional feed problem the same way I would an occasional misfire. Agreed. In 2009, Para USA began domestic production in North Carolina. Chapter 3: Army Evaluation Principles −Includes a new NCOER rater assessment, rater tendency label, and rater tendency report for NCOs of all components, by rank, for Staff Sergeant through Command Sergeant Major (Para 3-7b and Para 3-11). Gun #2 works great. You don’t trust single action? I don’t want that message to get lost in my philosophical ramblings. After he’d gotten the gun back into working order, he hit the ambidextrous safety from the ambidextrous side and it sheered off. Why didn’t Browning think of that? At second problem, you contact Factory and they send a replacement pistol instead of the part that you or the Smith would need to install. When a big conglomerate “gobbles” up a weaker company That’s imperialism! Now no feed issues at all–fmj or jhp, and the mags fully seat every time I put them in. I love that about Para. The ones that came with it, are falling apart and you can’t get new ones. Think about the time frame we’re talking about here. Runs very well. Para is pretty, accurate and unreliable. Rating Required Name Email Required. I have never had an issue with any of them. After finding out the true intentions of the deal maker… maybe i should have. Opening in the states with a smaller, but seemed like solid line up lead me to buy in with the Black Ops P14 and so far has not broken and shoots like it should. I have a collection of paras from the p12 to the p14 all limited editions. As far as not owning a problem. While still made from hardy CPM S30V steel, it's now a much more compact at 2.95”. It consistantly nose dives into the face of the feed ramp. When I went looking for a Para to review, I wanted something that would be ideal for everyday carry. While at Gunsite, I used Galco’s new Stryker holster. Spyderco Para 3 custom scales (US Flag) July 26, 2018. Wow, These are people with skills and means, who could carry any 1911 on the market, and they carry Paras. I no longer own the gun and I wouldn’t buy another. Finally had my own gunsmith work on it and got it right. The only thing I had done is swap out the cheesy plastic mainspring housing with a Wilson Combat stainless version. But accuracy is superb. We know where the brand is going. So I went to work on this relic of the 2nd World Wsr. Might be I just got a good one, lord knows that happens, It’s for range use so I’ll shoot it till it wants me to spend too much $$ to keep it working, then it’s So long Para / RIP. After reading these comments, it’s like I’m on another planet! Guys who own other Paras said they’re surprised at the poor quality. Refinished the gun for the guy I sold it to and bought the first Para Carry I LOVE! I recently purchased a used P10 Warthog. The quality of the gun is impressive out of the box; so I may just keep it brand new in the case as a collector piece. I wouldn’t sell it for anything. Remington is already re-releasing Para products under the Remington name. My first Colt 1911 (made in late 1911 or early 1912, and frame-stamped “United States Property”) I still have, but replaced the slide years ago with a brand-new “series 70” slide along with a custom bushing and S&W “K-frame” revolver sights low-mounted on the rear of the slide. All three have experienced the thumb safety failure described in the review, where the actuator sheared from the pin. Now for those who do not like Paras here is my thoughts. SALE* $224.95 Its compression lock mechanism is embedded into the handles to cut down weight, making the Para 3 even friendlier on the pockets. Spyderco Para3 custom Micarta scales (v.2.3) I have many mixed feelings about PARA. They stick out the bottom of the grip’s mag well a tiny bit, but function flawlessly. Let’s go back a bit. They can fix that, too. This requires some skill—you can’t just stick good parts together and expect them to work. I’ve owned 8 Paras over the years and unfortunately the problems described in this review are typical. supply and demand. I am into it $1000 probably with all the additional parts and magazines, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend one. Imagine an ED Brown in charge of PARA. I would like to get a couple more mags. Interesting article, and a good antidote to those who might rush out to buy one before they’re gone. The Freedom Group bought them in 2012. Had nothing but problems wth my nite hawg. Threaded barrels and suppressor height sights. The only thing i had to do was take out the 16 lbs recoil spring and put in 20 lbs !!! Sad that Freedom Group, yet another megacorp, has to mess with success, blinded solely by bottom line-only thinking. Good bye Para. All three are in 45acp, and are the LTD, or “Custom Shop” models. The Blackops and other Para guns will be made under the Remington name. I guess I got a good one, except for the first hiccup I should say. I own the para ordinance black ops 8rd single stack and the only time it hangs up is when it needs cleaning but when properly clean it will cycle anything even dummy training rounds. Para from Canada were the best out of the box 1911’s . Spyderco Plain Edge M390 Blue G-10 Para 3 Bento Box Shop Exclusive You may order as many as you like, no limit. To be sure it has had a few glitches and feed problems were at the top of the list. Remington is honoring the Para warranty, but they are not doing the work in house. Just don’t hit that slide stop during a mag change. They shoot very well out of the box, take a lot of uses. Can you imagine the quality of workmanship and materials coupled with Sabo’s innovation , design and vision? a round, It left the factory this way. Don’t ever ever ever make the mistake of thinking you matter. The LDA bar that connected the trigger to the hammer would come off. The gun works flawlessly. Constant jams. That doesn’t inspire confidence. It was a POS from the get go. Spyderco strikes that balance with the new Para 3. Instead Para took several months to fix the issue and returned the gun to me which was worth significantly less because it had already been sent away for repairs. First I never buy ANYTHING on it let alone a firearm with a Taticool winged skulled & scary name and this pistol is a prime example of why ! That being said they do have issues, their service department had my pistol for two months it had a casting defect that was not repairable, eventually the frame was replaced. They, Para, are too busy with scary logo’s and Black on Black color schemes to make a functional pistol out of the box after 30 years of MFG. Not at all, in many ways the Para is exceptional especially in the double action trigger, and accuracy, carry comfort on my ccw lda ie very nice. I own 2 (a stainless and a blue) Colt Gold Cup Nation Match 1911’s as well as 7 other 1911’s from 4 different manufactures (all high dollar guns) and I must say in all seriousness, the 2 Black OPS I own are the most accurate 1911’s I own I kid you not! MSRP was $999.00, I think. Para was a good idea but lacked in execution. Lots of options. Maybe I am making a mistake in my handling or not I do not know. The Para 3 has the Spyderco compression lock, a full flat ground blade, and killer ergos. When Para sent us this gun, I did my usual pre-flight on the pistol. I’ve spoke to Para about the problem and, at their suggestion, tried numerous magazines in the pistol witout much success. On the first dry-fire, I pulled the trigger back and it did not return. I had not realized that Para was bought out a few years ago. My personnel experience with two of them made me never want to buy another one. I have owned 2; the first is a P-14 built from one of the early kits, which, after another $1,500 worth of gun smithing, now works fine. They were innovators and the guns I bought are great. It is a Para—and I can find the bones here that would make for a rock solid 1911—but you have to have faith to find them. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. I’m sorry to here this news. The guns sometimes strayed into more radical designs. Before I’d even gotten a chance to take it apart, I had a couple of hiccups. #para-3 #spyderco #knives #para-3-review-spyderco #spyderco-sharpening-angle-para3 #spyderco-para-3-for-edc #should-i-get-spyderco-pm2-or-pm3 see all. It tells me there is a corporate mentality that allows this to happen. What I have discovered is the thumb safety itself actually torqued, bent several times requiring replacement. No thanks. × alteration will be anodizing the frame a deep red. If it’s as good as my eleven year old Para, YankeeBill, you will never let it go. The quality, fit and finish definitely did not match the price tag. essentially an Officers Model….with a 13 shot capacity. Try doing want you want for a week straight. More than DOUBLE the price of the Colt National Match. But circumstances necessitate a deeper dive into the Black Ops, one that will questions the construction of some of these component parts. Weird…!! I’ve been shooting for a good 30yrs, but my Para took accuracy to a whole new level. Sorry to see a brand go, not happy with the big fish gobbling up the little one, nothing good ever came from that. That’s a line of bullshit if I’ve ever heard one! I have a 3 inch LDA and I bought my son a 14-45. I realize 1911’s can have their challenges. but the Para is unreal. I wasnt impressed with PARA. Stay in the house…call the cops…don’t brag to the 911 operator that you are armed. The only alterations I have made are deep blueing the original what looked like a powder coated slide and adding a Hogue wraparound finger grooved grip. Guess I’ll be keeping these as future collectibles as well. arms come from the idea to protect yourself and your community from the tyranny. In addition, I was impressed by their LDA trigger and bought a Carry 9 for the trigger alone. This is a step up but I will always have a fond spot in my heart for this Para. I assumed this was the reason their prices plummeted over the last 2-3 years – the el cheapo foreign import 1911s were kicking their ass in quality. Maybe I just got lucky but I’m glad I did because nothing out there can replace what I have with this handgun from Para Ordinance. Your just a pig on a farm a peasant in a field or a slave on a wall. From the holster, the Para still performs well. The company grew slowly and specialized in 1911s. I have had a few other brands that needed gun-smithing. I will not part with any of my 3 old Canadian made Para Ord. Appearance still “Ugly”. I’d prefer a bit more bevel to the mag-well, too. Pistol still won’t function with slide release but does with slingshot method. With a three-inch-long blade and a thickness of just 0.150 inches, the Para 3 performs … Pro-Customs, in 9mm – converted to .38 Super- and .45) run perfectly with whatever I feed them, and are VERY accurate. Custom Made Titanium Deep Carry Pocket Clip For Spyderco Para 3. The MSRP was $1295 at the time but I purchased it from my FFL friend for $900 out the door. You have Capitalism mixed up with Imperialism, Capitalism is economic competitiveness based on basic laws like Don\’t get your knickers in a bunch over the apparent demise of Para-Ordnance. The blade is the most drastic change the Para 3 has over its predecessor. The TB-3's new 4-oscillator engine is coupled to a 32-step sequencer, which supports 64 patterns spread over eight banks. Not Kimbers or Colts, just the factory ones. Remember when I said that the Para had good bones? You want a 1911 that runs reliably, every single time? The Ryzen 3 1200 will sell for $109, while the Ryzen 3 1300X is priced at $129. Considering how big this organization is and how many gun mfg’s. I am surprised by the super positive review/article on Para. Well I like mine. I was a PARA “fan from the early 1990s for their courage to innovate design. I have a Para LTC Commander and I experienced the same first round feed issue discribed in the artical. NO, I should have gone with the National Match and had a beautiful 1911 and shot as good as it looked. When I began the second half of this review, I had a full 1911, and 99% of a second. It is also not sustainable on any scale. While I like the sight picture, I prefer a squared-off sight, or one with a slight hook to it that I can use for one-handed operation of the slide. Yes, I spilled coffee on the targets on the way to the range. To keep the Para 3 slim and pocket friendly, it features a lightweight, open-backed construction style and its stainless steel liners are nested into machined recesses in the textured G-10 scales. Either way, I doubt we’ve seen the last of Para. Parts milled from forgings are almost always the strongest—even when that strength is overkill. No idea where these mags were made – they’re not stamped with any “made in …” anywhere on the mag bodies. The result one hole at 25 feet. And yes, I also own a Kimber Pro-Carry II (another superb shooter) but my Para Expert Carry .45 is just as good with its shorter slide. My P14 40 Para Ordinance would give me nightmares about defending my house until I got a reliable pistol (revolver & glock). Para is their worst enemy. I really hate to say good bye to another good company. Ask some questions. During normal operation, the slide’s return has enough force to drive in subsequent rounds. Was thinking about selling it but now, with the brand going away, I might just hold on to it. Sounds cool to do it, but you’re gonna’ spend the rest of your natural life being bent over in the shower of cell block # 5. I have 2 of the new P-14 Black OPS 5.5″ threaded match bbl with high sights for a suppressor and I must say they run and run and run with anything I feed them! I would think you mentioned problem one while addressing problem two and Para wanted to correct everything by sending another sample. But, with another frame, my gun works well now & no more peening. It fed everything I fed it (Talon, Golden Saber, Hydrashok, etc JHP’s) with zero malfunctions or feed issues save one magazine with a weak spring. To make a long story short, it functioned flawlessly after I replaced every part except the barrel. Also, know a little dirt on the company that must remain silent. I have a Black ops 1911 .45 with about 6 origianl double stack 14 magazines that I have never fired. In fairness this failure occurred after 2-3000 rounds had been cycled through them. They should be dominating the market at this price point. Para has always seemed to be hit and miss on quality little parts and your review confirmed that. As for Taurus, again, maybe I bought the only good one they made. Peeing took place at the frame’s slide-stop locking notch. My slide was stuck, literally, and the ambidextrous safety didn’t move with the primary side. I have countless rounds through it. Have You Joined the ‘Fight the Noise’ Movement? You just get a small check to do it so you tell yourself I’m free. Order yours today with our always free shipping. Snags on any and every thing…the edge of a holster, your belt, a door frame, your shirt-tail. I have some older Paras that have performed very well (P-13, P-14). I agree that the thumb safety is a poor choice of a part to cut corners on. Who buys a “new parts gun”? As far as this review is concerned. Big company Versamax had flaw out of the box, still haven’t received rebates for two guns. How many of the parts are milled? Anybody out there know where I can pick up a couple? Prosecuting attorneys say if you hang a light/laser on your pistol and go wandering around in the dark it is no longer self defense, or the castle doctrine…you’ve become an aggressor…a hunter. : If you have a backhoe…you don’t need to call the cops. I’ve never shot anything but 1911/45’s with the only two exceptions being my Belgium BHP and a S&W 945. Glad to hear it. Me, I’ll carry my S&W 1911PD or my Kimber. 84: ‘Diabetes or Tapeworms’, Beaver Tail Grip & Ambidextrous Thumb Safety. It hits below the magic EDC number of 3” that lets it fall under most knife laws. Sorry to see competition diminished. I switch the springs according to the powder loads and bullet shapes. Well, guess I will have a collector gun now. Time will tell, I guess. Good mags, but approx. And the purpose of the calls were fairly minor, it wasn’t like I was being unreasonable and demanding things. Wow ! Spyderco Para 3 Knives in stock and ready to ship. Plus Para has a lifetime warranty. This reduces the handle thickness and provides excellent structural support for the knife’s patented Compression Lock®. The Para name will disappear. This is a straight shooter with little recoil. I can only hope that if Para is absorbed by Remington, that they will honor the warranty. If a Factory loaner, why have your local Smith fix the first problem? My favorite by far, is a P.12 that I have carried for 20+ years. I purchased my Black Ops 14-45 over two years ago and have put over 1000 rounds down range with zero malfunctions. Instead of jumping on that band wagon, Para answered the 1911’s critics. PRE-BLK FRI. DEALS: BENCHMADE, SPYDERCO, WE, BUCK, ZT, KIZER & MORE! To me my Black Ops is like my wife of 46 years, I love it and will never let it go. I appreciate anyone’s thoughts on this issue.. Re: Para- I really wanted my P13/45 to work- I liked the size, the capacity, finish, appearance, pretty much everything except the poor reliability- with all 5 magazines… Still, sorry to see them go- I was checking out one of their single stacks a while back- but with no more ‘parent’ company- will go with Remington, Kimber, Springfield, Smith, or ???

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