Could someone help me with the IFSC code of BMC water? Simply enter your information to view and pay your duplicate bill online or download duplicate bill and print a copy to pay at Banking Channels. is not opening giving Error Reply. SO I WORRIED THAT HOW WE COULD FIND TO KNOW THAT OUR BILL WAS PAID? ** Select the Bank (eg. Water Line Connection: Understand Your KE Bill . Issues like waste management, segregation, mosquitoes, water matters, greening your locality, and the various civic services of the Municipal Corporation (MCGM) are included here, as well as information about the Advance Locality Management (ALMs) concept that is of neighbourhood welfare groups supported by the MCGM. But on the next day i.e. Hi, Payment was done on below site. Kindly verify and sort the issue at the earliest. It has been deducted from my account and the water bill payment is still outstanding. Water bill, property tax payments a click away for Mumbaikars - Mumbaikars can now pay water bills and property tax from their mobile phones and also register their grievances on civic issues. There is no customer support contact details on the site for complains and failed transaction. I see lot of cases where amount was deducted from bank account but no payment made to BMC site for water bill and also no receipt was generated. Indrajeet Verma March 15, 2013 at 4:51 pm I am trying to pay water bill online but submitt button are not working or after submit button no response found. When I visited to Municipal office they said to send an email to “”. Playing next. Please help Engineer depending on the diameter of pipe line). Browse more videos. You will reach to Home Page of Payment Gateway. and you can also see your payment slip. Citizen Charter; Water Bill Payment; New Water Connection; Water Tariff; Right To Information. Mobile Phones OnePlus 8 pro 12GB ram 256GB rom bill missing in warranty :|: Others ₹ 28000 (Mumbai) Brand name OnePlus; Model Others; All original and genuine only serious buyer contact me 25-Nov-20. PLEASE GIVE ME INFORMATION OF MY WATER BILL WATER CONNECTION NO:SX@0017243. Users can pay water bill online with Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, Maharashtra. Rate this; Comment; Related Links. I have submitted my right documents but still there is spelling mistake in my first name. Each bill is divided into following 5 parts- 1) Accounting Information 2) Core Portion of the bill 3) Payee details & certification by DDO 4) Space for Treasury, and 5) Working Space for AG office.Bill History will be stored permanently on this portal and will be made available to any stakeholder as and when required. You can see your Payment Status on in IE. MCGB IFSC CODE FOR MAKING WATER BILL PAYMENT? I have line frm OH tank for commercial purpose. Active Tenders; Active Expression of Interest (EoI) Contact Us. © Water and Sanitation Agency, Lahore, Government of the Punjab Powered by: Punjab Information Technology BoardPunjab Information Technology Board There has been no refund and no contact number given in the MCGM to ask about failed transactions. The BMC bill payment Online BBPS system at BillAvenue connects a customer easily to the biller and helps them meet the challenge of paying bills every month. 31.12.2013 about CCN no. Water is the necessity of life and it is very important to pay water bill before the due date. This section contains information on different topics that you have to deal with in your home or your neighbourhood every day. ** List of pending bills will be displayed on View Bill Info page , please select the Bill you intend to make payment and click on Submit button Amount 14346/- was deducted but transaction failed. If the leak is in Municipal limit, the engineering staff immediately attends to the problem. propertyoption. This mobile application, MyBMC 24x7 will help the citizens to lodge their complaints, payment of water bills, payment property tax, renewal of licenses from anywhere at any time and accordingly make their life stress free and hassle-free. RSA4330008 I tried entering with your CCN number but it is showing as No record found. Drinking water and electricity services are critical to the development of Oman. In particular, it focuses on knowledge related to your rights as a consumer, your rights as a voter, and general legal awareness that we may require in our day to day lives. is PSA3670009. All our articles are periodically updated. Bank sent error message viz. Once you have entered your account number click, "go" at the bottom of the screen. Licences, Public Hardens, Death Certificates, Reporting Fires, Stray Cattle, Traffic Management, PS Contact details, FIR procedures, Rights of Arrested persons, Bailable Warrants, Women’s Rights, Stolen Vehicles, Accidents, Voting and Election related info, MP/MLA list, Corporator list, Lokayukta, Right to Services, ESeva Kendra’s, Permits and Certificates, RTO, Driving Licenses, Ration Card, Information on Government Medical Services. Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd. jaljodni kramank : This place is blank, without any number. Please specify which version of Internet Explorer is used. Technical Queries . BUT PAYMENT GATEWAY SYSTEM DID NOT GENERATE A RECEIPT IN PDF FILE FOR THE TRANSACTION. For commercial water connection, copy of license issued by the MCGM Authority. exceeds maximum digit. Open internet explorer site 9 or 10 and try it will get opened, The link is showing error for making water bill payment. Factory Permit Application: THE BILL IS IN THE NAME OF NAGNATH NAMDEO KAMBLE BUT PAID BY AARATHI SACHIN DHOTRE ON BEHALF OF HIM. Kindly tell me how to remove duplicate water bill…. Duplicate Bill : Dear Consumer : You can view your bill(s) in a single step by giving your Account No. WHAT I DO? hence according to this I have paid the billing amount of Rs.7923 twice to you 1st on 15th September 2014 at 11:35 AM from IDBI Bank Account and 2nd on 19th September 2014 at 2:15 PM from Bank of Maharashtra Bank Account through Bill Desk vendor. Consumer Code 14874350 – 1517906 and Bill Reference No 1000000309530. I tried through IE 7, 9, 10 and 11 View Posted By: Individual. If yes then how? Or else the water connection will be disconnected. But when I was paying the bill on 15th September 2014, after submitting the One-time Password instead of returning the server to website, it is logged out from the IDBI Bank website. Drainage Connection:, How to Pay Water Bills Online? Assistant Engineer Water Works/ Executive Engineer – WW, Dy. Normally there are two levels scrutiny for all applications. I try to pay my water bill online but the link is not opening. PHED Contact List; Chief Engineers ; Region Offices; MENU. Previously I always used to take my water bill from this site. 400001. It means on your database it was not updated and it was showing me that bill is not paid. Please suggest. PLEASE FIND THIS ABOVE MATTER & SEND THE TRANSACTION RECEIPT. on 20th September 2014 IDBI replied me on my complaint that my 1st Transaction Payment ID is 48520434 of Rs.7923 /- is successful from their side and IDBI paid the bill amount of Rs.7923 /- to merchant site i.e. But on the next day i.e. But when I was paying the bill on 27th March2014, after submitting the One-time Password instead of returning the server to website, it is logged out from the Online SBI website. Today I pay my water bill CCN : MWZ56100005 using netbanking, and the amount got deducted from my account. Customer Assistance Programs or CAPs aim to strengthen the local community. To get rid of this hassle, Paytm presents online water bill payment service. There is not found any option by credit card payment. ** At the log in screen, enter the CCN No (eg. I ENTERED CCN NUMBER, BILL IS IN PENDING STATUS,CCN NUMBER IS SXS8760008,BILL NO 1415HEW0843998 DT 27.11.2014 RS.2157/=,BANK TRANSACTION NO BSYD3601904453/88926100MCGM RS.2177/=DT 22.12.2014. This section contains useful information about how to live a healthier life by focusing on eating healthy food, drinking safe water, maintaining a healthy body, and keeping a healthy mind. Also what reference number is there to prove that I have paid? MCGM Abhay Yojana 2020 Water Bill. Can I make payment by debit card? Home / MCGM / What can you do at the MCGM’s Water Works Department?. Blue Star Stella Water Purifier (Filter) ₹ 14900 (Mumbai) 30-Nov-20. Thanks in advance Existing Connection (Corporative Housing Society). We have connection on the name of kailash nath Tiwari. Now we are unable to get the bills Not able to find any customer care for disputed transactions of water bill payment. Payment of water bills is set to get easier with the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’s (BMC) plan to start an on-site water bill payment system. What is the rate for water for commercial purpose? So I pay the bill again on 19th September 2014 at 2:15 PM online through “Bill Desk” vendor using my Sister A/c “Bank of Maharashtra Bank Account No. Is LXA5550002, I HAVE PAID WATER BILL at BMC office Malad west dated Jan 20,2015. Now onwards, the citizens of Mumbai do not need to stand in a queue to pay water bills, property tax, and renewal of licenses. So I contact to SBI person and they told me that if transaction is not complete then amount will be returned to your account in 24 Hrs. You need to sign in with your CCN number to know which banks are available for payment facility. But the same has not been updated in the mcgm database. Quikr deliver across Mumbai Please help, I am trying to connect to the following link to pay water bill Please help. Amount got debited and got successful SMS confirmation for NEFT transaction but water payment receipt not generated online. For security purposes, Your IP address and access time Dec 01 01:10:28 IST 2020 have been logged. ** Read Disclaimer – Terms and Conditions and click on Accept Button. ** For Authentication the Online transaction user has to enter the Internet banking login ID and Transaction Password and click on Validate button. * Account No: Active Tenders; Active Expression of Interest (EoI) Contact Us. Domestic Consumers; Industrial, Commercial & Institutional Consumers; Water Tariff; Right To Information. The IFSC code mentioned on my bill is SBI0COLLEC. Location sketch showing structures of applicants. And the Error displayed is : SSL Connection error. So hereby I am requesting you that kindly look into this issue and try to resolve it and return my amount (i.e. November 24, 2014. But at that time amount was deducted from my SBI Account No. 2. View Posted By: Individual. Location : Mumbai, Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai Related Content: 3) Post comment. My water bill Account number is BMCW000000KWV0820001. Same problem for more than 3 years B. m. c is sending bills for property, water in courier then till to-day why we haven’t received any bill our billing address is same for more then 50 years residence. Click Here . The Mumbai Metropolis has a historic tradition of strong civic activism dedicated to the cause of a better life for all its citizens. I am opening through Internet Explorer 11 Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) today launched a mobile application which enables local residents to pay various bills from their cellphones. Dear Sir, How to pay water bill through credit card? I didn’t get confirmation from mcgm about my payment. Then I wait for 24 Hrs but amount is not returned so I raise the complaint ticket in SBI bank on 28th March 2014 but its reply was going to come in next 5-6 days and last date for water bill payment was 28th March2014 and as your database was showing that bill was not paid so I pay the bill again on 28th March2014 at 6:34PM online through “Bill Desk” vendor using my “Standard Chartered Bank Account No. 22810243284 “. Still, H2O Help to Others remains among the best places that help with water bills. BMCW000000DXA9080000. But at the same time, payment receipt was not getting from your website. Another, the bills for the period for 03.07.13 to 04.10.13 are also received on 30.12.13 for which the due date was 30.12.13 which was delivered by the department on 26.12.13. I tried to pay water bill by NEFT. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a8f4fe05b3d58354c76f1d4ab518a3ca" );document.getElementById("b800986df4").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It may be noted that bills which have been cancelled will not be shown in Bill History So, can I change it or not? My ccn no is HEV3971001. Amount 14346/- was deducted but transaction failed. Seven days (per scrutiny level) for all other applications from the date of submission of valid application along with required documents. number which is mentioned on your previous water bill, with this billing section clerk can give you photocopy of water bill from mcgm online system… 15.1K views Waiting for your quick reply. What can you do at the MCGM’s Water Works Department? 2) Type your name. My point is that water bill for the period 04.04.13 to 03.07.13 received on 18.09.2013 and paid by us on 19.09.2013, whereas the date of payment was 30.08.2013. BUT PAYMENT GATEWAY SYSTEM DID NOT GENERATE A RECEIPT IN PDF FILE FOR THE TRANSACTION. Thanking you. private property) the owner will be sent a notice to fix the leak in 1-3 days, depending on the degree of the leak. Hydraulic Engineer, Hydraulic. Annual Progress Report; Right To Information; Schedule of Power; Civil List 2014; Tenders. ccn no. Thanks. ** Read Warning Page and click on OK button. MCGM Mumbai Water Bill. Not able to find any customer care for disputed transactions of water bill payment. Pay Water & Sewerage Bill Site Code SELECT GURGAON_II 121316 GURGAON_III 121317 GURGOAN_I 131419 GURGAON_IV 131510 Please select Site Code as mention in your bill We have wide range of duplicate water bill issued by mcgm in Home & Kitchen Appliances. Note : My water bill CCN is NX@0369375, and the amount of Rs.646.03/-(including service charges) got deducted from my saving’s account, but the same has not been updated in the MCGM database.

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