The Green Tea supplement is not only great for weight loss but it’s an awesome antioxidant! you'll feel like a superhero when you drink it. ©2020.Tea Greens Kenya. 70% of these farmers own 1/2 acre or less. This new variety of the classic tea plant was only recently developed and is exclusive to Kenya. Each box is adorned with a … Order now! Kenyan tea creates a richer infusion than poorer quality tea which can leave you with a light or weak cup of tea. Kenyan tea has been the leading major foreign exchange earner for the country. Arkman African Oolong Tea - Premium Green - 120g. All rights reserved. Weight. Some research also indicates that green tea can lower cholesterol. Buy now! Kenya 'Steamed Purple' Green Tea. Green teas taste vegetal and fresh, with a natural spring-sweetness and a satisfying, silky texture. Find Green Tea Suppliers. READ MORE. This is our Golden Kenya tea, sold in either bold broken-leaf or whole-leaf, depending upon availability. If you are thinking of going healthy, green tea is the secret. Kenya, in East Africa, is the third-largest (fourth in some past years) producer of tea worldwide, and is the only country in Africa to produce a substantial amount of tea for the world market. You might say KABAKI tea is super powe red. After 25 years of farming, picking, and processing organic herbs, she is now the production manager. Consequently, they’re interested in good wood practices that will help guide small tea farmers who comprise 60% of the industry (600,000 farmers). Green tea contains less caffeine compared to black tea hence appealing to health conscious customers. A cup of green tea to start the day aids in weight loss not to mention the countless health benefits it provides. Loose leaf and Plastic-free tea bags. Green tea increases fat burning and improves the metabolism rate. This new tea has more antioxidants than green tea and half the caffeine. Currently Kenya is ranked third behind China and India in tea production. Gr own at high altitudes, o ur tea leaves develop a naturally purple color and the highest level of disease fighting antioxidants in any variety of tea.. You can count on us being sustainable, organically grown, and all-around planet friend ly! Award-Winning Taste. Page - 1 If you are thinking of going healthy, green tea is the secret. Hand-picked in Kenya then blended & packed in Vancouver, Canada. Commercialisation of tea started in 1924 and since then the nation became a major producer of black tea. Green tea has gained popularity in the world of today. Purple tea is a special type of tea produced mostly in Kenya, and smaller amounts in Japan, China and India. Similarly, the natural occurring anti-oxidants in green tea making it one of the most powerful tea that is good for health. What's more, these University of Toronto scientific analyses show this tea contains 137 times the antioxidants of conventional green … Kenteco offers top quality, safe & healthy tea products from around the world. A new trend is to drink it at night. KSh 1,000. Get factory pricing. > Esperanza is featured on our Chamomile Cleanse Tea Tin May be enjoyed plain, but it is strong enough to accommodate a touch of milk. Green tea and coffee – two of the worlds favorite drinks, but with their own benefits and caffeine content. About Us. Golden Kenya GFBOP. For questions about your order, please contact **Orders ship … The tea also has bioactive products, these components help maintain your health, aid in reducing inflammation and protect cells from being damaged. It also has recently emerged as a major source of innovation in new varieties of tea and single-origin artisan teas. Weight. This supplement will help you speed up your metabolic rate in a short period of time! Supports heart health and healthy oral care. Kenya region, derived from a new crossbred variety of the common tea leaf, Camellia sinensis, from which black, white, and green teas are derived. For many years, green tea was consumed almost exclusively in Asia. Kenya Green Tea. This exquisite, non-GMO tea comes from Nandi County in Kenya's Rift Valley region. A lush green tea plantation in Africa, along the outskirts of Nairobi Kenya. Winner of the "Best Black Tea" at the World Expo, this Kenyan Black Tea is grown in the Kisii Hills of western Kenya, an area known for its abundant rainfall and fertile soil. M.A.I.F. Produced from purple varietal tea plants, the tea has a unique plum taste alongside its sweet and slightly grassy taste. 25g / 0.88oz 50g / 1.76oz 100g / 3.5oz 250g / 8.8oz Qty. Add to Cart. The green leaves are withered between 8 and 18 hours to reduce moisture content. One can see various varieties of Kenya tea such as green tea, black tea, white matcha tea, purple tea, etc. Grades of CTC Tea CTC (crush-tear-curl) tea is tea that has been produced by a modern, mechanical process that tears the leaf in order to induce oxidation, rather than manually rolling it to bruise the leaf, as in the production of orthodox tea.Because the CTC process breaks the leaf, there is no whole-leaf CTC tea, and thus CTC tea is divided into broken-leaf, fannings, and dust. Tea Greens Kenya has been established to provide ultimate tea solutions that should result in market linkages and sustainable business partnerships. Most Kenyan tea factories use wood to fuel the dryers that process tea because it is significantly cheaper than oil or electricity. Proponents swear it helps them get a better night’s sleep and wake up feeling more rested. Specifically, these tests have shown a rare white tea grown in the Nandi Highlands of Kenya's Great Rift Valley possesses a mind-blowing 25 times the fat-burning polyphenols of regular green tea and over DOUBLE that of high-potency green tea matcha. The leaves are then steamed or pan fried to stop oxidation then rolled and dried again. Esperanza is a founding member of the Kenyan Women’s Tea Co-op. Green tea lowers the risk of oral infection as it contains a fair amount of catechin which block the growth of streptococcus. There, the cool climate and rich volcanic soil combine to create the perfect environment for Camellia sinensis (tea plant) cultivation. Kenyan tea has a distinct amber brownish colour and what is described as a “brisk”, “full bodied” flavor. Unlike yellow, green, oolong, black, dark or white tea, purple tea is not a tea type–it’s a cultivar called TRFK 306/1 that can be used for making all types of tea. Discover a great selection of Tea at the best prices Best prices in Kenya Pay Online or Cash On Delivery. JusTea Kenyan tea featuring new Purple Tea! With Kenya being the third-largest producer of tea in the world, KTDA is in the process of diversifying the kind of products we are putting in the market; having started with Orthodox tea and now green tea. Healthy lifestyle isn't just for gy m rats and yogis. Kenya’s Vision 2030 identifies trade as one of the key drivers to industrialization by 2030. However, a new type of tea known as matcha has been shown to deliver even more of the fat-burning and mind-stimulating chemicals in green tea by allowing you to make a beverage from whole tea leaves. Green tea is a popular beverage with many health benefits. Kenya. Once harvested, the tea is responsibly extracted using … For centuries, green tea has been used by Chinese herbalists due to its health benefits. £3.60. Green tea is rich in antioxidants, people who take green tea have been found to be less prone to diseases. Green tea can be processed by orthodox methodology or as CTC (Cut Tear Curl) from minimally oxidized tea leaves. Processed with only pure, clean water to preserve polyphenol content. It is a pilot plant to manufacture Japanese Green Tea. Get 10% discount on your first order and fast shipping on all orders. A cup of green tea to start the day aids in weight loss not to mention the countless health benefits it provides. Lastly, green tea is thought to speed up the metabolism and boost fat burning in the body.

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