Check it in your load order. Repair skill is one of they most usfull skills in the game so Its best to get it up too 100 and do it urself. » Fallout 3 » 100% repair. ... Winthrop of Underworld givin 100% Repair capability-----V 1.0 Moria Brown in Megaton and Flak and Bannon in the Rivit City market area, givin 100% Repair capability. ok im stuck here im at level 18 about to go to 19 i have repair skill at 99 and every time that i go to 19 i cant find a way to get 100 on my repair what can i do to get 100 do i need to do something else or wait until i get to level 20 please help Done! Credits: Bethesda The Nexus Family and staff I give my permission for this file to be used in your larger mods at any time. Question. Or, yeah, just repair it with recon armor. The woman in MZ disappears. I don't remember anyone in the base game with 100 repair, but I definitely remember Somah from Mothership Zeta has 100, and the guy in Point Lookout is named Haley. Fallout 3. close. You see, I recently achieve level 30 and as you know I won't be able to add more skill points anymore to my character, and I currently have 76 skills points. See Fallout 3 console commands. Install: Unrar using WinRAR or your preferred unzip app. Somah on Mothership Zeta has 100, and there is a glitch you can do in Point Lookout to get Haley's repair to 100, but without dlc, Luck Harith is the best option. 0. Wolfgang's and Hoff's repair skills can be improved by another 5 points by reverse-pickpocketing a Red Racer jumpsuit or RobCo jumpsuit with better than 75% condition. walkthrough; reviews; user reviews; ... you can repair items to 100% yourself. All this does is give Moira in Megaton 100 Repair. Nothing else was changed or added. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. On the PC you can use console commands to give them items. videogame_asset My games. The max condition to which you can repair an item “in the field” is 75% at 100 repair skill. Games. You can go to losts of differant places, but if you want a vendor that can repair too 100% go to Mojave Outpost to the south Major Knight can repair at 100% as soon as you talk to him, good luck getting enough caps for some of those reapirs though, 14k in caps for my MK2 combat armor. chevron_left. fallout 3 100 repair skill? to do this just turn in an item to him and then pickpoket it back and it will be 100%. Fallout 3 PC 360 PS3. When standing near a workbench, you will be able to repair items fully to 100% (at 100 repair skill) and items provide a max … Also Protecter Casdin, the brotherhood outcast guy you turn technology into, can repair items to 100%. Fallout 3: Is the repair 100 skill truly required in the wasteland? In addition, the maximum base condition +% increase is 15%. Even better is the workman's coveralls, which raises repair by 10. He has 100 repair after a passive bug where his base repair jumps 5 points or so everytime you enter his shop, so it eventually caps at 100. Drop Moira 100 Repair.esp into your Data folder. However, I suggest you increase your own repair skill to 100, as you can't really rely on anyone for long. 100% repair.

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