We hit the dirt track to find out. Another feature common to both action cams is time-lapse mode, which enables you to create static videos taken with the shutter fired at selected intervals over a period of time. Vergleich mit der GoPro Hero 7 Black dreht sich alles um die Bildqualität bei unterschiedlichen Videofunktionen in der Praxis: 240 fps High Frame Rates, Hypersmooth vs Rocksteady Stabilisierung, Timewarp vs Timlapse sowie D-Cinelike vs HDR vs Flat Bildprofile. The Hero 7 Black is now the same price as DJI's first ever action camera. Overall, GoPro offers the more mature ecosystem when you look at the camera, accessories, and mobile app experience together. Most of the key video modes are replicated across these cameras. If we compare the video quality of GoPro Hero8 Black vs DJI Osmo Pocket without considering the stabilization performance, they are actually quite comparable to each other. If you’re looking for pure image quality then both cameras are evenly matched – there really is very little in it. Both cameras are also able to record slow-motion videos in 1080p/24fps. We may earn a commission if you click a deal and buy an item. All three action cameras are a great choice that combine a solid … This also trims down the real-world dimensions further. The 3.5mm jack makes it easy to connect any third-party microphone. I half-expected GoPro to retaliate with a colour display on the front of its new model, as did many tech commentators. GoPro’s latest unit is in part a reaction to DJI’s shake-up of higher-end action cameras, although GoPro chooses not to compete too aggressively on pricing. "DJI OSMO Action camera poses threat to GoPro" stated by BBC News , and this could never be overstated.Speaking of its Vlogging-friendly design for Vlog lovers, DJI OSMO uses an 1.4 inches LCD color front screen, making it possible and super convenient for Vlog shooters to frame with a … Recording at full frame on each camera means using a ratio of 4:3. It's super-handy for vloggers and anyone wanting to ensure they are perfectly in frame. But it's important to note that this is the look and feel of Osmo Action after using the shell. It’s a handy feature for the casual shooter. The decision really boils down to why you're buying an action cam (so the main activity you'll be using it for) and your budget. What initially set the DJI camera apart from the Hero 7 Black (and other equally rugged 4K action cameras) was the addition of an integrated front-facing display. But, a feature that the DJI Osmo Action Camera has that the GoPro doesn’t is a built-in front-facing 1.4inch (3.56 cm) screen.This screen is perfect for vloggers who want the perfect framing while talking to the camera. The new frameless design is not only cleverly realised, but makes the Hero 8 Black more straightforward to use by removing the need to faff about with a frame. This enables to record audio via a Bluetooth microphone or even Apple Airpods. Both cameras are able to record videos in 4K/60fps. Style und Formfaktor zwischen DJI Osmo Action und GoPro HERO 7 Black entsprechen einer typischen Action Cam – beide Modelle weisen das klassische, rechteckige und äußerst kompakte Design mit einer herausstehenden Kameralinse auf. While the GoPro Hero 7 Black came armed with the first iteration of GoPro’s hugely impressive HyperSmooth stabilisation software, the Hero 8 Black steps it up further with HyperSmooth 2.0. This feature means you can create moving, stabilised sequences that are ideal for portraying the passage of time or travelling over a distance. Each camera has its own dedicated app, via which you can control the camera from your device, edit your stills and footage, live stream and share your content. The 1.4-inch screen on the face of the camera enables you to see exactly what’s in the frame as you record, making the DJI camera ideal for vlogging and any time you want to speak direct to camera. Another feature that they share in common is the time-lapse recording. Some pre-release reports suggested the Hero 8 Black would shoot 120fps at 4K, but this hasn’t panned out. 01net.com – Comparez DJI Osmo Action contre GoPro Hero8 Black sur 01net.com. To achieve the stated 4K60fps, the DJI has to crop the 4:3 frame to 16:9, losing the top and bottom of the available image as a result. But where the GoPro has the edge is with its TimeWarp 2.0 function (the original TimeWarp software debuted on the Hero 7 Black). The Hero8 Black has some clear advantages over the DJI Osmo Action, as well as some fun features like TimeWarp that we really enjoyed. Each crops further into the image to provide a less wide-angle look. GoPro does let you plug the gap with a new system of mods. The GoPro Hero 8 Black’s display is relatively conservative, at 2in across with a resolution of 480 x 320 pixels.

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