Everything is customized based on what I like and dislike. If you signed up for "Plan with consultation", you’ll have a scheduled weigh-in appointment before your plan ends. If you dislike a particular dish, we can swap it for another with similar nutritional values. Once your menu is created, it will be emailed to you for your approval. Something went wrong please refresh the page and try again. “The Fit Food Kitchen” is here to help you reach that! We recommend you book this 3 to 4 days in advance of your plan ending. Click. With us, you are sure to become your best self with daily, weekly and monthly meal plans that … I leave my house for work at 6am and my food is already here and I’ve packed brekkie and lunch and snacks into my lunchbox and am out the door in minutes. Kcal Extra isn’t designed to be a fast fix. This product is not sweet like normal yogurts, and you can even add some spices to give it … Really great, This is a fantastic program for those that struggle with weight loss. Perfect for those people like me who do not appreciate greens! In the spirit of providing you with the best tailor-made meal plan, Theo is giving you some suggestions of plans, depending on your needs and your bio-individuality. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & 2 snacks. It turns out I was undernourished. ©2020 — Kcal Healthy Fast Food & Kcal Extra. The core of the offering is balanced meals with only natural ingredients: no preservatives, no cans, no hormones...treated organically to act as a natural detox to the whole system... Read More. I lost a total of 20 kilos overall since I started on Theo’s Meal Plans. Whether you are interested in losing weight, or just want to achieve your fitness goals, we are here to present healthy and tasty meal options that provide all the necessary nutrients while helping you cut down those extra pounds, get back and stay in shape! Amazing food! We also need your contact details to organize delivery of your meals at a time that suits you. It won’t take long for you to reap the rewards and you’ll feel a marked increase in energy levels. I looked healthier to the point that all my friends were asking me what have I done to my face, to look so healthy and fresh. We do this by giving you the tools you need for continued success. If you're trying to lose weight I recommend Kcal diet plan. We have been filling refrigerators in Europe and the Middle East with juices, meals and healthy snacks for more than eight years now. You can. Four months later, I went back for a check-up and my inflammation decreased significantly. Neil, our account manager, has been very responsive. To quench that craving for something to accompany meals, you can replace mayonnaise with natural Greek yogurt. Daily delivery at the same time, even during quarantine, as promised. I was told by my doctor that there is no cure for this and I would need to be on medication for the rest of my life. Right food at the right time is like a right choice in a lifetime. Even though I love sweets, today I can look at a cake or chocolate and I will not be tempted. Healthy meals made without wheat or gluten. She knows what she is doing, very. I also battled cravings, especially for sugar and ate a lot of junk food. The Plan is based on science including moderate portion size, regular meal times, high in protein and fiber, low in carbohydrates and limited in saturated fats. We don’t take our role lightly because we know firsthand just how important it is to be healthy, well and fully of vitality. Caitlyn Davey. Good team work guys!!! ... and with the support and help of keto life center in Dubai. Last but not leas, food quality, packaging, macros labeling hygiene and diversity of meals are all top class ticked all boxes until now. In most cases, a person’s weight is directly related to their lifestyle so the first factor to consider when trying to lose weight, is a change in lifestyle. Sheryl, . Have questions? When signing up on our website, we’ll ask you about your likes, dislikes and allergies and if having a consultation with a Kcal Extra nutritionist, you’ll discuss these at your appointment. If I didn’t like something a quick WhatsApp message to my wonderful account manager Sheryl and my menu was changed. We’re serious about your weight loss goals and want you to enjoy the best possible results. And a big thank you! I consulted with Theo’s Point and was recommended a meal program. I was diagnosed with an early onset of the auto-immune disease Multiple Sclerosis (MS) with blurry vision and other symptoms. I Have been with Kcal for a year now and I must say I have a quite complex preferences. Each Kcal Extra plan is individually priced. I consulted with Theo’s Point and the Eupepsia Clinic and started a meal plan customized for my condition. I can’t thank Kcal or Sheryl enough for being that light. Theo’s Point switched me to another meal plan for a few months and those last kilos dropped fast. I feel healthy dynamic and I am happy eating everyday a new international meal and healthy sweets . Highly recommended. There’s a Dhs5 per day delivery fee in Dubai, and a Dhs300 monthly surcharge for deliveries to Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain and Ajman. Diet Delights’ broad range of programs and services fulfils the wellness needs of members and the wellness goals of the community. Quality of the food is very good. Thanks for Anas from the call center team and Sruthi account manager for their support and professionalism. If you’d like to sample our food before committing, why not drop by a Kcal Healthy Fast Food restaurant? In order to change and form healthy habits, Kcal Extra plans are carefully calculated for a minimum 4-week period. Our plans are designed around three meals and two snacks a day, up to 7 days a week. Ultimately, your results depend on YOU and your commitment. Also really satisfying meals. to us through their meal plans & also great support system like Sheryl who has been looking after me & not just that she has been one of the key factors in my road to a healthy better me. You need a plan and with Kcal Extra, you can enjoy a complete monthly meal plan. In four months, I gained the weight I needed to be back at my normal weight. I lost weight, but could not keep any food down. You can also do this on your e-tools page on our website. Only then can you enjoy a rich and rewarding lifestyle. Lively was the first healthy food program I’ve been on when I was in high school and when my eating habits started getting worse in 2016 due to a very hectic lifestyle, I went back to it after trying a few others in the city. How serious are you about helping yourself? Simply inform your account manager of any desired menu changes and swaps will be made within three business days. Our morning slot is between 4am and 9am and our evening slot is between 4pm and 10pm. There is a great variation to the menu, but if you get something you don’t like then you. Satisfaction Guaranteed. So with Theo, if plan A does not work for you, the alphabet has 25 more letters; you just need to bring your commitment and Theo and his fellowship will take care of the rest. getting a good balance! We'd love to hear from you :) The first meal delivery service in the UAE, Right Bite prides itself on all-natural, fresh gourmet food, free of any artificial colors and preservatives. We give you all the advice, assistance and support you need to help you reach your weight and lifestyle goals. You can have the meal plan that fits your current weight and nutrition needs and with the guide of our nutritionist and account manager we will make sure to give you the assistance and support to reach and maintain your health goals. When you sign up with Kcal Extra, you can choose from the following options of duration and meal delivery frequency: We're serious about helping you reach your weight loss goals. Right Bite is a healthy food delivery service in the UAE since 2004. Thumbs up for a job well done! Kcal Extra nutritionists are on hand to ensure you select the right plan for you based on your optimal daily calorie intake, age, height, current weight, gender and activity level. Our health food is compiled by genuine nutritionists. I still had the last few kilos that I needed to lose, which were proving stubborn. The plan made me realise that the portions I used to eat were too large. Best experience. Your Kcal Extra plan is created bespoke for you and is designed to provide you with all the carbs, proteins and fats that your body needs. Delivery on a daily basis (excluding the weekends) to assist with all your weight loss goals.‍‍‍ We intentionally limit the numbers of clients assigned to each account manager to ensure you receive the service you deserve. She is very responsive and making my life easier with this diet plan. Because we have over 21000 happy customers who love how Kcal Extra helps them! Even if you know what you're doing, a week's worth of meal prep and healthy food can still take an entire afternoon. Equally, I felt very energetic, more positive about life, my moods were stable. As you know, you can't lose weight in just one day. kick start your weight management journey with our 5 day program. I was diagnosed with heart inflammation as well as swollen thyroid glands and a cyst on the side of my neck. We help you develop a healthy relationship with food and support you in building an active and balanced lifestyle. But you also know creating a healthy meal plan and prepping your meals for the entire week can be a pain in the glutes. We’re happy to refer you to companies that offer personal training and give preferential rates to Kcal clients, however please note these companies operate entirely independently from us. Amazing Customer Service! Their delivery service is impeccable. I have reached my desired weight a while back, however they are great for anyone who doesn’t have time to cook and wants to, Been with Kcal on & off for 5 years almost. I'm not interested in losing weight. The best thing was the hours saved by not having to shop, wash dishes or wake up early to prepare my food. It's fantastic not having to prepare meals but still. What results can I expect from Kcal Extra? This plan is called "Wellness". Fresh weekly & monthly keto meals delivery to your home. Our food is healthy, wholesome, nutritious and tasty, full stop! Whilst this weekly meal delivery service doesn’t exactly provide the same comprehensive benefits as Kcal Extra, it still ensures you eat delicious, nutritious and wholesome foods at every meal. I have enjoyed the diet for the first time in my life. Is there an option for me to choose the dishes I want. As someone who has struggled with weight all my life, I can say that Kcal offers all the tools and education, I’ve been with kcal for almost 3-4 years. I highly recommend Marilyn Kie Lingad. A healthy taste of every continent with all your favourites. Simple! Yes. We can also arrange for a Kcal Extra nutritionist to give you call before starting your plan. You’ll need to notify your account manager or request for your plan to be frozen on the e-tools section on our website. Daintree – A Dubai-based healthy food delivery service where all meals use organic produce and are free from gluten, dairy, GMO, soy, corn, hydrogenated fat and refined sugar. Diet delivery in Dubai. We have different plans to choose from depending on your goals and preferences. guide to losing weight. Check out what some of their success stories and why Kcal Extra is so effective here. Why it's important to have a balanced diet. As such, we take pride in being one of the best meal plan companies in the UAE focused on revolutionising the diet food industry and healthy food delivery. The food is really tasty and fills you up. From fresh nutritious food to a big greasy burger, you can have everything your heart desires at the mere swipe of a finger in Dubai.Here's how to order food to your door, whether you want to cook it yourself or have it come ready. At Kcal Extra, we help you to look at food in different ways and support you in making small dietary and lifestyle changes that have lasting results. Our keto prepared meal plans for weight loss are nutritionist approved and filled with clean eating nutritions. Delivery schedules depend on your specific location but in the event that you’re not available to receive it, we can leave it on your doorstep or deliver to an alternative location. We test diet deliveries in Dubai Within the 28 days of the plan, I lost 3.4kg and that was without exercise. 5 stars easy. Through the food I started to feel lighter, more alive and more energetic. When completing our online sign up form, please state your office address under the requested delivery information. During the consultation we will also provide the InBody analysis which provides us with a complete review of your current weight, body composition and metabolism. Contact Basiligo for meal delivery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & entire UAE. We offer more customisation than any other diet plan delivery service in the UK! Will definitely extend the service for another month at least . If you wish to make changes to your delivery location, we require two business days notice. – … Right Bite makes meals from scratch and offers a range of customized meal plans for weight loss, … That’s why we offer a wide range of different fresh food diet plans delivered directly to your door! If you select "Plan without consultation" (Set-to-go), we can start your plan in as little as three business days. Terms    |    The five-day plan consists of fresh juices and soups delivered to your door. When possible however, we do recommend you try to fight any hunger and stick to your plan to enjoy the greatest results. There's no company in UAE who can deliver service like Kcal Extra. needed to lose weight and learn healthy calories goals, and life changing habits of portion sized and nute. With our genuine dedication to serve you with everyday nutritious, simple, tasty and fresh food; we’ll make reaching a happy healthy lifestyle much easier and enjoyable!“The Fit Food Kitchen” with its team of fitness gurus makes it a successful choice. 1. My meals consisted of no carbs at all, except in the morning (a piece of bread) and lots of salads. I've been a diabetic for over 10 years, for the first 6 years my sugar levels have been always fluctuating on the high side even being on medication and I was never able to loose any weight. I started to lose weight steadily but regularly. Indeed, peo... Theo's Point is an outcome based meal plan provider that has been founded on a philosophy of creating long term health and well-being benefits through customizing meal plans to each person's body type. and attentive to all my queries. * Disclaimer: Weight loss results mentioned on this site are not guaranteed results. No healthy meal delivery round-up would be complete without Kcal, one of the original and best in the market. Dubai. Best Food Delivery Restaurants in Dubai, Emirate of Dubai: Find Tripadvisor traveler reviews of THE BEST Dubai Food Delivery Restaurants and search by price, location, and more. At Kcal Extra, our goal isn’t just to help you lose weight. I stayed on the meal plan and when I went for my second check-up another 3 months later, the inflammation was completely gone and the doctor could not believe that I used to have the symptoms. I came to Eupepsia Medical Clinic for a consultation and the medical team put together a comprehensive program, which included a meal plan from Theo’s Point. We provide freshly prepared, personalized, healthy meal plans in Dubai, UAE JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Big thanks to my account manager Alma, she is very responsive, supportive, and helped me to pay flexibility monthly meal plan subscription. Beside all these, my priority was to loose weight, Have been using their services for a month and very satisfied with the food quality and customer service. A lot of variety and you never get bored of the food! Because we know what your body needs for a successful cleanse. Veggies, fruit, eggs, honey or other organic goodies. I was full of energy, the color returned to my cheeks, my mood was upbeat. In addition, you’ll also have a dedicated account manager to make sure you’re enjoying the journey from start to finish. Most Kcal Extra customers lose anything from 3 to 8 kilos per month. Chooses how many meals you want per order 12, 18 or 24. I always struggled with weight. Love Food is a UAE based healthy‍‍‍ meal delivery service. We have a weekly delivery service from our Kcal Healthy Fast Food restaurants. and I did with zero effort . In one year, I lost 32 kgs and feel great! If you select the "Plan with consultation", your plan will start around three business days after your initial appointment with a Kcal Extra nutritionist. In addition, we support you in reaching your target weight goal and provide you with all the necessary tools to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Carriage, Zomato, Talabat are the companies which are reliable and offer all the things that we mentioned above. We need at least three business days to put your plan on hold. What if I do heavy exercise and want to gain muscle? Fresh Daily Food Delivery in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain, Al Ghadeer, and Ras Al Khaimah Loved by thousands Serving customers healthy meals since 2014 Have only positives to say about all at kcal, but especially Salwa who has been pivotal to me. Levantine inspired dishes curated by Chef Hala Ayesh.

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