Its multiple exposure feature allows you to shoot two consecutive photos, overlaying them. The popular, 36 megapixel D800E is excellent for landscapes and portraits. Aside from many presets, it offers several advanced focus settings, face detection, and focus-stacking for an increased depth of field. This is a revolutionizing feature, encouraging the troupe of amateur filmmakers. Always remember to test out a camera before you buy it. Please check your mail to verify your account. If a large sensor or a super fast camera are not necessary for your photography needs, you may opt for a point-and-shoot with a retractable lens that fits in your pocket. One feature that we absolutely adore is a brilliant back screen - good for candid portraits. We reveal the best camera bags for outdoor photography, urban photography, travelling with your camera and even trekking. Depending on the activities you are planning on doing, you may decide to opt for a camera that offers some degree of protection against the elements. Best Compact Cameras for Hiking & Backpacking . The first on our list, the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II, is a great point and shoot camera option as it comes with a 24-100mm zoom range. One of Canon’s most ingenious superzoom travel compact cameras to date, the Powershot SX720 features a 40x optical zoom lens housed within a remarkably compact body that gives you the equivalent range of 24-960mm in DSLR focal length. The camera features a 20.2 MP CMOS APS-C sensor. Action and point-and-shoot cameras, on the other hand, require little more than a single click of the shutter to produce balanced and realistic images. Whether it’s surfing, underwater photography, or any other activity, the camera will capture 4K videos at 60 frames per second. They have interchangeable lenses and usually produce better images in low light conditions. It includes a Guide Mode for entry-level users that breaks down technical terms into everyday descriptive language. In my opinion, a decent compact camera is the best option for 75% of amateur travel photographers. (Which is higher than the highest mountains in Europe and Africa! From summer to winter, one can find all the possible weathers around India. Check out our picks for the best point and shoot cameras for wildlife photography. Right now, our pick of the best action cameras is the GoPro Hero 8 Black, which combines many of the features above, while delivering great value thanks to being one-generation old. Still, what makes the Sony a7R IV the best mirrorless camera for hiking and backpacking is its insane resolution and superb image quality all in such a portable package. The best waterproof camera lets you capture your best adventures in rugged, wild, and watery places. Booked the tickets. And to get the best shot, you need the best camera. Point-and-shoot camera are designed to capture balanced pictures with a simple click, requiring little or no knowledge of photography. The Mark II version came out in 2014 and is still a great camera to use, even for sports and action photography. This action camera also allows for live streaming directly to Facebook Live, so you can share your experiences just as they happen. Travel photographers tend to look for the best compromise between dimensions and performance. Check out our, Quick Answer - The Best Cameras for Travel Photography, Comparison Table - Best Cameras for Travel Photography, THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN BUYING A TRAVEL CAMERA, DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras are bulkier, but more powerful. But stands equally true when you go on a trekking trip. After all, memories need to be captured. Great Optical Stabilizer (for sharp images), 4K Ultra HD Video Pause (enables you to export videos to 4K photos), Extremely Long Zoom (for capturing small and distant objects), Tilting LCD Screen (to take photos from any angle, no matter how awkward), Fast Continuous Shooting Speed To Freeze Moving Objects, Enhanced Image Processor For Better Image Quality, Eye Tracking And Powerful Burst Mode For Capturing Fast Moving Subjects, Face Detection System And Intelligent Exposure, 4K Video With Frame Grab Feature For Capturing Stills. Some places even allow you to rent it for a day and get a feel before you invest in it. The camera is sturdy enough to accompany you wherever you go, from mountains to oceans. The camera we’d recommend for Architecture photography from Fujifilm’s stable is the X-T20 Mirrorless camera. Best adventure photography tips for beginners A great camera gear will suffice for adventure photography. A compact, sealed camera that can shoot images and record film in wet and dry conditions, targeted at outdoor sports enthusiasts. It is crushproof up to 100 kg and able to withstand a fall from 1.6 meters (~5 ft). With this model, Canon says goodbye to large and heavy, slow-focusing, lower megapixel cameras. Searched for the best accommodation. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Our Recommendation. Additionally, the X-T20 performs exceptionally in low light conditions — star trails are just waiting to be captured! The camera boasts a number of useful settings to go along with its physical capabilities. But, there's one more thing you want to check off your list: buying the perfect camera. Hopefully, with our help, finding the right camera for your next adventure will be the least stressful part of your trip! The image stabilization system makes this camera effective for long-distance shooting, macro photography, nighttime frames, and even filming. And in a generation where pros and cons are weighed just as frequently as you weigh yourself, we will help you see why hiking is all about. Mirrorless cameras have taken over the camera market in recent years, as they provide equal (or better) functionality and performance than DSLRs, but in a smaller body. The best camera for adventure photography is one you can carry for hours, with all your other photo gear, food, and camp equipment without hurting yourself. Weather-sealed cameras can sustain light rain, dust, and humidity, but are not made to go fully underwater. Made from a magnesium alloy, X-T20 offers a sleek and stylish retro look bound to inspire. So, the first step towards becoming a good photographer will be to get ahead and find a great camera. This is a camera for true adventurers that love exploring in extreme conditions. The A99 comes with an electronic viewfinder, making the typical viewing mirror, redundant. Whether you’re an outdoor sports fan or not, Adventure Photography is crammed full of tips and tricks applicable to any outdoor photographer or anyone looking to turn their hobby into a career. For portrait shooting, it offers a handy Eye Focus mode that tracks your subject’s eyes tracking movement. Improved technology means companies can pack these portable travel cameras with a ton of features. What Digital Camera Score: 88%. And it may come as no surprise that the Hampta Pass trek & Chandratal  in Manali is a favorite amongst trekkers, both beginners as well as experienced. At its current price, Fujifilm’s Mirrorless camera offers great value. Canon PowerShot SX720. Adventure photography should be what it sounds like: an Adventure! Competition. If there?s one Himalayan trek that can be found on every trekker?s bucket list, it?s the Stok Kangri trek, being the highest treatable summit in India, closely followed by the Kanamo peak in Spiti. As this camera is built to be both portable and travel-oriented, it can be charged on-the-go with a micro-USB. The stylish Fujifilm X-T3 is one of the best compact cameras available on the market. – How To Choose. He is an Investment Banker by profession but a traveller by passion. It is an extremely fast mirrorless camera, with a continuous shooting rate of 11 frames per second. The best one I’ve ever tried is the Sigma 14mm f/1.8. As per my experience, Nikon D3500, Nikon D5600, Canon EOS Rebel T7i are good budget cameras which would have superb features for adventure photography and would come … Zooms are usually vulnerable to shakiness and noise, but the P1000 uses a sensitive Dual Detect technology to stabilize images. It can be used both for amateur photography and video shooting and as a professional tool if you need a reliable pocket camera. This means that your phone will capture a photo that looks more like what you see with your naked eye, rather than what your camera lens sees. Great color and exposure. And finally, with this list, it's time to venture into the wild and click! X-T20 has an impressive continuous shooting rate of 8 frames per second and a high-resolution electronic viewfinder. In this respect, mirrorless cameras are ideal as they can shoot photos with great image quality without occupying much luggage space. Unsurprisingly, the Canon 5D Mark IV offers 4K high-definition video capabilities. The smartphone is usually well-protected by a case or cover and it's incredibly convenient to shoot, edit and share them with the world. It is excellent for bird photography and will provide crisp, detailed images of birds in flight. The controls are usually limited, as they are built to shoot and record images in those situations where you won’t be able to fiddle with buttons and switches, such as when you’re swimming underwater or while playing action sports.

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