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Worldwide Marijuana Seeds

Worldwide Marijuana Seeds (Single Seed Centre)

Also known as the Single Seed Centre, Worldwide Marijuana Seeds is one of the big online weed seed banks that also cater to the desire of some growers who want to buy only one marijuana seed. They have one of the most comprehensive stock that includes everything you need under one roof. From regular weed seeds up to the more popular and in-demand auto-flowering marijuana seeds as well as new breed ganja strains, the company has everything available for anyone who wish to buy pot seeds. For those who want to buy marijuana seeds of various strains, the company packs individually each strain and label them accordingly to avoid confusion on the part of the buyer.

As for the payment mode, the company is versatile in their acceptance of credit cards and the buyer has nothing to worry because it is completely safe and secure. The company name will not reveal the merchandise purchased and they follow a discreet billing system for the customer’s safety. They also accept cash payments which is preferred by a lot of buyers worldwide. As for delivery, the company assures stealth delivery methods as well as a very short shipping period of 7-10 days or even earlier if the delivery covers European countries.

11 Reviews to Worldwide Marijuana Seeds

  1. Former Affilaite says:
  2. Did some affiliate work for these guys. When it came to paying they would ignore e-mails and only responded when I resorted to stopping my users going to their site. Eventually they paid half of what they owed and carried on ignoring as I requested full payment. After almost two months of being ignored and not being paid am only left with being able to warn potential customers as to their awful practices. Avoid unless you are willing to purchase form people happy to take the business but not pay out.

  3. Red says:
  4. Bought 60 seeds for spring having never had issue with the quality of seeds not so lucky this time though 2 of 60 terminated just sad!

  5. harry says:
  6. how do I get back to ss worldwide where is the page missing from my computer since bitcoin scrubbed my computer ive ordered beans from ss for years or over a year then bitcoin screwed up my computer and now I caqint get ss worldwide the page is missing  ill buy seeds all day long if I can get em for 2 dollars or less

  7. WilliamDunn says:
  8. Hello my 1st 2 orders came fast safe and discreet like they advertise but for some reason my last order over a month ago has not came in i tried to contact the email on the site to no availability and the phone is off so i guess you know how im feeling right now a message was sent via facebook that also wasnt replied too i even bragged to my pals about how good they were only to be proven wrong by whatever caused my order not to show up im hoping someone will contact me so we can get this straight and i not have to get a refund 

  9. Cre8ed4more says:
  10. I have been ordering from the ssc for a number of years and every time have received my order within a week and a half. Germination rate great with the exception of their cheaper options. Lifetime customer

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