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Vision Seeds

Vision Marijuana Seeds

This company is a breeder of fine marijuana seeds and they specialize in feminized weed seeds. They offer weed seeds in packs of 3, 5, and 10 seeds and the price is in euro dollars. Some of the pot seeds featured in their website as of this writing are Russian Snow, White widow feminized, Silver Haze, Nothern Lights and cheese feminized seeds. They offer cannabis seeds on wholesale basis and they have been doing this since 1995. There are a few Vision Seeds reviews and mostly focused on the excellent qualities of their marijuana seed strains. Those who want to become one of their wholesale partners may fill-out their online form and they will provide more information about the deal later on. Their wholesale partners are distributed in countries like Spain, The Netherlands, Italy and the Czech Republic. Some of them are Headshop vision, TGC Trading, and Small Planet all in Spain to name just a few.

They ship marijuana seeds worldwide except to US and the payment options are Bank transfer, and iDEAL payment facilities. Those who need to know more details about Vision seeds and their shipping conditions must register and create an account with them.

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  • Website:
  • Type: Breeder
  • Location: Maastricht, Netherlands
  • Phone #: +31433212669
  • Phone #: +31433212669
  • Email:
  • Address: Vision Seeds
    Brusselsestraat 8
    6211PE Maastricht
  • Payment Accepted: Bank transfer, iDEAL (Netherlands)
    Bank: Rabobank (NL)
    W. Duisenberg Plantsoen 1
    6221SE, Maastricht
    The Netherlands
    Bank account: 129215511
    IBAN: NL21RABO0129215511
    K.v.k. #: 14635046
    VAT: NL157.872.063.B01
  • Shipping: Worldwide
  • Notes: We do not ship our products to the United States of America.
  • Vision Strains:
    Big Bud
    Bubble Yum
    Jack Herer
    Northern Lights
    NY Diesel
    Russian Snow
    Silver Haze
    Super Skunk
    White Widow
  • Seedbanks:

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7 Reviews to Vision Seeds

  1. Anonymous says:
  2. nice strain yee no1 vision….

  3. Gan Ya farmer says:
  4. Autoforwering seeds are miracle. Outdoors and indoors they do the thing! Ak and widow autoflower- personal fovorites. Recommend!

  5. Kuba says:
  6. I bought the seeds in Poland
    They were inexpensive and well grown.

  7. Kim says:
  8. I haven’t tried this breeder yet and I sure will once I’ve fully cured my ladies in about 2 more weeks.  Read a few reviews about them and I think they are legit so far but as they say, there’s no replacement for a first-hand experience so I gotta try them first before I can say they’re really good.

  9. Funky Monkey says:
  10. I tried two strains from Vision Seeds as an experiment since I had never heard of them untill somewhere last year, they had a small stand on Cannafest in Prague, seems they have been around for a while selling localy and are now expanding. Anyway 3 seeds Silver Haze and 3 seeds Amnesia, all seeds germinated within 2 days under a constant 24C and evolved into amazing plants. Good yields on all 6.
    So a big Thumbs up for Vision Seeds from me sofar! 

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