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Vancouver Seed Bank

Vancouver Seed Bank Marijuana Seeds

This is a Canadian online company that carries a wide variety of cannabis strains. They follow an ideal philosophy of getting only the best from select breeders and they have a lot of them in their roster like West Coast Seeds, royal Queen Seeds, Jordan of the islands among others. With Vancouver Seedbank Marijuana Seeds, you can rest assured that their cannabis seeds for sale are of premium quality. Most of the select weed strains that they sell have a high germination rate of at least up to 80% so you can be sure that most if not all of your cannabis seeds will sprout to grow fully into beautiful pot plants.

Being a large company, those who want to buy marijuana seeds from Vancouver Seed Bank need not worry because the company can ship weed seeds worldwide. For international marijuana shipment, delivery may take 14 days while in Canada, it can be as short as only 3 days. They follow certain forms of payment for both Canadian and international customers. They prefer money orders and bank drafts for international clients and they also accept cash. Those who want to purchase marijuana seeds from Vancouver Seedbank may also refer to their shipping requirements as well as fees that may be imposed. They use a discreet delivery method but the customer must be responsible in terms of the requirements of their country.

Vancouver Seed Bank

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14 Reviews to Vancouver Seed Bank

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    Bobby_blue says:
  2. yes i too am not happy with first try of northern lights auto seeds from VSB all 10 germinated  was nice looking fat seeds . one plant was so amazing grew 13 feet tall and never finished in to October had to cut premature and was almost in tears the love and time i put in to just one plant. the rest of the seeds all had differ genetics to them .shapes smells size’s’ but not one was the same as another and definitely not auto flower  all started in may and some finished in September  first week to mid  month , any ways pack said auto feminized  northern lights
    i have never really cared for an auto flower .but now i don’t know about wanting to pay for seeds that leave you dry and not high .i am a medical user and am on a small income i had not revived my seeds from health Canada and is way to late to try to get  them now .i wish i could get a seed/clone of something legit   i sure loved atomic ”blueberry northern lights” that was all time fav strain for smell flavor and on and on was like 15 years ago i last seen that one and a true timewarp outdoor strain . i think most hermits  just call there bag seed timewarp around here . i would do great things with a pineberry or a time warp ,,take us back to the good times of a season here in BC gulfislands

    • Custom avatar
      Bobby_blue says:
    • i meant to say i had not received seeds from health Canada when i had first got my production license  Not revived

  3. Custom avatar
    Gerard says:
  4. I ordered 12 seeds that were jack herer feminized. 6 seeds germinated and are growing at an ok rate. My other 6 seeds that didnt pop they refused to replace. For the price of the seeds its not worth it when half come up and they refuse to replace the other half. Over 10000 seeds can be produced on a mature plant so why is the seed bank charging so much for so little. Not standing behind their product. I had intention on several future orders bit now I will use the other seed banks I had success with. The same time I started the jacks, I started 135 seeds from a fresh breeding batch. All came up and all have more vigor then the jack. Major disappointment and now word to mouth will just cost them more loss of business. Thanks for selling weak old seeds

  5. Custom avatar
    Spaceman says:
  6. Bought first order in person, 50+ seeds planted in small batches, 100% germ rate. Have no complaints about any strains I bought there. Their “Indoor Mix” contained some pretty young looking seeds, but all germinated, and one turned out to be my favorite taste. A single yummy mummy from $25 worth of asstd seeds works for me!

    Second order was via internet. Took a few days to ship, but they told me that up front, still arrived about 10 days after order. Seven Romulan seeds arrived as ordered.

    I am very comfortable ordering from VSB, have been there in person and I trust them. Only real issue is no credit cards, but email money transfer was painless.

  7. Custom avatar
    Rebecca says:
  8. Hey George,
    I’m the owner of both Vancouver and Victoria Seed Bank stores.  Can you tell me further details of this incident?  Please feel free to call me at 778 329 1930 or send an email.
    Thanks for your time,

    • Custom avatar
      Spaceman says:
    • Nice work! Good to see VSB following up on potential complaint.!

  9. Custom avatar
    George says:
  10. Their Victoria branch charged me double the online price when I showed up in person, thinking I wouldn’t know any better.

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