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Toronto 420 Seed Bank

Toronto 420 Seed Bank Marijuana Seeds

This company is one of those online seedbanks that’s also a breeder at the same time. This means they breed their own marijuana and produce seeds that they later sell through their online store as well as institutional buyers of medical marijuana seeds in particular. Those who want to buy marijuana seeds from this seedbank can do so by visiting them in person at sublime cafe in Canada. There are also rules to follow and those who wish to visit them and buy marijuana seeds must follow the rules given in their website. The only payment method for online purchases of cannabis seeds is with the use of visa card or Canadian Money order. As of now, they do not ship marijuana seeds to the USA and this is a political issue related to Marc emery.

The Toronto 420 Marijuana Seeds are available in packs of 5 seeds each with dollar price tags. Some of the famous weed seeds in their inventory include the ever favourite Hindu hush, White Widow, AK-47 Feminized and auto-flowering, Jack Herer and a lot more. Aside from their own, they also have for sale marijuana seeds coming from other breeders like Dutch Passion Serious Seeds, and Greenhouse seeds to name a few. They also have marijuana seeds that are not available online which means you have to visit their store if you want to buy marijuana seeds of the varieties for sale but not available online. Payment methods accepted is only Visa Credit cards. For more details about marijuana seeds for sale and other offers that they have including discounts and coupons, they can be reached through their phone and email which are also provided on the left side of this page.

Toronto 420 Seed Bank
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  • Website:
  • Type: Breeder / Seedbank
  • Location: 219 Augusta Avenue in Kensington Market
    Downtown Toronto.
  • Phone #: 1-647-835-4212
  • Email:
  • Address: Toronto420 Seed Bank
    c/o Sublime Cafe
    219 Augusta Avenue
    Toronto ON
    M5T 2L4
  • Store Hours: Monday to Friday 9 am to 5pm
    Saturday and Sunday 10am to 5pm
  • Payment Accepted: We accept VISA only
  • Shipping: No ship to USA.
  • Notes: If you have a valid Medical Marihuana Access Regulations Card (MMAR) issued by Health Canada you can purchase clones and cannabis.
  • Seedbanks: You can buy seeds in person at Sublime Cafe or On Our On-line Store.

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6 Reviews to Toronto 420 Seed Bank

  1. sherry says:
  2. Be careful! The RCMP and Canada Tax fraud investigators are on to Marek Stupak that lives in Kensington Market condos and owns Sublime Cafe with a known “weapons offender”. Anyone caught in this misfits presence will go to jail with him…all for crap?!

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