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TH Seeds

TH Marijuana Seeds

This company  is one of the   pioneers in terms of marijuana seeds breeding  in Holland.   They have been around since 1993 and started with the name Cannabis in Amsterdam (CIA).   Since the start of the company in the said year they have produced many excellent marijuana strains which earned them the respect of other cannabis seed breeders worldwide.   This breeder has already won a lot of awards for their weed strains since 1995 and actually is one of the most awarded breeder of all time.   Their latest award winning strain the Electric Lemon just G won the coveted High Times Cannabis Cup in 2011.   Their motto has always been to focus on quality marijuana seeds and creating new genetics to protect cannabis and to serve mankind.   They have a number of hybrid marijuana for sale like the SAGE, MK-Ultra, Kushage, and Mikage to name just a few.

The company also have distributors of marijuana seeds outside Holland and some of them are Medical Marijuana Seeds Wholesaler in Canada, Pure Sativa in UK, HiperSemillas in Spain, and the Attitude Seedbank also in UK.   They also directly sell their own marijuana seeds so those who are interested  can buy weed weeds and they have packages of 5 and 10 seeds for those who want to try to grow in small quantities.   If you want to buy marijuana seeds whether in retail or in volume, just pass them an email or visit them at their address in Amsterdam.   Those who want to instantly buy marijuana may try the online seedbanks where their marijuana seeds are for sale.   Try to look for promos and discounts from their retailers to make the most of the marijuana seeds purchase.

Th Marijuana Seeds

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5 Reviews to TH Seeds

  1. Custom avatar
    Charlie Blaze says:
  2. Still rocking their S.A.G.E after all these years. It ROCKS !!!   Go back to regular seeds guys, not a fan of all the fem’s, and where is Stinky Pinky ?  I miss that chick.

  3. Custom avatar
    joe says:
  4. please let me know how to order seeds

  5. Custom avatar
    Rob says:
  6. Thseeds has since today a webshop online i did the first buy ;) got mk ultra coming straight from Amsterdam.

  7. Custom avatar
    Liam"Ice-Cold"Duff says:
  8. MK-Ultra Nuff said… 

  9. Default avatar
    Bob says:
  10. The TH Seeds is a breeder that is very popular especially in Europe.  They are one of the biggest and can actually carry on promoting their marijuana seeds even without the help of some online seedbanks and retailers. Just look at the many awards that this breeder has earned over the years and you will easily be convinced that they are definitely among the biggest in the cannabis world nowadays.

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