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Alpine Rocket Marijuana Seeds — Strain Reviews — Swiss Seeds

Ak48 Marijuana Seeds

Alpine Rocket

Type:  Regular
Climate:  Outdoor
Height:  Short
Indica/Sativa:  Indica Dominant
Effect: Relaxed Feeling
Flavour:  Sweet/Spicy
THC Level:  

The Alpine Rocket of SwissSeeds is a mostly indica weed variety with a short height (under 6 feet) and dark green leaves that are usually tinted with purple hues that turns even darker. Buds vary in color, from dark green to purple when buds are matured for harvest. Maintaining a short height because of its mostly indica traits, this strain can also be grown inside.
An outdoor type of marijuana strain like Alpine Rocket is strong enough to withstand environmental factors outside such as heavy rains, coldness, varying temperature level and strong wind. Although this cannabis strain can be grown inside a pot garden, Alpine Rocket loves the natural sunlight much so outside cultivation is recommended. For outdoor growing, the gardeners just have to make sure that the soil garden where Alpine Rocket weed plants are planted should maintain a neutral pH and is free from any fungus or common pests.
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3 Reviews to Alpine Rocket Marijuana Seeds — Strain Reviews — Swiss Seeds

  1. claudio says:
  2. hi for buy this seeds alpin rocket?regards claude
    because really top and strong plant 

  3. Stephanie Placido says:
  4. Wassup Ma homies what’s good in the hood

  5. Mr Nice Guy says:
  6. This is my first time to grow Alpine Rocket pot seeds. I’m wondering about the amount of yield I can obtain from this strain since I haven’t read any reviews that tell even the approximate amount of yield a grower can harvest.

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