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Sub Cool Seeds

Sub Cool Marijuana Seeds

TGA Subcool Marijuana Seeds refers to a breeder of some of the best cannabis seeds in the market nowadays. There are actually a lot of new and expert growers who buy marijuana seeds coming from this breeder because the company is known to produce premium weed seed varieties that growers and smokers enjoy. The marijuana seeds for sale coming from this breeder can be found in a lot of online seedbanks and some of them are Cannabis Seed Bank, Highland Company, Worldwide Marijuana Seeds, and Marijuana Seeds Canada among many others. The company has many satisfied customers over the years and as a sign of approval to their growing popularity, the company has been cited by the High Times for several times and also won the approval of Big Book of Buds and given a cover shot of their famous strain. One marijuana seed strain where the company won the best sativa award for a marijuana medical cup is the Vortex strain.

Some of the famous weed seed strains aside from Vortex marijuana that made this breeder famous are the Kaboom, Querkle, The Void, and the breeder’s personal favourite the Space Bomb cannabis seeds. Those who wish to buy marijuana seeds coming from TGA Subcool will have to visit the many online seedbanks earlier mentioned. There are other seedbanks and retailers where you can find this breeder’s marijuana seeds and it is just a choice where to order cannabis seeds. Even small time growers or beginners can buy a few seeds from some weed retail shops like Single Marijuana Seeds Canada. This online store sells even just one marijuana seed for those who may want to try to grow. Also check the online stores for any coupons, promos and discounts that they may have as the offer differs from one online weed shop to the other.


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5 Reviews to Sub Cool Seeds

  1. Custom avatar
    weedman says:
  2. High Quality weed available for cheaper prices We sell a wide range of kush strains like *Purple Kush,Blue dream,White widow,Skunk,Afghan kush,Blueberry,Og kush*Sour Diesel, *Green Crack, *Jack Herer, *Blue Dream, *Hindu Kush *,White Widow, *Real OG, *Hawaii-Skunk *Super Silver Haze *Blueberry *Super Skunk *AK-47, and many more Fast and discreet delivery . contact us at ( or skype:(weedman052)

  3. Custom avatar
    The Meyer says:
  4. SUBCOOL is god people the man breeds green fire, and his old lady is on point too, wow i have grown TGA genetics for years now and have won multiple harvest festival awards with their genetics, some really special stuff here people get hip and grow TGA you will forever be a fan, Subs affinity for dank fruity funk is second to none Thank You TGA for years of awesome genetics and service you are a God amongst men!!!!!!!

  5. Custom avatar
    ski says:
  6. whoever these people are, they’re top notch breeders. regular seeds only, no feminized so much lower chance of the plants being hermaphroditic. i no longer do even feminized unless they’re free. about a year ago i got a chernobyl and made her into a mother. i cut clones and give them away to medical patients all over the area free of charge just to share the joy or growing and medicating with a top notch strain. the stem on the mother is so thick now. we cant find anything that has more of a resinous coat. extremely resistant to mildew as well. they said the potency is up there but not like extremely high or anything, however it seems to get everyone higher than everything else around. right now it is #1 in demand. i also got deep purple, cheese quake, and jack the ripper to try out. much thanks to everyone at tga subcool, you ppl are the best in the business!!! they have helped me so much and they dont even know it! genetics are such a huge factor in growing, and tga subcool has this down pat. someone should map the genomes of these strains.

  7. Custom avatar
    chinkeyed says:
  8. I have had many many strains from TGA and every one I touch puts my dick in the dirt. every different kind of variety  you could want.. definitely worth trying.

  9. Default avatar
    bishnu says:
  10. When you need to try new strains of hybrid marijuana, then there is no reason why you should not look at the TGA Subcool marijuana seeds.  They have some of the finest hybrid weed seeds resulting from many years of growing and experimenting with different pot strains.  It is actually said that they one of the most stable hybrid genetics available online for all weed growers.

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