Image Strain Breeder Review & Description
P. Plant CopyCat Seeds P. Plantis a hybrid of both Indica and Sativa strains. This marijuana strain is known for being a mostly Sativa strain despite being a hybrid… Reviews & info about P. Plant
P.O.W 33 CH9 Female Seeds The P.O.W or also known as “Power of War” is crossed with Jack 33 of CH9 and Aloha White Widow 1988 to produce an excellent strain like P.O.W 33… Reviews & info about P.O.W 33
P.O.W. Hazeman Seeds P.O.W. is a hybrid of both Sativa and India strains. Nonetheless, it is still a mostly India plant to consider. This hybrid strain has a flowering… Reviews & info about P.O.W.
Pablos Cheese Cannaseur Seeds Pablos Cheese is an amazing marijuana strain. Pablos Cheese is an original made by Dank Dairy. It is one of the favorite sativa lovers and… Reviews & info about Pablos Cheese
Pacific Shark Willy Jack This marijuana strain (hybrid?) is another offering from Willy Jack seeds. Though it is available for sale in some seedbanks, no details about it have… Reviews & info about Pacific Shark
Pack Coleccionista Mix Green Devil Obsidian Ice of House of Funk Genetics has the characteristics of Snow Lotus (Bodhiseeds) and DSB Black Afghan. It is available in… Reviews & info about Pack Coleccionista Mix
Pahari Farmhouse The Real Seed Company Pahari Farmhouse is a new strain coming from the Real Seed Company. It is a traditional native sativa that has been known for being able to produce_ Reviews & info about Pahari Farmhouse
Paia Hawaiana The Sativa Seedbank This hybrid marijuana strain is a 3-way cross between Northern Light, Skunk, and Haze cannabis strains. It has very strong genetic… Reviews & info about Paia Hawaiana
PainKiller Dr. Underground This hybrid is an extraordinary medical strain and created due to high demand from medicinal growers. PainKiller is actually one of the earliest… Reviews & info about PainKiller
Paka LoLo TreeTown Seeds The Royal Dutch Seeds Company came up with a one of a kind strain that would surely blow your mind. Ochorios is the cross between Royal… Reviews & info about Paka LoLo
Pakalolo The Sativa Seedbank In your quest for a sweet and herbal taste, the Pakalolo strain by the Sativa Seedbank breeders meets the demands of many growers both… Reviews & info about Pakalolo
Pakistan Chitral Kush Ace Seeds Pakistan Chitral Kush is also called the Purple Pakistan and is a A+ graded marijuana plant. The type of this marijuana plant is 100% landrace… Reviews & info about Pakistan Chitral Kush
Pakistan Chitral Kush CannaBioGen Seeds This is a pure indica marijuana strain that has its origin from Pakistan and can be grown both indoor and outdoor. It is capable of giving average… Reviews & info about Pakistan Chitral Kush
Pakistan Ryder World Of Seeds This weed plant retained the Indica genetics of Pakistan Valley variety which is combined with autosomal Ruderalis for the auto flowering reflex… Reviews & info about Pakistan Ryder
Pakistan Valley World Of Seeds An outstanding indoor marijuana variety, Pakistan Valley originated from the best Kush strains from the Hindu Kush mountain range of Northern_ Reviews & info about Pakistan Valley
Pakistani BlueHemp Switzerland Pakistani is a marijuana plant that has very unique characteristics to offer. This marijuana plant is particularly favorable in every way. This… Reviews & info about Pakistani
Pamir Gold Dutch Passion Seed Originating directly from the Himalayas and made to adapt to the high altitude of Swiss alps during its selective breeding, Pamir gold… Reviews & info about Pamir Gold
Panacea Pack Tropical Seeds Company This hybrid marijuana strain is the result of crossing Purple Pakistan Chitral with Nepal Highland. The fusion of these two exotic cannabis… Reviews & info about Panacea Pack
Panama Ace Seeds Panama is definitely the most popular among the classic marijuana strains that are particularly grown and cultivated in the country of Panama… Reviews & info about Panama
Panama CannaBioGen Seeds This is a 100% sativa cannabis strain that came from a long line of fine inbred sativa genetics and later purified with 3 Panaman strains. It is… Reviews & info about Panama
Panama D.C. CannaBioGen Seeds From the crossing of Tom Hill’s Deep chunk and Panama marijuana strain resulted in a sativa and indica cannabis strain known as Panama DC… Reviews & info about Panama D.C.
Panama Pelo Rosa S1 CannaBioGen Seeds This mostly sativa hybrid marijuana strain is one of the fruitful results of Cannabiogen’s trip to South America to look for a cannabis_ Reviews & info about Panama Pelo Rosa S1
Panama Powerhouse Dman Panama Powerhouse is one of the best strains you could get from Dman seeds. This marijuana’s lineage is not yet determined except from… Reviews & info about Panama Powerhouse
Panama Red Reefermans Seeds The Panama Red of Reefermans Seeds is available in regular marijuana seeds. As expected, male and female cannabis plants will grow in your pot… Reviews & info about Panama Red
Panama Redhair Breeder Choice Organisation Panama Redhair is also called the Panama Red. This marijuana strain is one of the best from Breeders Choice and would be perfectly cultivated… Reviews & info about Panama Redhair
Pandora Paradise Seeds The Pandora of Paradise Seeds is an auto-flowering indica and sativa. It has a high percentage of indica (90%) and only 10% of sativa traits… Reviews & info about Pandora
Pandora Pro Seed Pandora has a type that is actually unknown. It is not certain if Pandora is actually one of the hybrids of Indica and Sativa or this marijuana strain… Reviews & info about Pandora
Pandora’s Box Sub Cool Seeds Pandora’s Box is a hybrid of both Indica and sativa strains. This marijuana strain is known for being a mostly sativa strain despite being a… Reviews & info about Pandora’s Box
Papas Candy Eva Seeds This hybrid marijuana strain is the result of crossing South Africa with Super Skunk. The result is a sativa (75%) dominant hybrid cannabis strain that… Reviews & info about Papas Candy
Papaya Nirvana An indica hybrid known for its medical marijuana properties because of its almost narcotic high, Papaya cannabis strain is a strong and pest-resistant… Reviews & info about Papaya
Papaya Buy Dutch Seeds The lineage where this amazing strain comes from is of unknown hybrid. The Afghani strain of cannabis was mixed with an unknown strain… Reviews & info about Papaya
Parvati The Real Seed Company The seeds of Parvati are known for being able to produce a dark and oily cannabis resin which is very rich in terms of flavor. Even though Parvati is very… Reviews & info about Parvati
Passion #1 Dutch Passion Seed One of the most enduring marijuana strain since the 70s, Passion #1 is a 100% indica cannabis strain that continues to… Reviews & info about Passion #1
Passionfruit Vancouver Island Seed Company When Grapefruit was crossed with Burmese, VISC had in mind the idea of producing a vigorous weed plant that can yield more buds than others… Reviews & info about Passionfruit
Pato#1 Kannabia Seeds In order to create this magnificent strain, there are many crossbreeding that needs to be done. One is that the famous Mango, a strain that is… Reviews & info about Pato#1
Peace Maker De Sjamaan The Peace Maker has won three times. It has won 1st prize in the High Times Cannabis Cup 1997, 2nd prize under the name of White… Reviews & info about Peace Maker
Peace Maker Finest Medicinal Seeds The genetic origin of this feminized indica strain is India, Brazil, Skunk #1. The flowering time of Peace Maker is 7 to 8 weeks and it can… Reviews & info about Peace Maker
Peak 19 Sagarmatha Seeds Peak 19 is a hybrid of Indica and Sativa strains. This marijuana strain is relatively among the mostly Indicas despite being a hybrid of Indica… Reviews & info about Peak 19
Peak 19 Capricorn Peak 19 is a type of Indica/Sativa hybrid which many smokers like. It is a cannabis strain with a high quality combination of Matanuska Tundra… Reviews & info about Peak 19
Peak 19 Special Dutch Flowers Peak 19 Special is a hybrid of both Indica and Sativa strains. This marijuana strain is actually known for being a mostly Indica in the background despite … Reviews & info about Peak 19 Special
Peak Flow Capricorn Peak Flow is a hybrid that was formed from two impressive strains combined which are Peak 19 and Flow strains. It is a mostly Indica strain… Reviews & info about Peak Flow
Pepe Le Chem Gage Green Seeds Pepe Le Chem is another India and Sativa hybrid you could get from Gage Green seeds. This marijuana strain is a perfectly balanced strain that… Reviews & info about Pepe Le Chem
Pepe Le Dank Gage Green Seeds Pepe Le Dank is one of the most popular strains of Gage Green seeds. This marijuana plant is a hybrid of both Sativa and Indica plants. It… Reviews & info about Pepe Le Dank
Pepper Jack haze Black Skull Seeds Pepper Jack haze is another feminized plant from Black Skull Seeds. Pepper Jack haze is actually considered to be a high quality Sativa marijuana… Reviews & info about Pepper Jack haze
Perplex Dutch Passion Seed This mostly indica hybrid marijuana strain is a homogenous variety that is best grown indoor for best results. It grows to a medium height with long… Reviews & info about Perplex
Petrolia Headstash Reefermans Seeds Petrolia Headstash can be cultivated inside or outside. It will have a flowering time just like any other pure indicas. It is a quick to flower… Reviews & info about Petrolia Headstash
Peyote Purple CannaBioGen Seeds This mostly indica hybrid marijuana strain has its origin traced in USA and it is one of those rare indica variety that has excellent… Reviews & info about Peyote Purple
Pezz Apothecary Every aspect of this marijuana strain can be distinguished as sativa. This includes the sweet flavour that can be compared to a candy and the… Reviews & info about Pezz
PG-13 TH Seeds PG-13 is a hybrid of both Indica and Sativa strains. This marijuana strain has a perfectly balanced influence from both Indica and Sativa_ Reviews & info about PG-13
Phatt Fruity Barney’s Farm Phatt Fruity is a hybrid that is the result of crossing exotic genetics of Afghani, Indian and Mexican marijuana strains. Phatt fruity is a strong cannabis… Reviews & info about Phatt Fruity