Image Strain Breeder Review & Description
420 Vancouver Island Seed Company
The winner of the 2000 Cannabis Culture Cup and the fifth prize recipient of the 2nd Annual Cannabis Culture Cup, 420 is an extremely_ Reviews & info about 420
747 Dr Green Thumb 747 is a hybrid of both Indica and Sativa strains. This marijuana strain is actually known for being a mostly Sativa strain despite being a… Reviews & info about 747
1024 Medical Seeds Co Experts are satisfied with 1024. This strain was able to combine quality production, good taste, and excellent presence on this ideal plant… Reviews & info about 1024
2046 Medical Seeds Co Known for their amazing psychedelic power, the 2046 provides an indisputable aroma. In fact, this is regarded as one of the most powerful strains… Reviews & info about 2046
1.3G Vancouver Island Seed Company This marijuana strain offers a visual display of color and the sensory pleasure that she delivers in every smoke. 1.3G from Vancouver Island Seed… Reviews & info about 1.3G
2 Pounder Kiwi Seeds This marijuana strain is especially designed for guerilla growers. It was a strain that is originally stabilized outdoors in New Zealand. Know that… Reviews & info about 2 Pounder
3-D’d Burmese Bean Boyz Genetics Awarded as Best Sativa in 2005 Harvest Cup in Vancouver, 3-D’d Burmese marijuana strain is one of the easiest weed to grow both outdoors_ Reviews & info about 3-D’d Burmese
4 Best 4 You Pitt Bully 4 Best 4 Youisa hybrid of both Indica and Sativa strains. This marijuana strain is actually mostly Sativa in the background despite being a hybrid… Reviews & info about 4 Best 4 You
50 Mixed Seeds Doggies Nuts Seeds 50 Mixed Seeds isa great mix of seeds that would definitely amaze you. Instead of choosing other marijuana strains, you could simply rely to this 50 Mixed… Reviews & info about 50 Mixed Seeds
60 Day Wonder DNA Genetics 60 Day Wonder could be regarded as another wonder in the industry of marijuana. But this time, a wonder is coming from one of the fastest growing… Reviews & info about 60 Day Wonder
707 Headband BC Bud Depot 707 Headband is a potent OG Kush Hybrid that actually supplies most of the extremely desired smoke in the state of California. It is actually… Reviews & info about 707 Headband
76′ Thai Stick
Master Thai 76′ Thai Stick is a marijuana strain that is not among the hybrids of both Indica and Sativa strains. This marijuana strain is actually among the_ Reviews & info about 76′ Thai Stick
8 Ball Kush Barney’s Farm Originally from the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan, 8 Ball Kush is an indica dominant marijuana strain that is very easy to grow and can flourish… Reviews & info about 8 Ball Kush
8 Miles High Mandala Seeds Combining select strains from Africa and North India, Mandala Seeds came up with a sativa and indica hybrid marijuana strain and named it 8 Miles High… Reviews & info about 8 Miles High