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Single Seed Center

Single Seed Center Marijuana Seeds

The single Seeds Center is a seedbank that specializes in selling marijuana on retail basis.   They offer marijuana seeds for sale in packs or even single seeds to the customer.   The company carries the brand of many growers like Seven Dwarfs Seeds, Sensi Seeds, Paradise Seeds, and Cali Connection Seeds among a host of other breeders.   They have a wide collection of marijuana seeds available for sale like the auto-flowering strains, Cheese Strains, Kush, White, and Big Bud Strains to mention a few.   They also offer free feminized seeds upon reaching a certain amount of purchase.

The Single Seed Center accepts major credit cards as form of payment and they also accept gift cards.   When a customer purchases from them, the name of the seedbank will not appear and instead the name of another discreet company will be used. This is one more reason why Single Seed Centre reviews have mostly been positive.  Delivery takes from 7 to 10 days on a regular basis and the customer is advised to call them if the weed seeds delivery has not arrived after twenty one days from shipment.   If the seeds did not arrive, the company guarantees that they send a replacement free of charge.   Aside from the single seed purchase, it is not known right now if the single seeds centre discounts codes are avilable. The same is true with other promos for the marijuana seeds buyer.

Single Seed Center

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Speed of Delivery
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Rating: 3.8/5 (28 votes cast)

45 Reviews to Single Seed Center

  1. Custom avatar
    big papi says:
  2. pretty cool place to order from cause u can try different strains that u have never heard of without having to buy the whole pack so I can always have something new in my small medical grow without getting burntout  on just one strain . just wish that tssc would guarantee germination . on my last order I  ordered 7 strains & only 4 strains germinated witch sucks but i’ll keep on ordering from tssc . hopefully i’ll have better luck next time

    • Custom avatar
      b says:
    • I did not have much success with their stuff either!

  3. Custom avatar
    canabisconsumerprotection says:
  4. Moderator of this forum, I’m going to do my best to keep the nuclear blast radius contained to a minimum of this idiots gps location, but if necessary, acceptable collateral damage can go as high as 50 million innocent civinas and 400 mile nuclear blast radius, I’m authorized by the world council to use international, federal, state, local, private, black water, mob, street ganges, girl scotts all means necessary to stop this drone from infecting any more internet sites with his lies, Hold on just a minute, I have to make a phone call, Ok I’m back, just got off the phone with Thehighestpricesinthegalaxy91pagesoutofstock. They told me to tell you to quitt lying tssc/worldseeds.  

    • Custom avatar
      Blank says:
    • I guess this rant was supposed to be witty and intended to call-out a reviewer (not named)as being an idiot and a liar. Not sure, though, as it became incomprehensible toward the end as to just what this post was about. I’m still shaking my head. I guess some folks just can’t handle their buzz, lol.

  5. Custom avatar
    Old NorCal Grower says:
  6. I’ve ordered seeds several times from TSSC and never had a problem until my last order.  The three strains I ordered were all Flying Dutchmen strains.  I ordered 5 each of Titan’s Haze (for a breeding project), Pineapple Punch and Aurora B.  All strains I’ve grown before with great success, but purchased from another seller.  I was surprised how small the seeds were and how they didn’t look like the few seeds I had left from a previous grow.  Of all these strains only one Aurora B germinated.  But before anybody replies that I don’t know what I am doing, let me tell you that I was starting with 72-seed tray of various strains; some that were purchased as far back as 2004 (I date all seeds I purchase) that I got a minimum of 75% germination from and many more that were 100%.  I realize that TSSC are just resellers, so maybe the problem is with Flying Dutchmen, but it is hard to say since they don’t come in original seed packs when you order under ten seeds — just a cutout of the seed pack in the bag.  I’ll probably order from them again, but I am now wary of ordering Flying Dutchmen strains from them.

  7. Custom avatar
    dave says:
  8. On my last order none of my seeds would germinate, approx. 7. On an order before that all of them did whats going on!

  9. Custom avatar
    Broly says:
  10. Thee best place to buy seeds. I’ve been to EVERY store online and have yet to find a shop that’s beets TSSC in price, selection, shipping, and customer service. 

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