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Seedsman Seeds

Seedsman Marijuana Seeds

This company is a Marijuana Seeds breeder and online seedbank of marijuana at the same time.   They call their own breed Seedman 100s and they have a few being offered to customers.   Other breeders get to be promoted by the company and they are many like Barney’s Farm, Alpine seeds, Grass-O-Matic Feminized Seeds and many others.   For their own marijuana seeds they have Auto Diesel x Blue feminized, Kandy Kush x Skunk #1 and Sleestack x Skunk #100.

Aside from marijuana seeds, the company is also engaged in selling hemp products and accessories, clothings from select breeders and other brands, books about cannabis growing,  as well as storage jars and dessicants.

The company offers discounts for volume orders and the discount ranges from 5 to 30%.   They also have various payment methods like credit cards of Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Maestro, and other payment methods.   They ship marijuana seeds to all countries with the exception of the USA.   As for other countries, they advice buyers to check the local laws applicable and make sure that they are running in conflict with it because they will not be responsible for any problems that might be encountered.   They also have varied arrival lead time for international deliveries of marijuana.

Seedsman Seeds

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0 Reviews to Seedsman Seeds

  1. Custom avatar
    Will says:
  2. After using this place on the 7 of march two days later had to get a new bank card because someone in spain was trying steal money after being charged for seeds. Paid 58 dollars for seeds it almost cost me 300 dollars. Luckily the bank cought it in time. Seedsman says 100% secure payment witch is 100% a lie. Couldn’t tell you how seeds are its only been 2 days. Emailed them nut have heard nothing from them. DONT BUY FROM THEM!!!!!!!

  3. Custom avatar
    James Johnson says:
  4. Nice, friendly people but their seeds are junk. I order and get an entire order that are duds. I complain and get replacements with 100% germination. I order again and the same thing happens. This went on 3 times and after a 4th order, I said enough. Not playing this game. Nice people and will do everything to keep your business, but a turd is a turd no matter what color you paint it. Suggest you move on to another company.

  5. Custom avatar
    AngryFarmer20yexp says:
  6. Twice I have purchased form Seedsman! Silly me. As Serge mentioned, never do the seeds come in original breeders packets, Frist mistake Indian Haze, hermaphrodite haze should have been its name, self seeding waste of time and very tall… Second mistake: Sugar haze, they clamed its high in THC, LMFAO, It was rubbish! Do not buy from these people. They are cowboys.

  7. Custom avatar
    Serge Carlucci says:
  8. I chose not to pay for stealth shipping with Seedsman because I wanted the seeds in the original breeders packaging, tins in this case, but was sent the seeds removed from the breeders tins nevertheless. I emailed Seedsman and asked why they had done this and how I could be sure that my seeds were in fact genuine. They answered that they had removed the packaging for ‘stealth reasons’ and they wouldnt have been able to guarantee delivery otherwise. When I reminded them that I had chose NOT to have the ‘stealth/guaranteed delivery’ option, I got nothing but silence.. I harvested today, a strain I know very well, and they are some of the smallest plants Ive ever had the misfortune to grow out! 
     Unfortunately I ordered again before I realised what was going on and Bingo! The most expensive seeds removed from their packaging, posted to me in a country were seeds are perfectly legal.

    So in my opinion either A) They guarantee delivery whether you choose to pay the extra fee or not (as they implied in their pathetic answer to me)
    or B) More people are growing out Seedsmans own strains than realise! !

     I think this is very strange practice from what looks like a professional outfit. I was polite throughout my correspondence with them yet recieved nothing but a nonsensical answer to begin with and then complete silence when I called them out on it. That in itself should serve as a warning as far as Im concerned. 

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