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Seedsman Seeds

Seedsman Marijuana Seeds

This company is a Marijuana Seeds breeder and online seedbank of marijuana at the same time.   They call their own breed Seedman 100s and they have a few being offered to customers.   Other breeders get to be promoted by the company and they are many like Barney’s Farm, Alpine seeds, Grass-O-Matic Feminized Seeds and many others.   For their own marijuana seeds they have Auto Diesel x Blue feminized, Kandy Kush x Skunk #1 and Sleestack x Skunk #100.

Aside from marijuana seeds, the company is also engaged in selling hemp products and accessories, clothings from select breeders and other brands, books about cannabis growing,  as well as storage jars and dessicants.

The company offers discounts for volume orders and the discount ranges from 5 to 30%.   They also have various payment methods like credit cards of Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Maestro, and other payment methods.   They ship marijuana seeds to all countries with the exception of the USA.   As for other countries, they advice buyers to check the local laws applicable and make sure that they are running in conflict with it because they will not be responsible for any problems that might be encountered.   They also have varied arrival lead time for international deliveries of marijuana.

Seedsman Seeds
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46 Reviews to Seedsman Seeds

  1. jim foster says:
  2. hi jim here thoght i would remind you how you screwed me terrible company to deal with rate you at zero buyers beware they are not out to help you

  3. JC says:
  4. I stand corrected and retract my prior review. While no final solution has been determined by the Seedsman, customer service did contact me back. Ruth from the seedsman was empathetic regarding the missing seed pack and told me that she is looking into it and will get back to me regarding a potential resend. While it may have taken her a few extra days to get back to me she has responded which is good. I jumped the gun after not hearing back from them for a couple of days and should not have. Even if they tell me they will not help me I should have waited until the final outcome before I ranted. I will try to post the final results. Like I said before I have never had an issue with the Seedsman before. In fact another order that I placed just arrived from the Seedsman all intact with nothing missing. This time the package came directly from the Seedsman and was not repackaged in San Fransisco like the other order. I am not sure if it is because the order was smaller. Maybe the seeds were jacked in San Fransisco where they were repacked. I’m not sure but the last order arrived just fine. SO foot in mouth!

    • JC says:
    • I am a total ass. So the Seedsman has a resend in the works to replace the missing seeds. I’m a jerk. I stand corrected and just wanted everyone to know
      that the Seedsman has topnotch customer support and a great and growing catalog of quality seeds. Once again IM a Jerk and should have waited a little longer before I made an ass of myself.

  5. JC says:
  6. I just thought I would share this experience with other potential seedsman customers. I ordered 3 packs of Flash Seeds super autos and was promised 3 free Jack seeds, 3 free GelatoOG seeds as well as 14 free feminized seeds as a part of the haloween promo. I opened the package yesterday to not only discover that one of the Flash seeds packs was missing, but so was the GelatoOG as well as 11 of the free female seeds. In other words I was shorted about 18 seeds from the order. I contacted the Seedsman and while they get back to me they still have not and it has now been 2 days. The other issue I have with the order is that I paid for the stealth shipping product which was not used to keep the seeds hidden. Instead I got the seeds in a yellow padded envelope with the seeds wrapped in a used scrap of bubble wrap. Additionally I paid for signed and tracked shipping and the envelope was simply put in the mailbox with no signature. This will most likely be my last order from the seedsman. I have ordered from them before multiple times with no problems. This is unacceptable to have seeds that I paid for missing from the order and to not hear one word back from the Seedsman.

  7. Yoda says:
  8. is triple A bar-none(AAA-0).customer service is the best. Never had an issue in shipping. Ive dealt with them exclusively for 5+ years now and well continue using them.

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