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Seed Makers

Seed Makers Marijuana Seeds

The Seed Makers is an online seedbank based in Spain that acquire their marijuana seeds from selects breeders.  Most of the breeders of the company have years of experience working for other seed banks. They advertise their products online so different people will have accessibility to the various marijuana seeds they sell. They choose only breeders who have proven competency in the field of breeding and have also been recognized by other seedbanks.  One of the philosophy of this seedbank is to offer quality cannabis seeds at a reasonable price to customers who want to grow marijuana seeds.   They offer for sale marijuana seeds that are feminized and some of the weed strains that they have in their inventory are Alakazam, Jack Widow, Orange Light, Super Diesel, and wonder skunk among others.   They have also auto-flowering marijuana seeds that are feminized like Auto Critical including some of the earlier mentioned weed seeds. Each pack contains five seeds. These marijuana seed breeders also sell a limited edition made from carefully bred hybrids. Their motto is to sell quality seeds at reasonable prices.

Those who want to buy marijuana seeds from Seed Makers must be ready to pay a shipping fee.   The marijuana seeds are for sale in euro currency.   As for the delivery, they request to be given time allowance from 48 to 72 hours for marijuana delivery within Spain.   Right now, they only have weed sales transactions for Spain-based retail customers who want to buy marijuana seeds from them.   They also offer business deals for those who want to become   distributor of their marijuana seeds. This retailer accept payments via Western Union, credit card, or cash on delivery. Requests for reimbursement or return of goods are not allowed if the shipment is done outside the country. The shipping fee is at 7.50 euro.

Seed Makers
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3 Reviews to Seed Makers

  1. samaritan says:
  2.    Silver Jack and Orange Light were both above average in all ways. 

  3. Aries says:
  4. The Seed Makers marijuana seeds are available only in Spain.  It’s a good thing that most of their strains are also available in some online stores.  I just wonder who the marijuana breeders are where they get their weed seeds because it is not mentioned in their website.  Anyways, they have quite a load of premium cannabis seeds and they only sell feminized weed seeds which means that they really choose only the best.  Just wondering what is their germination rate though as it is also not mentioned.

    • plazid says:
    • seed rate is good brought cirtacal got 5 out of 5.also brought auto blue so hopfuly same result allthough its all early days!

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