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Sannies Shop

Sannies Shop Marijuana Seeds

This company is a breeder of marijuana seeds and online seedbank that is based in The Netherlands.   As a breeder of cannabis seeds, they follow strict selections.   They breed marijuana plants and select only the best strain based on flavour and yield and from there produce fine weed strains that are of the best quality.   They do not offer their pot seeds to other online seedbanks so buyers who want to buy marijuana seeds of their own breed must purchase from them directly.   Some of own their weed seeds for sale are Sannies Jack Feminized, Shackzilla Feminized, Sugar Punch Feminized and Fem Mix.   They follow strict rules in feminizing weed seeds and that’s why they are popular especially with feminized ganja seeds.   They offer marijuana seeds for sale in packs of 5, 6, 10 or 20 seeds.

Aside from their own marijuana breeds, the company also sell weed seeds from other breeders.   They have chosen only select breeders that are not commonly found in other seedbanks and some of them are Dynasty Seeds, U.S.C., and Fusion Seeds.   The company offer reward points and other promotions for those who want to buy marijuana seeds from them.   Members who buy marijuana seeds will earn points which can later on be used to buy additional cannabis seeds.   The points are equal to around 10% discount on the next purchase.   As for payment, they accept 3 kinds of payment and these are cash in envelope, Bank transfer and credit cards.   They ship marijuana seeds worldwide but as for USA delivery, they only do it with a track and trace for more efficient delivery.

Sannies Shop
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10 Reviews to Sannies Shop

  1. John says:
  2. Dont believe the hype. Bad customer service. Bad seeds. Sannies a crook.

  3. Tomas says:
  4. Careful if you send cash in envelope. I believe there are thieves amongst the postmen. Bitcoin is a great payment option.

  5. James says:
  6. I have ordered from Sannies over 20 times now and I must say they has never been a problem. Always a great service and wonderful genetics. Good service, awesome freebies, and outstanding prices. Sannies are top notch.

  7. amw says:
  8. yall gotta give this guy a try! top shelf gear at very reasonable prices. been ordering from sannie for 5 years straight with 100% sucess! look no further, youve found what you been looking for! peaceand goopd times , AMW

  9. Stormp says:
  10. Great gear and great service.

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