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Matanuska Tundra Marijuana Seeds — Strain Reviews — Sagarmatha Seeds

Ak48 Marijuana Seeds

Matanuska Tundra

Type:  Regular
Climate: Indoor, Outdoor
Flowering:  60-70 days
Yield:  350-375 grams/m2
Height:  0.5-0.75 meter
Indica/Sativa:  Indica
Effect:  Powerful sedative
Flavour:  Rich chocolate flavor
THC Level:  
Growing:  Moderate to hard

Sagarmatha Seeds Company carries Matanuskaa Tundra in their catalogue of marijuana seeds. This regular variety is from the Alaskan Northland and users say that this strain is highly recommended by Matanuska Valley’s fishing and hiking community.
When grown, the buds of Matanuska Tundra are large and filled with crystal resins. This strain is grown both indoors and outdoors and during the growth, it can reach about 0.5 to 0.75 meters. The reason for the height is because of the pure Indica characteristic of Matanuska Tundra. This hash strain has a flowering time of 60 to 70 days and can provide a yield of 350 to 375 grams per mete squared when dried and harvested indoors.
Matanuska Tundra is best for those who are suffering from different pain. Those who are using the strain for pleasure, be sure to smoke the weed with caution because there are some reports that those who suffer from altitude sickness might experience side effects.

2 Reviews to Matanuska Tundra Marijuana Seeds — Strain Reviews — Sagarmatha Seeds

  1. Chrome says:
  2. Matanuska Tundra would give you a world you should see and it would give you a rocket-like travel into space. It is quiet sedative. Nevertheless, it is pleasing.

  3. Jessica says:
  4. I have always loved chocolates, I mean who doesn’t? This strain called Matanuska Tundra has that smooth taste with chocolate as well. You can almost taste the chocolate through the aroma.

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