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Reserva Privada

Reserva Privada Marijuana Seeds

Reserva Privada is composed of a group of breeders who are located in West Coast of America. These breeders raise quality cannabis strains that are known to produce the best possible yield which are then exclusively marketed under the trade name Reserva Privada. All seeds offered by the breeder are manufactured from premium cannabis strains and are batch tested to ensure quality and productivity. They offer different range of flavors, effects and strength. All the seeds are highly productive and offer uncompromising level of quality. This is the reason why they tend to sell out fast and have limited supply. Each of the strain offered by the breeders is unique in their own. The strains coming from this breeder are some of the finest cannabis strains which are recognized as having a perfect blend of uniqueness and quality which is not seen in some other marijuana strain.

Reserva Privada offers regular as well as feminized, and autoflowering cannabis strains. The popular strains of the breeder include LA Cheese, Cole Train Marijuana strain, Purple Wreck, Sour Diesel, Sweet Timer Seeds and OG Kush. Reseva Privada Marijuana seeds are available at many retail seed banks selling cannabis seeds. The seeds are batch tested and each one is hand selected to ensure the best quality.

Reserva Privada
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3 Reviews to Reserva Privada

  1. Dro says:
  2. Props to reserva privada. Good germination rates and quality finished product. Kandy kush is excellent and purple wreck was a joy. Looking forward to trying more.

  3. Ben says:
  4. Purchased several packs and got nothing to grow.A waste of money and time.Thanks Reserva Privada.Seeds so small that its unbelievable.Stay away as you will be ripped off.

  5. Allen says:
  6. Buying Reserva Privada cannabis strain can ensure a reliable purchase as these are produced from real cannabis plant which could offer good productivity. Though they are costlier than other breeder strains but the quality provided makes it a better bargain. The yield provided by the strain is worth the seed price.

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