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Reefermans Seeds

Reefermans Marijuana Seeds

This company is a quality conscious Marijuana seed breeder located in Canada. It is a leading breeder among a number of Canadian seed producers and is Cannabis Cup winner of the year 2004 for the strain Love Potion Number 1. The company holds the expertise to produce high quality marijuana seeds and holds an experience of over 30 years. This Canadian breeder is associated with many popular seed banks present online offering wide range of cannabis strains. Reeferman Seeds emphasize on diversity of cannabis strains in order to preserve the precious genetic heritage of different cannabis plants. They offer old landrace marijuana strains like Panama Red from Mexico and Santa Marta from Colombia as well as strains from China, Vietnam and Thailand.

Among the popular strains present in the inventory of the breeder are Accidental Haze Seeds, Bazooka Joe Bubblegum Seeds, Big Bertha Seeds, Cherry Bomb Indica Seeds, Love Potion Number 1 Seeds, Nepalese Highland Seeds and Sour Diesel Kush Seeds. Reeferman Seeds are available presently in regular form, however the breeder may launch feminized seeds soon. A pack of 10 seeds cost about £44.49. The website is updating presently and therefore shipping and payment details are not available as for now.

2 Reviews to Reefermans Seeds

  1. Randy Barrie says:
  2. i would like to get some of your EL Diablo seeds. are they female and do they come in a ten pack.

  3. Romeo says:
  4. Reeferman Seeds is a popular Canadian cannabis breeder and is known for maintaining diversity of genetics. They offer established old strains as well as beautiful new strains. The seeds are batch tested and ensures best quality to potentiate the marijuana crop. You can buy Reeferman Marijuana seeds at different seed banks. 

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