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Positronics Marijuana Seeds

Positronics is a Spanish based marijuana breeder/seed bank with Cum Laude as its banner hybrid seed. Cum Laude is a pure Sativa Haze which is created as a tribute to Mr. Antonio Escohotado, who is considered one of the pioneers who initiated the fight for the rights of marijuana users. He is a philosopher and a thinker who is known for his valuable contribution in normalizing the issue on cannabis. Cum Laude is a product of hibridisation of three different pure sativas which are Queen Mother, Tijuana and original Haze. Cum Laude, also called as the jewel in the crown, is created to maintain a stable supply of pure and potent sativa strains in marijuana market.
Among the award winning marijuana seeds of Positronics are Carameliced, Black Widow, Blue Rhino, Critical #47, Jack Diesel, Claustrum and Purple Haze #1. The new strains introduced in 2011 are Somango #47, Amnesia Mistery, Super Cheese, Automatic Afghan Express and Critical Express.The first automatic strain of Positronics is Mayday Express which is a hybrid of Lowryder II and Misty. To place orders, ask questions and for suggestions a contact page in the web site is provided to be filled in by the customer. There are no details about payment method and delivery process.

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2 Reviews to Positronics

  1. Roger Scott says:
  2. I recently purchased seeds from Positronics, along with several other breeders. I germinated all the others successfully, except the ones from Positronics. I tried to germinate 3 of the 6 seeds from Positronics with no success. I examined the remaining 3 seeds with a 30x magnifier and they were cracked and damaged.
     I understand that sometimes things get damaged, but I have written them with my problem and they haven’t answered 3 e-mails so far. It has been 2 weeks. They may have good genetics, but their customer service sucks!!!! There are many places to buy seeds. I WILL NOT BUY FROM POSITRONICS AGAIN!!!!!

  3. Stevens says:
  4. I attended the 2011 Spannabis expo in Barcelona and the seeds of Positronics are big winners. And it actually won the Best Seed Bank award. The Carameliced and Amnesia strains are scene stealers. Your sensimillas feminadas are all crown jewels. For sure you guys will be as hot in Malaga!  

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