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Peak Seeds BC

Peak British Columbia Marijuana Seeds

This company is a marijuana seeds online seedbank based in Canada, which aim is to deliver a genuine product at a good price. Customers usually give a four-star rating to their pot. Their weeds are named Northerberry, Skunk Berry, Northern Skunk, and Sweet Skunk, to mention just a few. Most of the pots can be grown both in indoors and outdoors, while some are dominant in indica, which makes it designed to thrive ideally indoors. They take pride in using weed to support Canada’s medical community and encourage the use of marijuana seeds to promote health and treat a range of diseases. Various hybrids can be found, in addition to the mixed seeds, which is technically composed of different marijuana seeds mixed randomly, so estimates in each strain is unknown.

The price of the pot seeds depends on where you are in the world, but Peak Seeds BC offers free shipping worldwide. They normally charge 30 US Dollars for every order within Canada, and charge 10 US Dollars more, otherwise. You can use cash or money order when you order online. It takes around five to ten days for deliveries in the United States, and may take up to fourteen days in other countries.

Peak Seeds BC
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151 Reviews to Peak Seeds BC

  1. Shaun says:
  2. I have made 4 orders with Peak seeds, Sweet Skunk, Blueberry, Northern Lights and Skunkberry. I’m definitely not done. Orders are shipped fast, e-transfer is awesome, easy and safe. Excellent germination rates, just went 12/12 on 6 NL and 6 SB and they’re growing fast. I’m a new grower and the finished product is as good as the LPs I’ve used in the past. Needless to say, great service, great seeds, great product.

  3. TP says:
  4. Received an order from Mike at PeakSeedsBC a couple months ago. Finally had a chance to pop some seeds. I decided to try some Northern Berry and 5/5 germed and have need growing like crazy. Very strong plant with thick structure. They started smelling at about week 3 of veg. Just switched to flower a few days ago (week 6) to keep height under control. One thing I would do differently next time is start LST as soon as possible because I waited to long and the stems were to thick to bend easily to train. So I topped and super cropped a bit instead.
    All in all, great seeds so far. Service from.Mike was excellent and will def be buying again!

  5. Gary says:
  6. Awesome services all my seeds germinated and strains were stabilized and for the price it’s amazing because I spent $120 on 10 pure Durban poison sativa last year and ended up with autos, never again. So thanks Mike I’ll be a loyal customer to you from now on and will be definitely sending my friends and others your way keep up the awesome work you do!!!

  7. Transcona says:
  8. Just a quick shout out to Mike at peakseedsbc for the quick, friendly service, nice price, fast delivery (5 days to Winnipeg), excellent looking product, and special thanks for the bonus seeds my friend. “… Here we grow…”. Cheers!

  9. mitch says:
  10. Excellent service. Extremely quick & very helpful. Seeds have yet to be popped but if they are anything like the way Mike runs his business I expect they will be excellent.

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