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Peak Seeds BC

Peak British Columbia Marijuana Seeds

This company is a marijuana seeds online seedbank based in Canada, which aim is to deliver a genuine product at a good price. Customers usually give a four-star rating to their pot. Their weeds are named Northerberry, Skunk Berry, Northern Skunk, and Sweet Skunk, to mention just a few. Most of the pots can be grown both in indoors and outdoors, while some are dominant in indica, which makes it designed to thrive ideally indoors. They take pride in using weed to support Canada’s medical community and encourage the use of marijuana seeds to promote health and treat a range of diseases. Various hybrids can be found, in addition to the mixed seeds, which is technically composed of different marijuana seeds mixed randomly, so estimates in each strain is unknown.

The price of the pot seeds depends on where you are in the world, but Peak Seeds BC offers free shipping worldwide. They normally charge 30 US Dollars for every order within Canada, and charge 10 US Dollars more, otherwise. You can use cash or money order when you order online. It takes around five to ten days for deliveries in the United States, and may take up to fourteen days in other countries.

Peak Seeds BC
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151 Reviews to Peak Seeds BC

  1. peter says:
  2. I must say that peak seeds bc is a very good and honest site to get your “beans” at. I would gladly recommend them to anyone. It took a little while to receive my order, but that was because of usps snail mail, not peak seeds bc.

  3. overlord says:
  4. Service was fantastic, as was stealth.
    Ordered Northern Lights, Sweet Skunk, & Blueberry.
    Jay I will have to try the Texada Northern Lights, sounds like a winner.

  5. Darcy says:
  6. Wow. Just ordered from peakseedsbc. That couldn’t have been easier! The fellow answered my email in 30 minutes and 5 mins after my payment went in the goods are in the mail! Ripping good prices too if the greens are good. Will see how it all turns out, but from all the reviews I’ve come across for this seeder, I’m having no worries at all.

  7. Jay says:
  8. I’ve grown and enjoyed every strain peakseedsBC has to offer. Most of them I had no issues with, the blueberry needed a little more effort to keep going fast and strong but they tell you that online before the order so I was prepared. My all time favourite strain on his menu is the Texada northern lights. Let me tell you all that you should all get this one. Grows super easy, fast and the flowers produced are huge, super sticky and potent very nice for shatter and rosin production. Will always have at least two texada northern lights plants from peakseedsBC growing in my greenhouse. Grab some up you won’t be disappointed with the quality and quantity of the final product.

  9. Kate says:
  10. Very difficult to find a seedbank that you can trust nowadays.Alot are scam sites.Peakseedsbc is an excellant seedbank and i would highly reccomend this seedbank.Good prices healthy seeds and great service and I forgot to mention the freebies.Would buy again! Please note: there is another site called and they are scammers.Only deal with they are the original.

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