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Paradise Seeds

Paradise Marijuana Seeds

Paradise Seeds boasts their finest weed collection online, with a germination rate of 95%. It is based in Amsterdam, Holland. They sell marijuana seeds of different varieties of the following like Indica, Sativa, Feminized, Regular, and autoflowering seeds. They sell a collection pack of Sativa and Indica champions. The Belladonna seems to be a favorite among many people. You can choose to buy five or ten seeds of either regular of feminized pot seeds. This reseller also sells other merchandises like shirts in different colors for men and women. Their website features a grow report overview for some of the seeds. The terms and conditions are listed on their website accordingly.

When you buy marijuana seeds online, you have an option to choose between regular mail and registered mail within Europe to guarantee shipment. For countries outside Europe, however, they can’t guarantee delivery regardless of whether you choose for the package to be registered or not. Paradise Seeds does not deliver to some countries outside Europe, including the United States. For a list of which countries they cater to, you can check out their website, or send them an email for confirmation. Methods of payment include bank transfer, cash on registered mail, or through iDeal. They are open for comments and suggestions from Mondays through Fridays 9am to 5 pm in their time.

Paradise Seeds Amsterdam
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7 Reviews to Paradise Seeds

  1. samaritan says:
  2.         The company’s product is always above average, Paradise seeds has never let me down, but I get the seeds through the major seed retailers.

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