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Nirvana Marijuana Seeds

This company is one of the largest marijuana seeds breeder in the world and they also have one of the most comprehensive line-up of cannabis seed varieties like Regular seeds, feminized, medical marijuana seeds, and auto-flowering seeds. By far, Nirvana seeds review mostly attest to the company’s statement of its goal to be the most reliable source of weed seeds in the world. Some of the weed seeds sold by this seedbank are actually produced specifically according to the needs of the market and to fill in the gap when it comes to the new genetics that must be introduced to the cannabis world.

Some of the marijuana seeds that are sold by them are Nirvana Bubblelicious, Ice, Wonder Woman, Shortryder and many more. The weed seeds are available in packs of 5 or 10 seeds each and priced in Euro dollars. There are no Nirvana discount codes available as of this writing as it is readily applied to a package sale that they have for particular strains. For package sales of weed seeds and a grow kit, the customer can get as much as 15% discount. Nirvana shipping discount coupons has lapsed by March 2012 and therefore not available as of the moment unless another one is issued by the company soon. A regular special of the company is their point system where the buyers earn points whenever they buy from Nirvana shop. The accumulated points can then be used to buy anything in the shop including of course pot seeds.

They ship marijuana seeds worldwide using regular discreet methods where weed seeds are protected from damage and suspicion and also by stealth means where more secure shipment is applied to ensure that the buyer will have lesser worries. Nirvana offers secure payment by means of SSL. They accept credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Bank Transfer, and Direct E-Banking.


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54 Reviews to Nirvana

  1. Custom avatar
    Michael says:
  2. i just wanted to say how much I appreciate the way your staff does such a professional job. I really like the emails of your sales. I will always be a client of Nirvana. Thanks so much! Your fan Madmike

  3. Custom avatar
    mr says:
  4. 15 seeds 3 poppee. Zero known strain germinated

  5. Custom avatar
    painman says:
  6. My experience with Nirvana was buying a Mr Nice (Shantibaba) strain..the original White Widow and White Rhino ages ago. I went with Nirvana as they do stealth delivery.  I got what I asked for, no problems (good on Nirvana) all the seeds were good (good for Mr Nice. Mr Nice always has good genetics). I did this to keep my wife from starving to death from extreme pain. Doctors can be useless. — a short story — As the plants grew I saw that one of the White Widows was a male. I set it in another room to make pollen.  Then I crossed the pollen from that White Widow male (direct pollination by hand) with an Aussie SuperSkunk female. The results of my experiment (my first breeding attempt) were wonderful plants : powerful, lasting, narcotic, couch lock. It got my wife to eat and was great for pain control. Little did I know that the cross I made (WW male x Superskunk female) was fated to have a name a few years later and be popular for pain.

    My own heath was failing so I didn’t have the ability to keep producing more seeds using the same cross. Rather than continue to make my own first generation hybrid seeds, I chose to breed my strain back into itself (keeping seeds from each generation, and each plant in each generation).  I had a few oddballs for a couple of year, weeded out the hermaphrodites, and then it stabilized.

    My breed also has an odd secondary trait.  I put plants to flower for 1 to two weeks (under low level fluorescent light, or way to the side of the main light) the males all show their flowers, but the females do not even show the beginning of flowers a the nodes. This makes it easy to sex them.

    I expect to buy through Nirvana again.

  7. Custom avatar
    kurt cobain says:
  8. recieved in canary islands in about 10 days. I got the hybrid fem mix and they were packaged in the cap of a pack of four crayons, it was really weird, but the crayons/pencils, make great labelers for the pots.
    The 4 all seeds all popped in water in 24hrs and 2 have sprouted through the soil now. 100% so Im happy. I started digging to see where the other two were and I think somehow I managed to snap the root off the head of one of them – the master kush, so maybe no master kush for me. Does anyone know if that can grow back or is it just gonna die..probably dead :(
    Overall, very impressed. The free seeds were blank, have soaked 4 for 2 days no and only one has split, was hoping for info on the free seeds but nobody seems to know anything, hopefully get some use out of them..

  9. Custom avatar
    anthony dimauro says:
  10. I ordered 2 times 4 different plants and one assortment all were to messed up wasted to much time on garbage seeds never again all other plants are great nirvana plants go to hash save your time and money and find clones

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