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Nirvana Marijuana Seeds

This company is one of the largest marijuana seeds breeder in the world and they also have one of the most comprehensive line-up of cannabis seed varieties like Regular seeds, feminized, medical marijuana seeds, and auto-flowering seeds. By far, Nirvana seeds review mostly attest to the company’s statement of its goal to be the most reliable source of weed seeds in the world. Some of the weed seeds sold by this seedbank are actually produced specifically according to the needs of the market and to fill in the gap when it comes to the new genetics that must be introduced to the cannabis world.

Some of the marijuana seeds that are sold by them are Nirvana Bubblelicious, Ice, Wonder Woman, Shortryder and many more. The weed seeds are available in packs of 5 or 10 seeds each and priced in Euro dollars. There are no Nirvana discount codes available as of this writing as it is readily applied to a package sale that they have for particular strains. For package sales of weed seeds and a grow kit, the customer can get as much as 15% discount. Nirvana shipping discount coupons has lapsed by March 2012 and therefore not available as of the moment unless another one is issued by the company soon. A regular special of the company is their point system where the buyers earn points whenever they buy from Nirvana shop. The accumulated points can then be used to buy anything in the shop including of course pot seeds.

They ship marijuana seeds worldwide using regular discreet methods where weed seeds are protected from damage and suspicion and also by stealth means where more secure shipment is applied to ensure that the buyer will have lesser worries. Nirvana offers secure payment by means of SSL. They accept credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Bank Transfer, and Direct E-Banking.


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Rating: 3.7/5 (54 votes cast)

48 Reviews to Nirvana

  1. Custom avatar
    redzi says:
  2. Ordered Blue Mistic regular.  Strain was all over the place.  10 seeds…9 germinated.  It was like buying a grab bag of different strains. Had good experience before but this strain is to be avoided.

  3. Custom avatar
    Mickleberry says:
  4. Everyone here needs to take a logical approach ok? Sometimes shit happens to the order, and then again sometimes YOU happen to the order.

    Look, if you dangle your tiny proportioned oh lets call him “Handy Weekend” into a blender, your taking a chance for sure. However you really have to press that button to get things going. If you pull that trigger and nothing happens then whos fault is it? Did you plug that blender in? Do you know it works? is the fuse blown? did you really press that button or did you zone out after smoking a splif and imagine everything?

    Then again why would you want to shred you dick into tiny little pieces? Fuck your stupid.

    Hope that clears things up a bit. Cheers!


  5. Custom avatar
    Stephen says:
  6. This company delivers super fast and super stealth. I’ve done three different orders this month and received every seed. Germination rate is 10 out of 10. Somewhere in Texas there is a little  piece of Amsterdam growing.

  7. Custom avatar
    bobby fannywinkle says:
  8. great company, seed’s are quality, staff are great and they helped me dispose of my “child-bride and horse cock” DVD collections, Sam the regional manager also enjoys scraping the thick, yellow, pungent, congealed smegma from my cheesy little dripper, the n he smokes it with freebase for what he calls the “smegma zone”..

    i enjoy squatting on big hairy gorilla fists, ceramic viking-helmets and ice-sculptured horse cocks….. 

  9. Custom avatar
    Mohammed al fufu says:
  10. Great strain, good for destroying rent-boys anal cavity with fists, cocks and other “instruments”, also enjoyable while raping vulnerable niggers in the hood. And mixing with quality heroin for a potent buzz..

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