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Medical Seeds Co

Medical Seeds Co Marijuana Seeds

This company is a breeder of marijuana strains focusing mainly on medical marijuana varieties. Some of their strains are Medical Seeds Sour Sour Diesel, 1024, 2046, and Bluehell among others. They sell marijuana seeds in packs of 1, 3, 5, and 10 seeds all priced in euro dollars. Their website is also an information gateway for all important things needed to know for the safe and effective use of marijuana both for patients and also cannabis sees collectors.
Medical Seeds company has very safe and meticulous packaging for their marijuana seeds. They put seeds in a plastic tube and cushion it with sponge then include silicone gel to maintain freshness.
They then place it in a cushioned pack protector fro added safety to avoid accidental damage to the seeds. They don’t sell marijuana seeds directly to customers and those who want to but their strains are directed to their many distributors like Amsterdam Seed Center, Azarius, Telegrow, and Bushdoctor among others. Shipments, promos, discount codes or coupons as well as special offers will depend upon their availability from the seedbank offering the strains of Medical Seeds Company. The same follows with the available payment options.

Medical Seeds
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2 Reviews to Medical Seeds Co

  1. bishnu says:
  2. Bluehell ia also one of the marijuana seeds sold by this breeder but my cousin bought it from another seedbank.  Good germination rate at 8/10 and the remaining seeds grew well with 3 of them turning out to be males.  All in all my cousin grew 5 female weeds of this strain.  He gave me the male weeds and I grew them full term just to see what happens.  I’m thinking of buying 1024 and crossing its female with a male Bluehell later on and see what kind of weed strain I can develop.

  3. andrew says:
  4. Check this one out guys.  This is one huge seedbank where all the major breeders in the world converge.  Also looks very legit to me though I still have to see Medical Marijuana seed reviews from other MJ forums.  what do you think?  could the lack of reviews also be a good thing?

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