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Marijuana Seeds NL

Netherlands Marijuana Seeds

Based in New Zealand but popular around the world, The Marijuana Seeds NL is a seedbank and breeder of pot seeds at the same time. They have one of the widest collections of marijuana strains that include feminized seeds, indoor and outdoor cannabis, and auto-flowering weed seeds. The company is very competitive with their prices and they also offer 5 free marijuana seeds for every order of their pot seeds. Marijuana Seeds NL review has been positive because of the quality of the weed seeds that they offer which are hand checked to ensure the customer gets only what they asked for.

The company has in stock superb varieties of feminized marijuana seeds such as Marijuana seeds NL bluberry, Purple Kush, Trainwreck, and THC snow to name a few. They boast of 99.9% female weed seeds assurance and it is due to their special method where they get female seeds only from especially cloned female plants. Some of their top ten sellers are White Widow, Big Bud, and Northern Lights. They also have in stock other multi-awarded Cannabis Cup and High Times winners that those who buy marijuana seeds are normally looking for.

Right now, Marijuana Seeds NL discount codes come in the form of value packs where the buyer orders 3×5 packs of seeds and will be entitled to additional 5 free seeds. Other discounts come in the form of buying 3 packs of 10 marijuana seeds and the buyer will get a savings of as much as $32. It is not known if they have shipping codes for particular territories but they do deliver worldwide. As for the payment methods, the company encourages paying by means of credit cards like Visa, Mastercard and even debit cards. Aside from these, they also accept Money Orders and Bank Transfers. For international Money orders, they prefer Western Union and other international Money orders that can be cashed in the UK. Customers have the liberty to choose which currency they want to pay and the options are many like GBP, Euro,USD, Japanese Yen, NZ dollars, and Canadian dollars.

Marijuana Seeds NL
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  • Website:
  • Type: Online Seedbank, Breeder
  • Location: Netherlands, Holland
  • Phone #:
  • Email:
  • Address:
  • Payment Accepted: Credit Cards, Bank Transfer, Cash, Money ORders
  • Shipping: Worldwide
  • Notes: 5 Free Marijuana Seeds With Every Order.
  • Breeders: They grow and breed their own strains, Forum, Free marijuana seeds with each order.

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20 Reviews to Marijuana Seeds NL

  1. Gazza 7 says:
  2. Ordered Indica strains, seeds arrived AOK, germinated perfect. But plants are Sativa.
    No responce to emails.


  3. harold keeler says:
  4. i ordered 20 northern lights seeds only 2 germinated . none of the free seeds germinated . i have been growing for over 43 years and have grown northern lights for 15 years  but lost the strain so i know what they look like and these seeds are not northern lights . thanks

  5. Tom Hayes says:
  6. I have bought from these people before and had no problem. However, last year i ordered some Hollands Hope seds, an indica dominate plant. 
    When the plants matured, they were about 14′ tall, had long, real skinny leaves and appeared to be almost 100% sativa, definitely not  indica.
    Severla e-mails to marijuana-Nl have got me nothing. all they do is ask questions and try to find a loop hole. Not recommended at all 

  7. Timothy Brown says:
  8. I received my seeds within the time stated and I’m happy with the delivery.  They did what they said they would do.

  9. jrl says:
  10. how do you know credit cards cannot be used?

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