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Marc Emery Seeds

Marc Emery Marijuana Seeds

Known as the Prince of Pot, this marijuana activist is a very popular figure in the cannabis world. He was the publisher of Cannabis Culture Magazine, founder of BC Marijuana Bookstore among many other marijuana related activities. He established Marc emery Direct Marijuana Seeds and it is a seedbank that specializes in selling quality marijuana seeds from credible and popular breeders. The company get marijuana seeds direct from the breeders themselves so the buyer is assured of quality seeds as well as reasonable price. Part of the earnings of Marc Emery Marijuana Seeds go to the campaign to help fight the war on drugs promoted by some countries. Marc emery is right now imprisoned in the USA because of marijuana related offense where he was sentenced to five years in prison beginning in 2010.

Marc Emery Seeds
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  • Website: Out of business
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  • Notes: Marc Emery Seeds went out of business when the USA government invaded Canada and stole him for political reasons. Since his arrest there has been great movement in the worldwide marijuana legalization movement.

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2 Reviews to Marc Emery Seeds

  1. john says:
  2. I bought seeds off the sight I don’t know who is running it now, but it was a scam. the seeds did not come in original packaging, and only 4 popped out of 100 (the growers had extensive experience). requests for refunds went unanswered.

    do not use 

  3. Franco says:
  4. This guy is one of the most prominent figure in the cannabis world and he is right now behind bars.  bought the free Marc Emery T-shirt in growshop before just to join hands with those fighting for marijuana legalization.

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