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Mandala Marijuana

Mandala Marijuana Seeds

A pioneer in breeding unique marijuana strains, Mandala seeds produces consistently potent and quality cannabis seeds at very affordable prices. Backed by 40 years of marijuana growing experience and a degree in horticulture and agriculture, this breeder and top notch seed bank grows 100% organic cannabis. More than 60% of its projects use solar energy and the remaining 40% use energy saving methods such as use of reflectors and insulations. It is dedicated in preserving the purity, superior value and genetic diversity of marijuana seeds and plants. Mandala seed strains are known for high resistance to pests and molds that is why it is preferred by marijuana growers worldwide.

The Mandala marijuana seeds available for sale include 8 Miles High, Ganesh, Hashberry, Krystallica, Point of No Return, Safari Mix, White Satin and many more. There are also feminized and limited edition seeds which are all can be grown to robust and large plants with heavy resins. Mandala seeds sale and discounts can be availed through its official resellers and wholesalers in UK, Spain, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. However, this product is currently not available in any shop in Amsterdam. Among the trusted resellers are Attitude Seed Bank, Gypsy Nirvana, Dr, Chronic, Rhino Seeds, Samen Wahl, Viva Sativa, House Plant and Bitox Grow Shop.

Mandal Marijuana Seeds
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  • Payment Accepted: No selling direct. Only through retailers
  • Shipping: No selling direct. Only through retailers
  • Notes: Donate profit to Greenpeace
  • Mandala  Seeds Strains:
    8 Mile High
    Beyond the Brain
    California Dream
    Far Out
    Hubble Bubble
    Mandala #1
    Mango Zamal
    Orisha XL
    Point of No Return
    Rishi Kush
    Safari Mix
    Speed Queen
    White Satin
  • Retailers:
    Attitude Seeds
    Gypsy Nirvana’s Seed Boutique
    Dr Chronic
    Everyone Does It
    Seed Bay
    Rhino Seeds
    Dope Seeds
    Herbie Head Shop
    Pick and Mix Seedbank
    Single Seed Centre
    Single Marijuana Seeds Canada
    WOrld Of Seeds
    Weed World
    UK 420
    Grow High
    All Salvia
    Freedom Of Seeds
    Smoke With Me
    Cannabis Bud Beans
    Shiva Seeds
    Cannabis Bank Seeds
    Seed City
    Sea Of Seeds
    Sensible SeedsAustria:
    Indras Planet
    Schall & Rauch
    Puff And Stuff
    Bush Doctor
    Hanf & Hanf
    Viva Sativa
    Grow The Plant
    Sativa World
    Matrix Green
    Bitox Grow Shop
    Little Amsterdam
    Ganja Grow Shop
    Sinsemilla Street
    Mudo Ganja
    Chu Majek
    Alchimia Grow Shop
    Dr. Green Store
    Alchimia GrowshopCzech Republic:
    My Garden

    Ru Seeds
    High Stone
    Seed Extrim


    Grow Shop ALien

    Giunone SNC
    Urban Jungle


11 Reviews to Mandala Marijuana

  1. Lawrence says:
  2. Tried a lot of different seedbank but I keep coming back to Mandala. I’ve been ordering since there beginning. I love the safari mix there is at east one great pheno in every pack. There seeds are so big and healthy. Mike jasmine are the best and device is always very helpful.

  3. Ljubomir says:
  4. Hi

  5. creeper says:
  6. Best seeds at the best price! These plants are the easiest to grow with the best yields. Smoke is the best too!

  7. chine42 says:
  8. Mandala seeds bon breeder qualité excellent des souches germination bonne j’ai rien a dire sur cette banque de seeds a recommander sans problème! je recommande la mandala1 en outdoor une variété parfait pour la France et surtout elle et très productive comme pour la passion1 de dutch-passion et l’hollands hope de dutch-passion, black label, white label seeds, weedseedshop… c’est a vous de voir quelle breeder a la mieux comme hollands hope moi c’est celle de black label et weedseedshop que je près faire, et après celle de dutch passion et white label sont un peu près de la même qualité    

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