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Rishi Kush Marijuana Seeds — Strain Reviews — Mandala Seeds

Ak48 Marijuana Seeds

Rishi Kush

Type:  Regular
Climate: Indoor,  Outdoor
Flowering: 65 days
Yield:  High
Height:  Medium
Indica/Sativa:  Hybrid
Effect: High, Stoned
Flavour:  Fruity
THC Level:  20%++
Growing:  Easy

This indica and sativa hybrid marijuana strain is the result of crossing landrace genetics that came from North India and Hindu Kush.   The result is a strong and stable weed plant that can be grown whether indoor and outdoor as well as in a greenhouse growing system.   This hybrid cannabis strain is a low maintenance pot plant and therefore ideal for beginners who have at least a basic understanding of marijuana cultivation.   It can be grown using almost any kinds of growing medium whether soil, coco, or hydro and can flourish in such cultivation methods as SCROG, LST, and the like.
Flowering time for Rihi Kush can be expected when it reaches 65 days in an indoor set-up and end of September to first half of October outdoors.   Yield is pretty good for this strain and it will grow elongated buds with lots of THC crystals and surrounded by short thin leaves.   The effect when smoked is a very pleasant high balanced with a nice body buzz that will last for hours depending on the tolerance level of the smoker.

4 Reviews to Rishi Kush Marijuana Seeds — Strain Reviews — Mandala Seeds

  1. Tonya says:
  2. I’m in SoCal too, (Riverside) and have a pretty eitsnexve winter garden, even more expanded than last year. This is the best time of year to garden, but I hear you on wanting a break from the toil. Luckily, the cooler weather makes things grow slower and with fewer bugs, so it is much less work this time of year. I have the following in my garden: carrots, lettuces, chard, collards, arugula, cilantro, parsley, bok choi, cabbage, beets (and more beets), leeks, kohlrabi, brocolli raab, and sugar snap peas. Still to come: kale, more beets, more carrots, lentils, turnips, and parsnips. You will love parsnips, but they take forever and a day to sprout and grow. For us, don’t worry about the advice “sweeter with frost” – kind of a moot point here, and they are darn tastey whenever you get them. We roasted them and had it in a pasta with balsamic vinegar and rosemary – delicious! I’m going to try and put two plantings in this year, if I have room.More bare root fruit trees are going in this year! I have two cherries (low-chill varieties, Minnie Royal and Royal Lee) to plant with my other cherry, and another round of stone fruit trees apricots, peaches and plums. All chosen to have staggered harvest dates for continual fruit production through the summer.If my husband and I get around to breaking up and tearing out a random concrete patch in the backyard, I will also plant the lemon and lime trees that we currently have in pots, and get a third lemon to group with them. We are planting all of our fruit trees in clusters of three, following the advice at the Dave Wilson website for intensive planted trees. By the end of my 4 year garden plan, we should have 24 trees in our backyard, and will have year-round fresh fruit. That’s the goal anyway, once they all start producing. Currently pondering grapes and an asparagus patch, but I may not have room for those. It’s all going to be as jam-packed as I can make it, and still have the trees/plants thrive! And have room for the dogs of course, I’m not a complete heathen after all.

    • sue says:
    • What on earth are you blabbing about?  Your comments have nothing to do with the forum. 

  3. Pope says:
  4. Want to grow an awesome weed strain?  then try this one here.  It grows a bit tall outdoors but you can expect some pretty nice buds with potency to the roof and can give a whole lotta shebang with its high.

    • Nurlan says:
    • love seeing what seeds you’ve gotetn, i just made an order with bountiful gardens today actually. one of my top 4 favorite places to order seeds. i love that they have variety packs of things like beans and carrots. really nice for those of us with a limited area to plant. that way i can have 10 different carrots and don’t have to buy 10 different carrots seed packs.

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