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Drakensberg Gold Marijuana Seeds – Strain Reviews – Malberry Seeds

Drakensberg Gold Marijuana Seeds

Drakensberg Gold

Type: Regular
Climate: Indoor, Outdoor
Flowering: 10 to 12 weeks
Yield: average to high
Height: medium to high
Indica/Sativa: mostly sativa
Effect: cerebral high
Flavour: lemon zinger taste
THC Level: 14 to 16%
Growing: Easy

Another exceptional marijuana strain brought to Malawi during the mining migration times by the Ngoni Tribe. Drakensberg Gold is very similar to that of Malawi Gold except that it is more resistant to the elements. This mostly sativa weed has really a great euphoric high that keeps you in a very joyous mood. It has a pleasant lemon zinger taste that lingers in your taste buds.
Drakensberg Gold has a flowering time of 10 to 12 weeks in indoor cultivation and a THC level measured at 14 to 16%. It develops medium to heavy buds which are very compact and solid. The ideal harvest time for outdoor crop is late September. This marijuana strain grows several branches and is shaped like a Christmas tree. A good indoor yield of 650 to 775 grams per square meter can be expected from this plant. This weed strain is easy to grow and performs well both indoors and outdoors.

One Review to Drakensberg Gold Marijuana Seeds – Strain Reviews – Malberry Seeds

  1. Demigod says:
  2. With the good THC percentage of Drakensberg Gold, and its impressive harvest, you will never get disappointed.  It has been here for over 30 years now.

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