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Loud Seeds

Loud Marijuana Seeds

Loud Seeds which was founded by a close knit group of Northern California marijuana growers and breeders who have more than 20 years of growing and breeding only the finest marijuana strains available is a company of breeders.
James Loud, a Northern California native, has been breeding and growing marijuana for over 20 years using organic growing method. With those years of experience, he has acquired an ample array of rare weed strains which he wants to share to the world through their online seedbank. He has worked with the finest growers and breeders of Northern California and Washington State in growing marijuana through innovative techniques and breeding.

Mike Seeds has motivated the group including James Loud to not only focus on cultivating and breeding marijuana genetics but to delve into entrepreneurship. He has been running marijuana dispensaries across California for more than 10 years now.
With the partnership of the expert growers and the expertise of Mike Seeds when it comes to this business, their customers are pretty much assured of high quality seeds which will arrive to their addresses safely.
Loud Seeds has been focusing on stabilizing and crossing different high end California marijuana genetics and other strains to bring the world the best marijuana strains.

The company also offers some weed related programs like seminars and a lot more. The group is not only comprised of growers and business-minded individuals but also marijuana treats cook, speakers, and a lot more.
To get Loud Seeds, you would need to buy it from their partner weed seeds eCommerce which is the Sea of Seeds which is an international online seedbank offering worldwide shipping of their class A marijuana seeds produced by famous breeders.

Loud Seeds
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  • Website:
  • Type: Breeder
  • Location: Northern California
  • Phone #: ?????
  • Email:
  • Address:Northern California
  • Payment Accepted:
  • Shipping:
  • Notes:
  • Loud Strains:
    7/8 Sour
    Loud Scout
    Woody’s GDP

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