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Kera Seeds

Kera Marijuana Seeds

This marijuana seeds breeder is known to produce excellent feminized and auto-flowering weed seeds. Some of their famous feminized pot seeds are Powerplant, Shiva Skunk, Critical Jack, and Northern Light among others. With auto-flowering pot seeds, they have Crazy Bud, Kera Matic, and Kera Dwark to name a few. They offer marijuana seeds for sale in packs of 3, 5, and 10. they do not have Kera seeds discount coupons or codes offered in their website as of this writing but the same can be inquired from the seedbanks that carry their pot seed strains like Gracc company, and to name a few.

Kera Seeds
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  • Website:
  • Type: Breeder
  • Location: HM te Eindhoven
  • Phone #:
  • Email:
  • Address: Kera Seeds, postbus 6522,
    5600 HM te Eindhoven
  • Payment Accepted:
  • Shipping:
  • Notes: Winner of Highlife cup 2010
  • Seedbanks: Avaiilable at many retail seed banks selling marijuana seeds.

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10 Reviews to Kera Seeds

  1. Maria says:
  2. I have had bad experience with Keraseeds. Allready for the THIRD time a few of their seeds did not germinate at all. They were infertile seeds. The most expensive ones I may add. I received many replacement seeds, that also failed. As many growers know, time doesn’t wait, and this has cost me a lot!! Now I asked them for a refund.. I want my money back, not more seeds that are infertile! But they haven’t reacted on that yet. Please be aware of this before you buy. This is unacceptable behavior towards a client that payed a lot of money for something that doesn’t work.

    And ps: 50% of their seeds did come up and are growing beautifully. So the mistake doesn’t lay with the treatment they are getting. All were grown in same conditions

  3. Anonymous says:
  4. So far kera has been the most reliable breeder I’ve tried , a few little things but always great crops 

  5. Twelve Twelve says:
  6. Buyers beware of Old unripe seeds with no recourse from this bank.

  7. dark grower says:
  8. Just finished a grow with 1 white thunder plant and 4 master kush plants. This was using the 12/12 system. Let me say the white thunder plant had the most yield 36 grams dry in summer. They could of went 2 weeks longer to be honest.If you let the white thunder finish you can easily get 50 grams a plant  using a 10 liter pot in soil 12/12  system. The white thunder is one of the fastest growing plants i have seen it blew the master kush away with its grow speed. And became the tallest plant of them all. Also it had a big main cola and nice side branch colo’s. I have a white thunder growing now 12/12 system and again its the tallest plant of all the plants. And it started as the smallest.Btw its not a stretchy plant. If you want yield and a easy plant to grow the white thunder is a good option. Best thing of all they are the cheapest female seeds. Kera have done a great job creating this afghan/skunk cross.

  9. oldmanfor says:
  10. had 2 kera dwarf seeds, both sprouted in 24h and grew fairly well. height about 40 – 50cm, was outdoors in 7l pots with 6-8hrs of direct sunlight every day. no problems whatsoever, very uncomplicated and fast strain (2 months from germination to harvest). very happy effect for an indica, nonetheless you´ll get the munchies. still a clear and somewhat creative head and you can feel the body stone, nothing i´d expect from an almost entire indica. yields are as they say on the page (15-35g per plant, mine were somewhere in between), no bullshitting or exaggeration. they have pretty douchy designs on their hp, but i won´t rate them for this.

    perfect for balconies or good window spots & for people who just wanna grow their own small amount of weed. in my opinion it has no sense to fire them up with hps lamps, just a waste of electricity, get a proper strain then.
    all in all, a good dwarf variation, though no new invention. i´ll try another one of this seedbank, since they are quite new i´ll forgive them 1 or 2 mistakes, but let´s see how it turns out. for now ill give them a thumbs up, wasnt disappointed.

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