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Karma Genetics

Karma Genetics Marijuana Seeds

A breeder of fine marijuana seeds, this company has many awards in it name due to the outstanding weed seed genetics that they introduce in the cannabis world. They have won top awards and recognition yearly from 2008 up to the present. Some of the famous strains include Karma genetics white Og, Dominator, Biker Kush and Sour Jack, and Funky Dwarf among others. The seedbanks that carry their marijuana seeds include such big companies as Attitude Seedbank, THC Farmer, Seed Boutique, Manchester Seed and Seedbay among many others. The company does not sell weed seeds directly and so those who want to buy marijuana seeds will have to deal with seedbanks mentioned here or others that carry Karma Genetics. Karma Genetics discounts are not available from the breeder but it can be present in seedbanks carrying their marijuana seeds.

Karma Genetics reviews has generally been positive because of the outstanding strains produced by this breeder and they are still accepting partnership with those who may want to carry their strains. This can be done by getting in touch with them using the contact facilities given in their website.

Karma Genetics
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2 Reviews to Karma Genetics

  1. Bert says:
  2. I just grew out there Biker Kush, and Sour Jack.  These guys realy know what they are doing, Straight up great plants every female i got was a keeper. Sour Jack  was a great yielder,   and the biker is the best OG Kush i ever smoked, and will be in my room for years to come.

  3. Nate says:
  4. These guys have really good pot seeds but you have to be choosy when it comes to selecting the right seedbank because their prices also vary.  I was able to buy if from Attitude and got my seeds just in time when my grow room is ready and waiting for them.  Nice seeds especially Happy Brother  BX1.  Lots of colourful leaves and can’t wait to harvest buds later.  You’re just great with hybrids guys!

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