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Kaliman Seeds

Kaliman Marijuana Seeds

The original Exodus Cheese#1 marijuana seed came from Kaliman Seeds. This company has been in the cannabis industry for more than 40 years. It was founded by Rockster who worked mainly with clone genetics of Exodus Cheese. He concentrated in developing quality and strong Cheese strains and created distinctive varieties such as Rockster’s Cheese and its most prominent strain the Cheese #1. He started selling marijuana seeds commercially because of the Cheese #1 variety in which he was able to get cheese clone into a credible seed form. It was considered a major breakthrough in the marijuana industry. The most popular cheese strains being offered by Kaliman Seeds are Cheese #1 regular seeds, Cheese Quattro regular, Cheese Tease regular, Marley’s Cheese regular and Rockster’s Cheese seeds. Excellent Kaliman Seeds reviews have been made due to the many satisfied customers who tried this breeder’s strains.

The affiliate seed banks of Kaliman seeds include Attitude Seeds, Seedsman, Rhino Seeds, THC Seeds, Buymarijuana Seeds, and Cannabis-seeds bank among others. has on ongoing sales offer of free 10 pieces of Cheese #1 seeds for every purchase of one pack of any Kaliman marijuana seeds. Postal orders can be sent directly to the address of Kaliman seeds but it does not accept orders from the USA. Its seed banks are accepting all major credit and debit cards, cheque or postal order, bank transfer and cash payments. Availability of Kaliman seeds shipping discounts will depend on the seedbank offering the same.

Kaliman Seeds
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  • Website:
  • Type: Breeder
  • Location: Middlesex
  • Phone #: 07856 251 040
  • Email:
  • Address: CCK distribution
    4 Jubilee Drive
    HA4 0PB
  • Payment Accepted: Cash and Postal Orders
  • Shipping: Worldwide
  • Notes: You can order directly from their site with a postal money order. “Home of the Original Exodus Cheese Strain”.
  • Kaliman Seeds Strains:
    Cheese Tease
    Cheese #1
    Marleys’s Cheese
    Rockster’s Cheese
  • Breeders:
    Thc Farmer

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3 Reviews to Kaliman Seeds

  1. Hosting says:
  2. This clone was the catalyst for the start of a successful era for Kaliman, with Rockster managing to turn it into a reliable seed form for general sale.

  3. Mich med man says:
  4. Might be the best strain we have grown in CHEESE PHENOTYPE.
    Tried all the Kaliman collections and they all do well.
    Zero problems heat from drought pest attacks so on produced well.
    Recommended by UPKINDCOLLECTIVE
    Cheese#1 is flagship strain and his best.
    Dense dank hard nuggs, smells citrus resin production leaves a white haze on entire plant.
    Makes light yellow/ beige extract. (Water) top quality bubbles.
    Easy to grow, fair amount of branching lowered leaf/ BUD ratio
    Nice in aroma, taste, bag appeal, high THC A GRADE.

  5. Dick says:
  6. I luckily got free cheese strains from Kaliman Seeds 3 years ago when I attended a medical donation forum here in UK. And that begins my sweet affair with Kaliman Cheese. Every growing season gives me high yield and potent crop. Of course I paid for my succeeding sets of Kaliman seeds after getting those free miraculous seeds. lol

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