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Jamaica Seeds

Jamaica Marijuana Seeds

A breeder of marijuana seeds since 1997, this company is believes in maintaining old school genetics by making strains better that leads them to come up with superior pot seed strains. They maintain only original weed seed landraces from Afghanistan, Colombia, South Africa and Brazil among others. The breeders of the company are all experts who earned their experience from Canada and The Netherlands and have specialized particularly in medical cannabis strains. They follow a selective breeding method where only the best and stable genetics are pursued. The company specializes in feminized and regular pot seeds and some of their strains are the Lemon Kobra feminized, Cotton Candy, De Javu, and Sweet Tunisian weed seeds to name a few. They sell single marijuana seeds and also in packs of 5 weed seeds.

Jamaica marijuana seeds reviews are not many as of now and this could be because they have mostly satisfied buyers because of the quality of their pot seeds. The company offers a money back guarantee promo provided certain conditions are met. Payment methods accepted are Visa, Mastercard, Western Union, Paypal and also Alert Pay. They offer free delivery as well as secure payment and for additional information, customers can contact them via email which is also provided in their web page.

Jamaica Seeds
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2 Reviews to Jamaica Seeds

  1. Fuzzy says:
  2. I purchased some of their Santa Muerte seeds and I was blown away by the finished product. I have migraines, chronic pain, and I am also bi-polar…it is hard to find a medical marijuana strain to treat this combo…..even strains that are mostly indica can put me in a manic episode.  But Santa Muerte greatly helps all my conditions.

  3. Gribble says:
  4. You gotta try these guys because they really have some of the finest weed seeds.  I tried their DeJavu weed seed  and its ridiculously awesome coz it flowered in just 7 weeks! Just bought one seed and am making another buy for 5 seeds this time.

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