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Homegrown FantaSeeds

Homegrown FantaSeeds Marijuana Seeds

This company is a breeder and at the same time a retailer of marijuana seeds from other allied breeders. Homegrown Fantaseeds is one of the most respected breeders of pot seeds in the world having won several awards for their strains like the Cannabis Cup award for their Cheese strain, and the High Times Cannabis cup victory in 2001 courtesy of their Blue Haze marijuana strain. Other popular strains produced by this breeder also capped the limelight in popularity like Homegrown Fantaseed Big Bud, Northern Lights, and Armageddon. The company is the choice of many growers whether beginners or experts because of the quality of their marijuana seeds. A good number of Homegrown Fantaseed reviews are all praises to the weed seed genetics produced by them. Among their resellers are Fantaseeds garden, Coffeeshop Homegrown Fantasy, Basil Bush, Plantasur, la Mota, and Sativa sister to name a few.

Aside from selling their own strain, the company also carry weed seeds from other breeders like Serious Seeds, Paradise Seeds, DNA Genetics, and Seedism Seeds. They carry pot seeds like White Widow of Dutch Passion, Dutch Dragon of Paradise Seeds, and Gnomo Automatica of Kannabia Seeds among others. All the marijuana seeds are sold on a per breeder basis and they are available in packs of 5, 10, 11, or 12 seeds.

Homegrown Fantaseed ship marijuana seeds worldwide except the USA and they charge 12 euros for orders below 180 euros. For worldwide deliveries, they partner with re-sellers that have the capacity to deliver worldwide. Payments accepted are credit cards like Visa and Mastercard, Cash, and Bank Transfer.

Homegrown Fantaseeds Seeds

One Review to Homegrown FantaSeeds

  1. Elijah says:
  2. Cheese is my favourite not only because it is popular here in Liverpool but because it has such magnificent taste that you just can’t bloody find from other strains.  It’s such a super strain that I and my friends will never tire smoking.  Been growing it also and made quite a profit out of it.  But I will have to order again after this season coz my mother plant has been cut for times over for clones so I guess it’s time to get some seeds.

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