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Herbies Head Shop

Herbies Head Shop Marijuana Seeds

One of the most popular seedbanks, this company has been in business for more than 20 years and has earned the respect of a lot of people who buy marijuana seeds. Herbies seedbank reviews have been mostly praises for the service that this company has given its customers. They are one of the largest online seedbanks in the industry and they carry a lot of respected breeders pot seeds like Bomb Seeds, Big Bud seeds, Nirvana and Pukka Seeds to name a few from more than 40 breeders in their list.

They have all the varieties and strains one may want to look for in a seedbank like regular seeds, feminized, auto-flowering, indoor and outdoor weed seeds and more. Herbies Seeds discount codes and promos are available for those who will buy more than GBP50 and it comes in the form of free seeds. This is on top of the normal free pot seeds that they have on regular orders. Purchases above £100 are also entitled to 16 assorted free seeds! On top of the free seeds, a discount of 10% also awaits those who will purchase more than £100 and this is available upon using promo code Herbie.

Herbie Seeds are shipped worldwide and they follow a discreet method to make sure you receive the marijuana seeds without delay and in good order and condition. They have different mailing options like UK Royal Mail, UK Special Delivery, and Royal Mail among others. Each of the delivery options has the corresponding shipping fees which increase according to its class. Stealth Herbie marijuana seeds shipping are done every time they ship weed seeds worldwide and it normally arrives in a CD case. For payments, they accept GBP Sterling pounds, Euro, and US dollars. Payment methods available are cash,

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Rating: 4.1/5 (43 votes cast)

47 Reviews to Herbies Head Shop

  1. Custom avatar
    Anonymous says:
  2. Why do you not contact them?

  3. Custom avatar
    some place in fl says:
  4. well lets start with . had a good run with herbs. but now someone in shipping dropped 3 seeds when I order 5 not 3 seedsmen lowryders  only come in 5 10 20 30 and so on. well long bull shit storys with them. still got ripped off . must have a new thief working in shipping. all the good runs now all BULL SHIT!!!!!!! so if you are in to getting ripped off just order. thay will get you soon too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Custom avatar
    Mark Giddens says:
  6. I used Herbie’s 5yrs no problems. They don’t change their shipping address and postal workers steal your package. They watch you tube too! Then their stealth shipping Put seeds in containers that had glass beads in them so they sounded like seeds and on X-ray looked like seeds. Brilliant!! Then on custom slip wrote package contains “glass fishing weights” WTF!! Brilliant! Lost both orders. Herbie’s say they will replace seeds. They Didn’t. Sent customs tape to them nothing, was done. Plus they shipped to my house,when I had a postal box. BIG FUCK UP!!  Too many mistakes with my money. I get orders No problem all the time every time with other venders that aren’t so careless with my money and how they pack things.

  7. Custom avatar
    HydroRed says:
  8. I am impressed with quality of seed, maturity, and colors along with speed & stealth of shipping (8 business days to the U.S.).  This was my first order through Herbies and it wont be my last with seeds and shipping like they have! I have mostly written reviews on seebanks only due to the fact that a certain seed bank had done me wrong, but in this case I found it fair to tell them job well done. Stating this on a first time order experience with Herbies, I would definately recommend them to others.   -HydroRed

  9. Custom avatar
    master grower man says:
  10. great job on delivery. order made easy .all the way will be my number one priority. thank you herbies for making up my order that Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds can not provide me with. all I got was ripped off. down with Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds. ………

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