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Alpha Bud Marijuana Seeds – Strain Reviews — Hemcy Seed Company

Ak48 Marijuana Seeds

Alpha Bud

Type:  Regular
Climate: Indoor, Outdoor
Flowering: 6-8  weeks
Yield:  400-500 gr/m2
Height:  Short to medium
Indica/Sativa:  Indica
Effect:  Couch-lock
Flavour:  Spicy
THC Level:  

Alpha Bud of Hemcy Seed Company has unknown genetics. It is an indica marijuana strain that is fast growing. It flowers early just like a typical pure indica. In 6 weeks, Alpha Bud starts to flower and in 8 weeks, this pot strain is already finishing with its bud production. No long time of waiting for the buds to be harvested. Outdoor cultivation of Alpha Bud will allow harvest in the month of August or September.  A lot of people are drawn to the use of Alpha Buds because of its medical benefits. It has a high content of CBD which makes it good for the management of chronic pain, depressive mood, anorexia and sleeping disorders.
Alpha Bud weed plants grown indoors will grow up to its maximum under HID artificial lights. Enjoy its oriental smell as buds ripen. Smoking it will let pot smoker savor its spicy flavor and couch-lock effect.

2 Reviews to Alpha Bud Marijuana Seeds – Strain Reviews — Hemcy Seed Company

  1. Olya says:
  2. Kewl you should come up with that. Excltlene!

  3. Bud lover says:
  4. Prescription drugs are really costly, not to mention its side effects with prolonged use. Thanks I found relief in smoking this Alpha Bud medical cannabis. 

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